Emo is a kind of rock music that originated in the mid-80’s and the artists who played this music wanted to look different from the regular crowd. That is when they created a trend that had various styles through fashion, hairstyles, cultures and behavior tendencies. So lets read below to understand how their music influenced hairstyles.

Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Emo hairstyles involve long and heavy bangs that come down to cover one or both eyes. Straightened, short, colored and black-dyed hair is cut down till above the ears. While the inside portion of the hair is left long, medium or short, depending on how the person wants.

Over the cut stands the trade mark of expression. These styles are all about making a statement about who are. People who get these kinds of cuts are also known to play with bold colors on their hair. You can see most of them sporting greens, yellows, reds, light pinks, blues and purples.

There are a lot of styles in Emo, but lets look some of them for medium length hair, which is claimed to be a in thing these days!

This article gives you the best of emo hairstyles for girls who have medium length hair.

Style 1: Long Strands on the Sides

long strands on the sides

This style in Mid-length hair, comes down till your chin or till the shoulders. It has a lot of long strands that fall on the sides covering most of the face. This is a style for those who are not afraid to do what they have on their mind. A lot of them are seen having double shads of hair color too!!! Its all about carrying it off right. It is a rather stunning choice of hairstyle for medium  hair.

Style 2: Straight Hair with short Strands

straight hair with short strands

An opposite of the previous look, go with straight medium length hair on the whole with shorter strands around the corners that come down till your chin.This is a style for the liberated and care free.

Style 3: Heavy Fringes on the Forehead

heavy fringes on the forehead

Let down your medium length and create an uneven heavy fringe on the forehead. This is for the you that wants a difference within you. It looks perfect like that pokey ends.

Style 4: Long Side Bangs

long side bangs

Keep the hair long; Go for a cut at the crown with lots of long side bangs and highlight with interesting colors. This style shows off the rebel within you! You could also use double colors like we have shown you in the image above.

Style 5: Short in the front, long at the back

short in the front long at the back

Keep your hair really short in the front and long at the back. Nothing like this to show off your simple side. You can also add a dash of color to make it look out of the world.

Style 6: Full forehead Side Swept

full forehead side swept

In this hairstyle you can get lots of heavy bangs and fringes. Opt for a full-forehead, side swept, depending on your face cut and go for highlights for a complete new look. This is for you if you like to have fun and don’t care what the rest of the world has to say about it!

Style 7: Uneven Cuts

uneven cuts

Want something different? Cut the edges of your hair in sharp, uneven sudden cuts. Don’t overdo it the first time if you’re not sure about how it will look on you. If you don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about you, then this style and you are a match made in heaven.

Getting it right:

1. As this is a messy look, you can experiment a lot on your looks.

getting it right 2. You can go for an extremely black shade to give you the perfect goth punk emo look, or you can use multiple colours too.

3. Snip off the edges and thin them out at the tips.

4. Look for hairstyles online before you decide what will look best on you.

5. Since you’ll be cutting your edges thin, it’s best to ensure that your hair is healthy and strong before you chop it off.

6. It is better to start by trimming off smaller lengths from the tips.

7. Play around with bangs, fringes and uneven length cuts.

8. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, a straightening treatment or a straightener can get you the look.

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