How Does Vitamin E Help In Hair Growth? November 5, 2015

Hair loss has become a major problem worldwide. Most of us are facing basic hair care problems in terms of thinning hair or hair fall. People are looking for a proper hair loss diet that will help them reduce the risk of going bald!!!

To curb this problem, Vitamin E for hair has proven to be most effective and advantageous! Vitamin E is a chemically known as alpha- tocopherol. It is a fat soluble vitamin and offers a number of health and beauty benefits. Vitamin E oil for hair along with its supplements are gaining interest because of their numerous benefits.

One of the main pre-requisites in order to maintain healthy hair is to maintain healthy scalp.  Scalp needs to be healthy in terms of having proper circulation to keep hair follicles thriving and working. Many people opt for scalp treatments and massages to maintain healthy hair – although it is an effective tool to achieve healthy hair; it is only a temporary fix to the problem. You need to continue getting massages to grow healthy hair continuously.

Vitamin E for hair growth is advantageous because it has an effect on your scalp for a long time. A massage with vitamin E oil for hair increases blood circulation and boosts oxygen supply to the scalp. It is for this reason that it is recommended to massage the hair and scalp with Vitamin E oil, once a week for five months to solve hair loss problems. If intake of vitamin E supplements is accompanied along with massage treatments – the problem of hair loss will be solved much faster and in a more effective manner.

Vitamin E intake deficiency is also a cause of overall bad hair health. Although vitamin E is easily available in our daily diet which include green leafy vegetables, nuts, sprouts and oils; some people do not have the ability to absorb food properly which leads to vitamin deficiency.  In such cases, people can opt for vitamin E supplements which are readily available in tablet or capsule form. Vitamin E tablets for hair fall problems is a fairly frequently used solution.

benefits of vitamin e for hair growth


Vitamin E supplements can also be directly applied on the hair where 10-20 capsules are cut and liquid or gel from the capsules are extracted into the bowl. Vitamin E capsules can be applied on your scalp to strengthen and prevent hair from splitting. It is recommended that one should start by consuming 400 IU of vitamin E supplements daily. This is a healthy dose which will be beneficial to your overall health without causing any negative side effects. It is important to know that high intake of vitamin E i.e. doses more than 1000 IU daily can cause thinning of the blood and also blood clotting problems.

Vitamin E supplements for hair


Vitamin E capsules protect the body cells from damage against free radicals which are spread through pollution and smoke. This causes early aging of cells and also hair problems like thinning of hair, greying of hair and even baldness. Therefore, Vitamin E intake is essential for good health of body as well as hair. Many hair care products are available which boast sufficient amounts of vitamin E that aid in strengthening hair follicles and preventing hair loss. Vitamin E capsules for hair growth is also prescribed when necessary.

It is however recommended that you consult a doctor before you opt for any kind of treatment in the form of consuming vitamin E supplements or tablets for hair. Hair treatments should be opted for very carefully after consulting hair experts.

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  • Nimrata

    nice article :)


    i would still recommend to ask your physician before starting with vit e capsules.

  • Sapna

    Great article.. really informative..vitmin E is really essential.. its intake is very necessary for good hair.. thnks for updating us more on this topic.. :)

  • Kaartika

    good informative post this one is.. :) never knew so much until now.. thanks for sharing this important information.

  • Preeti

    It’s really beneficial information regarding hair loss.I will have the treatment and get back to you on my recovery from hair loss.

  • Sanjay

    can you tell me what kind of doctor should i consult for hair fall problems?

  • Guest

    There are proven natural organic vitamin E supplements available for hair fall problem and hair growth. For more info mail me at :

  • Anonymous

    I luv style craze! It’s very informative.

  • Paulmatthew22

    Vitamin E is by far the best Vitamin you can take,.It also cures Jock itch/athlete’s foot in like 2 days if you use it topically,.and viruses just hate it,.I used to get a ton of cold sores,.Now I just take 2 caplets a day and the outbreaks have lessened by 90 %,.It is the MOST underused drug/cure-all on the PLANET,.(in my opinion)
    Almost ALL of the drugs you use for skin and hair are loaded with the stuff,.It’s is also a great lipp balm,. It’s also is great for circulation of the blood and repairs arteries and red blood cells,.It destroys free-radicals that cause abrasion/disruption on the molecular level,.Which leads many to believe it is a great Cancer inhibitor,.
    There are like 8 different types of Vitamin E,.and the amount of research done on them are remarkably porous, compared to many other drugs and solvents,.I believe the usage of Vitamin E and it’s benefits are only at the tip of the ICEBERG,.USE IT,.
    I put it in my skin creams and shampoo/conditioners,.I also bite the pills instead of let them dissolve in my stomach,.I think it helps the body metabolize it better,.I could be wrong,.but from what I have read some people have a problem with metabolizing it in the current oily form that it comes in.