Useful Bridal Tips For Indian Skin Tones August 9, 2016

A wedding is that event in a girl’s life that she has been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. The day of the wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days in a girl’s life, as she is the only point of attention. Most girls start planning their wedding way in advance – from the venue to the floral decorations to the wedding dress et al.

The makeup that the bride wears is one that will forever be etched in photographs and videos. So, it’s very important for the makeup to be right.

Indian skin tones vary from person to person to an enormous extent. However, they can broadly be categorized into three groups – very fair to fair, medium and dark.

While going for your bridal makeup, it’s very important that you keep your skin tone in mind.

Here are some Indian bridal makeup tips for dark skin, fair skin and medium skin Indian brides:

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Very Fair To Fair Skin Tones:

Since you have the palest of all skin tones, all cool tones in the makeup world are meant for you. You can easily carry off bright pinks, bright reds and other such hues. Choose a proper foundation as there is always a fear of looking ghostly pale if the foundation doesn’t match. If you want to be a unique bride, go for bright colours for your lips – pinks and pink based peaches. MAC and Inglot have many such lovely colours. You can also experiment with varied hues for your eye makeup. Make sure that your eye makeup and lip makeup do not cancel but instead balance out each other. For the blush, try beautiful shades of coral and pink.

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Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Medium Skin Tones:

Blessed with the wheatish-to-medium skin tone, you have an array of makeup products to try out and have fun with. Most of the warm-toned cosmetics and some cool-toned ones are perfect for you. Let your foundation be the perfect match as it serves as the canvas for all the makeup. For your lips, you can try red and red-based berry shades as these will give you a typical Indian bride look. If you would prefer pinks, stay away from lighter shades as they might wash you out. Pink coloured lipsticks that veer more towards peach or red will definitely look good on you. Your eye makeup can also be experimented with. If you are going for a heavy eye makeup, keep the lips simple. If your lipstick is bold and beautiful, keep the eyes simple. This will make sure that you’ll look balanced and every inch of the diva that you are!

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Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Olive skinned beauties can rock the warm-toned lipsticks. The berry shades, pink based purples, dark reds and maroons are yours to have fun with! Finding a matching foundation is very important. Try avoiding foundations that make you look lighter or darker; the one that looks like second skin is your foundation shade. Stick with colors that are muted to avoid looking over the top. Colours for your eye makeup and lip makeup should complement each other. The earthy-toned blushes are your best friends. MAC has some fabulous blushes for dark skinned lovelies!

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A few tips to remember before D-day:

  • Get your makeup trials done beforehand
  • Try using oil-free products as much as possible
  • Insist on using a primer
  • You require different concealers for different areas of your face. Talk to your MUA.
  • To make blush stay longer, apply powder blush on cream blush – make sure they are of the same colour family and blend well for a customized colour
  • Using shimmer powder on the inside corner of your eyes will make them look beautiful and make your eyes pop

So girls, keep these in mind and look fabulous on your wedding day! These tips on bridal makeup for Indian skin help you! Be yourself and be gorgeous!

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