Wedding day is a one time event in our lifetime and it is something we fantasize many a times. It’s a that very special day where we want each and everything perfect, best and upto our mark. But this strive for perfection sometimes makes us feel stressed out and fearful about any mishaps that may happen on the d day. Don’t worry, because here are some simple Indian wedding beauty and bridal make up tips that you can follow on your special day.

indian bridal makeup tips

Handy Makeup Tips and Essentials:

Let us now know on some handy makeup tips and essentials to achieve the best results on your D-day. Here are the tips that can help you:

1. Cleansing the Face:

Indian brides love to use bold and bright colours for their marriage ceremonies. In order to have a long lasting look, you should start by cleansing your face well and then patting it dry so as to ensure that there are no traces of dirt or oil on the face.

2. Base Preparation Tips:

Moisturise your face for a smooth appearance and an even skin tone. Amidst working extensively on the face alone, do not forget to moisturise (you could use a tinted (moisturiser) using your fingertips, by rubbing well in a circular and gentle motion, you can give your fingers much need comfort.

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3. Face Fix Up Tips:

a. Use a primer 2 minutes post moisturiser application and blend it well as this helps to keep your concealer and foundation in place and holds it for long hours. Sally Hansen or MAC are amongst the top brands for primers.

b. It is equally important to use a concealer (use the stick form) to cover spots or blemishes. You can brighten up your skin tone by using any of the colour concealers like yellow or green to cover reddish blemishes on the skin.

c. Apply a foundation without SPF and blend it well with a makeup brush especially on to the underside of your eyes, and for the rest of your face, blend using a makeup sponge. Mineral foundation would be a suggestible option as well. A foundation with SPF will make you look flashed in the photographs, it’s better to avoid it. You won’t be spending much time in the sun on your wedding anyway!

d. You can use an illuminator by Neutrogena, Revlon or MAC for the light reflecting shine on the face.

4. Bronzer Tips:

It is commonly used to heavily contour the face and make it look ravishing and sharp in the photographs.

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Take a blush brush preferably angular and apply with strokes on to the sides of chin but not on the centre. Do the same on the sides of the forehead as well as on the two sides along the nose bone but not on the top. Suck your cheeks in and use some bronzer on to the top part of the contours near to the ear in light strokes. But make sure it’s not along the entire length of the contour.

5. Blush Tips:

Take some blush on a blush brush and pat excess off, let your cheeks in and apply in strokes moving from down to top near the ears.

6. Eye Shadow Tips:

Indian brides love peachy eye makeup shades, since they it goes well with their red, fuchsia or green lehengas, ghagras or heavy saris. So If you want to play it safe, this is the colour to go with!

Paint up your eyelids with a peachy pink shade, and use some charcoal shadow on the exterior lid contours to give a ravishing Smokey effect, and this is achievable by using a brown shade into the inner crease area. You can also use golden shadow instead of silver for the brow bones.

Use an eyebrow pencil or an angular brush dipped in brow powder for the eyebrows.

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