The wedding day is a one-time event in our lifetime and it is something we fantasize about many a times. It’s that very special day where we want each and everything to be perfect. But this pursuit for perfection sometimes makes us feel stressed out and fearful about any mishaps that may happen on the D-day. Don’t worry, because here are some simple Indian wedding beauty and bridal make up tips that you can follow on your special day.

indian bridal makeup tips

Handy Makeup Tips And Essentials:

Let us now know on some handy makeup tips and essentials to achieve the best results on your D-day. Here are the tips that can help you:

1. Cleansing The Face:

Indian brides love to use bold and bright colors for their marriage ceremonies. In order to obtain a long lasting look, you should start by cleansing your face well and then patting it dry to ensure that there are no traces of dirt or oil on the face.

2. Base Preparation Tips:

Moisturize your face for a smooth appearance and an even skin tone. Amidst working extensively on the face alone, do not forget to moisturize (you could use a tinted moisturizer) using your fingertips by rubbing well in a circular and gentle motion.

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3. Face Fix Up Tips:

  • Use a primer 2 minutes post moisturizer application, and blend it well as this helps to keep your concealer and foundation in place, and keeps the makeup intact for long hours. Sephora and MAC are amongst the top brands for primers.
  • It is equally important to use a concealer to cover spots or blemishes. You can brighten up your skin tone by using any colored concealer like yellow or green to cover the reddish blemishes on the skin.
  • Apply a foundation without SPF and blend it well with a makeup brush or a sponge,starting from the center of the face and on rest of the areas, blending it outwards. Mattefinish foundation would be a good option as well. A foundation with SPF will make you look flashed in the photographs, it’s better to avoid it. You won’t be spending much time in the sun on your wedding day anyway!
  • You can use an illuminator by Neutrogena, Revlon or MAC for the reflecting shine on the face.

4. Bronzer Tips:

It is commonly used to heavily contour the face and make it look chiselled and sharp in the photographs.

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Take a blush brush, preferably angular, and apply with strokes on to the sides of the chin but not on the center. Do the same on the sides of the forehead and on the two sides along the nose bone, but not on the top. Suck your cheeks in and use some bronzer on the top part of the contours near to the ear in light strokes. But make sure it is not along the entire length of the contour.

5. Blush Tips:

Take some blush on a blush brush and pat the excess off. Smile and apply it in circular motion, blending it in upward direction, moving from down to top near the ears.

6. Eye Shadow Tips:

Indian brides love gold eye makeup shade, since it goes well with their red, fuchsia or green lehengas, ghagras or heavy saris. So, if you want to play it safe, this is the color to go with!

Paint up your eyelids with a gold or peachy pink shade, and use some charcoal shadow on the exterior lid contours to give a subtle, smokey effect. This is achievable by using a brown shade on the inner crease area. You can also use golden shadow instead of silver for the brow bones.

Use an eyebrow pencil or an angular brush dipped in brow powder for the eyebrows.

7. Eyeliner Tips:

Do not experiment with brown or blue liners on your wedding day. It’s better to use a plain and simple jet-black liner, preferably water-proof. Draw a thick lining on the top and a heavy lining with a strong kajal on the lower eyelid, smudging it till the outer corner for that extra oomph.

Don’t forget to use a volume-enhancing mascara. Mascaras with curled brushes work great for awesome, curly lashes.

Grab some false lashes to accentuate and pop up your eyes, making them look more opened up and bright. Remember to have some trials before the wedding date just to make sure it wouldn’t consume more time on the wedding day.

8. Lipstick Tips:

If you have a thin lip line, then line your lips along the natural line with a color that almost matches your normal skin color. If you have plump lips, then line the natural lip line with a darker shade. Wear a lipstick which complements the whole look.

  • Go for maroon or dark reds for bigger and fuller lips, and peachy pink or light pink color for thin lips.
  • Thin-lipped people can apply a lip plumper instead of a lip-gloss, whereas big-lipped people can use a simple lip-gloss, concentrating more on the center of the lip.

Best Bridal Makeup Tips:

The bride-to-be should also follow some makeup rules and be prepared to wow the multitude. Here are the tips:

9. Moderation Is The Key:

The main idea of a perfect bridal makeup look is to accentuate the best features and, at the same time, keep the overall look simple, yet gorgeous. As it is, Indian brides are loaded with jewelry and heavy dresses, hence it is best to keep the makeup natural.

10. Explain Your Needs To The Makeup Artist:

If you are hiring a makeup artist, make sure you explain what you need clearly. Explaining things in advance will help you get the look you want. If the makeup artist is new, then it is always recommended to get a trial session before your wedding day.

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For Skin:

11. Get Glowing Skin:

The most important of all Indian bridal makeup tips is to make your skin look healthy and glowing on the wedding day. But just taking care of it a week before the D-day will not help. The skin needs time to take in nourishment and treatments. Overdoing the treatments may lead to further damage. Make time for yourself and indulge in the treatments from two months or at least six weeks before the wedding day. Take regular pedicures and manicures. Also, go in for facials and skin treatments from at least six weeks prior to give your skin time to work. Here is a detailed post on how to get glowing skin.

12. Exfoliate Your Skin:

Exfoliate your skin to do away with dead skin. But remember to exfoliate only twice or thrice a week. Over exfoliation may make your skin dry.

13. Protect Your Skin From Sun:

Do not go out without a sunscreen and reapply after 2 or 3 hours to keep the skin damage-free. This is a definite must in the list of bridal makeup tips.

14. Ward Off Stress Hormones:

You need to relax and shun off all the stress. I know it’s difficult to practice but stress can spoil your skin, making it look worse.

For Eyes:

For best Indian bridal eye makeup keep in mind the following tips:

15. Take Care Of Puffy Eyes:

Have puffy eyes? Use chamomile tea bags over the eyes to make them appear less puffy. Using normal tea bags may stain your skin.

16. Get Enough Sleep:

A good sleep is a very important part of our life. The more you sleep, the more time your body gets to repair itself. Sleep for at least 7 hours each day to keep those under eye circles away.

17. Wear Contact Lenses Before Makeup:

If you are a person who wears contacts, make sure to wear them before makeup application because there are favorable chances of your eyes watering. This can possibly ruin the effort you took to apply the right makeup.

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For Hair:

18. Deep Condition Your Hair:

Your hair is also an important part of the whole wedding look, and to ensure your hair looks best throughout the wedding, go for a deep conditioning hair mask twice/ thrice the month before the wedding. If you have dry hair, apply some homemade hair packs to make it glossy and healthy.

19. Use Good Hair Spray:

Use good hair sprays so that your hair stays in place.

For Acne:

20. Hide Your Blemishes:

Do invest in a good concealer for the D-day as it will do a lot of things. It will hide blemishes and spots, cover those under eye circles and even out the discoloration.

21. Avoid Fried Food:

Avoid fried foods and too many spices for a month before the wedding to avoid getting pimples at the last moment.

22. Blot Oily Areas:

Keep some oil blotting paper handy on the day. Blot any oily areas to get rid of the shine. You don’t want to have a shiny forehead in the wedding pictures.

23. Take Care Of Acne:

If you have oily skin which tends to be attacked by acne and pimples, look for a face cleanser with salicylic acid. It removes oil and keeps the skin oil-free for more hours.

24. Take Care Of Last Minute Pimples:

Spotted a pimple suddenly? Tensed how to hide it? Take a bit of tea tree oil and apply it over the pimple as soon as possible. It will dry it up faster and make it less prominent on the wedding day.

25. Minimize Chances Of Pimples During Periods:

Do you have a tendency of getting pimples and zits during periods? Apply anti-acne creams 10 days before your period is scheduled to start. This will minimize the chances of getting one.

For Lips:

26. Make Lips Appear Fuller:

Are your lips thin? Here’s a way to make them appear fuller. Take a skin-colored lip liner and extend the natural lip line. But remember, less is more. So do not overdo it.
To make your lips look fuller, pat a little bit of shimmer at the center of the lower lip. This creates the illusion of a fuller lip.

27. Take Care Of Dry Lips:

Use a lip balm each time you feel your lips are dry. Do not lick or bite your lips. This will dry the lips and cause them to become chapped and flaky.

For Bridal Makeup Looks:

28. Apply Your Makeup The Usual Way:

Apply the makeup using the right brushes or applicators. If you are comfortable with brushes, then use brushes; if you are comfortable with sponges, use them. Also, if you are comfortable with fingers, use them to apply makeup. It is not a time to experiment, so stick to the usual technique.

29. Match The Makeup With Your Attire:

Take a look at your clothes and jewellery. Consult with your makeup artist beforehand about the looks which will go with the dress. Select the one which you want to do on the day. Do not go in for any last minute changes.

30. Choose The Right Foundation:

Choosing the right foundation is very important as you don’t want to look ghostly or darker than usual. Go shopping with a friend or a relative and try different shades on yourself. The goal will be to choose a shade which matches your skin tone. Choosing a tone lighter than your skin tone can make it look grey after some time, especially in the photographs.

 31. Use A Highlighter:

Use a highlighter instead of shimmer or glitter. The main attempt should be to make the skin appear glowing and not shimmery. Highlight the bridge of the nose, the chin, the forehead and the higher planes of the face.

32. Practice 2 To 3 Times Before The Wedding:

Considering doing your own makeup? Practice doing it beforehand. This way, you will avoid creating a mess on the D-day. It is better to practice 2 to 3 times with the looks and try out variations, rather than doing them for the first time on the wedding day itself, which can be stressful.

33. How To Apply A Blush?

Using a blush? Keep at least two fingers distance from the nose and apply the blush.

34. Take Care Of Excess Makeup:

Got too much eye makeup/ eyeliner? Take a blotting paper and remove any excess oil, excess makeup, or liner.

35. Mascara Application:

Use a good water-proof mascara and make sure it is new/ less than three months old. Old mascaras, which have been exposed to air, clot and become very flaky.

36. Buying Makeup:

Going to buy makeup for the wedding day? Take a friend with you and make a list of what products you want to try and which items you need. Aimlessly buying products will result in nothing. So plan beforehand and keep the attire and wedding in mind

37. Check The Weather:

Have a wedding in summer/ spring? Choose sheer and light makeup as these will be most appropriate when the weather is hot and humid.

38. Daytime Wedding Or Night Time Wedding:

This is a very important factor to keep in mind when it comes to Indian bridal makeup. If you have the ceremonies in the daytime, then keep the makeup minimal and opt for a more natural look. If you are going for a night time wedding, keep the makeup heavy and add more colors.
If you have a morning wedding, go for pastel shades for the eye makeup.

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39. Choose The Right Lip Liner:

Choosing a good lip liner is important. You will be best off with a lip liner matching with the lipstick.

40. Is The Makeup Complete?

Take a look at the makeup after it is complete and assess whether it is suitable. Ask for honest opinions from friends and relatives.

41. Choose The Right Lipstick:

Choose a long wearing lipstick for the D-day. You don’t want to be applying it every hour.

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42. Applying Foundation:

Apply foundation on other exposed parts of the body like hands, neck, back as well as ears. This way, your makeup will look a lot more natural.

43. Use Clean Brushes:

Whether you are doing the makeup yourself or a makeup artist is doing it, always use clean brushes and other applicators. You don’t want to get infected by bacteria.

44. Heavy Makeup:

Keep the makeup heavier than your usual parties but do keep in mind not to look like a made-up doll.

45. Plucking The Eyebrows:

Pluck your brows at least a day before the wedding. Prevent bumps caused due to plucking using a cotton ball dipped in astringent and wipe the area.

46. Choosing The Right Blush:

Having trouble choosing the right blush shade? See your face in the mirror right after you exercise. This is the natural color of your cheeks. Look for the color resembling it.

47. Fake Eye Lashes:

Want some fake lashes? Use them only if you are comfortable using them. Also, use dark-colored lash glue so that it matches the skin tone.

48. Filling Up The Brows:

Do not use black to fill in the brows. Use brown shade or taupe shade to fill up the brows. The best way to get a natural looking brow is to use eyeshadows and pencils.

49. Take Care Of Your Hands:

Use a moisturizer and mix a bit of a highlighter powder to make your hands and feet look naturally glowing.

50. Use Gel Liners:

If you are not an ardent follower of liquid liners, use gel liners instead of liquid ones. You will get better precision and a smooth finish.

51. When To Apply Cream:

Use a moisturizer on your face and body just after a bath as it is the best time to apply lotions and creams.

52. Touch Up Your Makeup:

Keep a compact and blotting paper handy as you can touch up your makeup.

53. Keep Eye Makeup In Place:

To keep your eye makeup in place, sweep a bit of translucent powder over it and under the eyes. This prevents meltdown and makes it crease-proof.

54. Don’t Let Your Lipstick Stain:

To keep your lipstick/ lip color from staining your lips, put a finger in your mouth and close your lips. Pull out the finger; this will take out all excess lip color.

55. Make Lashes Appear Fuller:

Need to make your lashes appear fuller? Apply a bit of powder on the lashes with your eyes closed and then apply mascara, or else add an eyelash primer just before the mascara.

56. Applying Eye Liner:

Apply the eye liner while looking down into the mirror. It will give you a better grip and you will be able to draw straight lines.

57. Use Cream Blushes:

Use a cream based blush if you want glowy, natural cheeks and apply it with your fingers in a dabbing motion, and blend it.

58.Go For A Beauty Look:

Focus on one feature at a time. If you are going bold on the lips, then keep the eye makeup sublte/nude and vice-versa! .

59. Limit The Shimmer:

Shimmer looks great but keep it limited to only one part of the face. You can use shimmer on the eyes or cheeks.

60 Make Lipstick Stay Longer:

Apply a lip liner and then a lipstick, or apply layers of lipstick to make it stay longer.

61 Use Green Concealer:

Use a green-based concealer to correct and conceal the red spots or discolored area. It works better than the usual cover-up products.

Keep it simple and keep it gorgeous! Hope this article on bridal makeup tips helps you all the way on your big day!!!

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