Curly hair never goes out of fashion. If your hair is limp or if you have less hair, adding curls to your hair will add some body or volume to your bad hair.

But with heat treatments like rollers, dryers and curlers, there is always a fear of facing negative consequences like hair fall or hair drying. And some of you might even be tired of these bad hair products or even the over use of chemicals.

So its better to chuck all of those harsh methods and instead go natural! Natural ways to obtain curls will keep your hair the way it is!!! free of harsh chemicals and heat, thus reducing the risks of scalp irritation, dandruff and other skin problems.

There are quite a few ways to get sexy rippled hair. So lets start making curls.

How To Make Curl Hair at Home:


This is perhaps the easiest way to curl your hair. Braiding! If you want small tight curls, take small sections of hair and make some multiple braids on your wet hair. Keep overnight. Unbraid to get rock style spiral curls. (However you can’t wash your hair, otherwise you’ll lose curls).

Its these same braids that work awesome if you want big round curls too. All you need to do is do some three to four loose braids on your hair. This way you can get lovely looking red carpet casual curls on hair.

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Tie a High Bun:

Another easy way to create curls is tying your hair high up in a bun.


    1. Pull all your hair up to the crown.
    2. Twist the hair and wrap it and tie it in a bun at the crown.
    3. Secure with elastic or pins.
    4. Keep for quite a few hours or overnight.
    5. Open the bun to get lovely loose waves on your hair.
    6. Set with spray.

This no trouble method however is difficult to set if you have real silky hair. It does stand on an average hair texture.

You can also create tiny buns on your head for big round curls. They also do wonders and set properly over night.

Making Hair Curl With Rags:

Another way to make curls is by using small strips of cloth. You may even consider unused socks.

      1. Do this on damp hair.
      2. Make section in your hair (Remember the smaller the sections the tighter the curls and vice-versa).
      3. Place the cloth or sock at the tip of your hair and keep rolling till you reach from where you want your curls to begin. Tie at the end.
      4. Keep overnight. Now as you un-roll socks you find that your hair has taken to some lovely curls.
All you can do is to run your hands through your hair to give it the right bounce. Make sure you comb them. Even if you do.. just one small run through would suffice.

Using Velcro Rollers :

The next method is using velcro rollers.

    1. Comb dampen hair to free it of any knots or tangles.
    2. Separate hair in section depending on the type of curls (tight or loose) you want.
    3. Take each section and start rolling Velcro inward or outward. Secure tight with a butterfly clip.
    4. Blow dry with warm air for 5 mins. and then with cold air for 3 -4 mins.
    5. Keep or 15 minutes before opening.

Voila! Your curls are ready.

Make Wet Hair and Twist Them Tight With Rubber Band:

You also can make few sections into your wet hair and twist them tight and secure them below on the whole with a rubber band. Leave it over night or for few hours and then undo it. This method also will help you secure super curls. It however depends on you, whether you would like deep or soft curls. All you can do is run your fingers through it and leave it loose.

Points to keep in mind before doing these methods:

  • Make sure that your hair is not to wet. Combing and playing your wet hair often will make it brittle, causing hair breakage.
  • Unless necessary, do not comb your hair when it is wet.
  • When using products like Velcro, make sure that the hair is done in a subtle manner over just  trying to stick all hair there. It can lead to hair breakage, when care is not taken.
  • Try keeping your hair free of tight hairbands and other accessories during the night time. The more tight the hair is done at night, it will add pressure on your scalp, leaving you with hair breakage and headaches.

Using Tissue Paper:

Another effective method using tissue paper. Know it in detailed steps with pictures.

Step 1:

Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and then towel dry to avoid too much dripping of water. Then, apply a light hydrating hair serum to your hair, to make it soft and shiny; this measure is optional as it doesn’t affect the results of curling. It is advised to try this heat-less curling method on washed hair as oily or greasy hairs do not hold up the curls well. Next, comb your hair to remove all the tangles and knots. It is necessary to start with clean and tangle-free hair.

Then, lay down a clean tissue paper with two plies as shown in the image. The tissue paper can also be replaced by thicker paper bag strips as both of them give same curled results.

Step 2:

Start rolling down the tissue paper to form a cylindrical roll shape. This shape will act as a tool in rolling our hair for creating soft curls.

Step 3:

Take a small section of your hair and then, place the rolled tissue paper at the tip of your hair. The most important step is to have slightly damp hair as it will help in curling your hair easily.

Step 4:

Then, start rolling the tissue paper with your hair as shown in the image. Keep rolling your hair tightly by using your fingers.

Step 5:

Then, when you reach the topmost portion of the hair, you need to gently knot the tissue paper with your hair to secure the tissue paper. Create two knots to secure the ends of the tissue paper tightly with your hair. You will notice a curvy cocoon-like shape in your hair.

Repeat the same step for all your hair divisions. If you wish for looser curls then you can allow the tissue to be laid on your hair for 3 to 4 hours. If you like tighter and stronger curls then you can sleep over with the tissue paper for a night.

The next day remove the tissue paper knots to notice bouncy and gorgeous curled hair! And that’s it.

You will have super luscious natural looking curls to rock a party or any special date night. Try this method of curling your hair to look naturally pretty and to save it from damaging with heat treatments.

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