9 Best Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryers For Salon-Worthy Hair At Home

Get your hands on easy-to-handle dryers for voluminous and easily manageable hair.

By Vaishnavi KothuriVaishnavi Kothuri, Certified Skin Care Coach  • 
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There are plenty of good reasons to want a Vidal Sassoon hairdryer this season! The brand offers hairdryers with a variety of features and you can pick one according to your necessities and preferences. Some of these hair dryers are portable, while others offer supe-quick drying. You even get the choice of a hairdryer that goes mild on the heat intensity if that’s what you need. Vidal Sassoon hair dryers can help you make your hairstyling routine at home an easy and satisfying experience. Moreover, it is not only blow drying that these tools are good for. They can help you tackle stubborn frizzies so that you are left with red-carpet-ready, voluminous, and manageable hair. The best part? These blow dryers are available for every hair type and texture.

To make life easier for you, we have narrowed down their top hairdryers and given you all the details you need to make an informed decision before you pick one for yourself. Explore our curated list of the best 9 Vidal Sassoon hair dryers right here:

Top Picks

9 Best Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryers You Must Try!

1. Best For Fine Hair:Vidal Sassoon VSDR5501 Turbo Dryer

The Vidal Sassoon VSDR5501 Turbo Dryer is designed for fine hair. It works on 1875W of power to dry your hair in no time on the go. It uses ion technology that offers 2 heat/speed settings and a cold shot to set your hair as desired. It truly adds volume to your limp and fine hair, leaving it looking fuller and frizz-free. Moreover, it also tames flyaways, giving you a soft and sleek look.


  • Uses 1875W
  • Adds volume and body
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Easy to store and use
  • Dries hair quickly and evenly
  • Easy to handle


  • Might not be durable
protip_icon Quick Tip
If you have fine or damage-prone hair, try a low temperature on your hair dryer and style it patiently to avoid further heat damage.
Price at the time of publication: $15.16

2. Best Travel-Friendly:Vidal Sassoon VSDR5524 Turbo Dryer

Not a fan of bulky hair dryers? Then you must try this hair dryer by Vidal Sassoon for it is compact, lightweight, and easy-to-handle. Using 1875W to deliver the maximum heat, the device also has 2-heat and speed settings for drying and styling flexibility. Also, on hot days you can use the cold shot button to dry or style as you want. A great option for beginners and professionals to use on the go, give this Vidal Sassoon professional hair dryer a try.


  • Dries hair quickly
  • Space-efficient with a convenient hanging loop
  • Travel-friendly and dries on low noise
  • Easy-to-clean with a removable end-cap


  • Short cord
  • Heat may be too strong
Price at the time of publication: $39.95

3. Best Sturdy:Vidal Sassoon VSDR5523 Stylist Travel Dryer

Here’s a hair dryer that can travel with you! Cute, compact, and lightweight enough to fit in any of your suitcases, let your hair always be selfie-ready on those getaways and trips with this travel dryer. And besides being space-efficient, it is user-friendly and lets you control the heating as well with its 2-heat and 2-speed settings. Also, do you enjoy styling your hair? Then you’ll love this Vidal Sassoon mini hair dryer even more for it has a cold shot button for cool drying and styling. Grab it already!


  • Dries hair quickly and evenly
  • Sturdy and comfort-friendly
  • Dual voltage and uses 1875W
  • Foldable design for easy storage


  • Noisy
  • It does not have a concentrator for focused drying.
protip_icon Pro Tip
Dip your nails in the nail paint at an angle of 45° to get the best coating and slanted effect.Use a heat protectant or hair spray before styling to achieve a shinier look and healthier hair.

4. Best For Quick Drying:Vidal Sassoon VS547 Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Just like your personal hairstylist, this hair dryer with tourmaline ceramic technology guarantees to offer more than just quick-drying! It will control the frizzies, condition, add a shine and volume to your mane with every blow dry! So, if you are dealing with a frizz problem, then switching to this multi-tasking dryer would be ideal. Leaving your hair with a salon-worthy glow every time and effortlessly, there’s no reason why you should give this wondrous tool a miss!


  • Uses 1875W
  • Ensures quick drying and styling
  • Guarantees easy styling with the cold shot button
  • Allows drying flexibility with 3-heat and 2-speed settings
  • Suitable for straight, curly, and wavy hair
  • The included diffuser and concentrator allow focused drying and styling.


  • Loud
  • The high heat setting may get too hot.
protip_icon Remember
Do not forget to untangle your damp hair before using a hair dryer to achieve impressive bounce and volume in your hair.

5. Best For Styling:Vidal Sasson VS784 Travel Dryer

Take control of the frizz with this tourmaline ceramic technology that claims to leave your hair smooth, manageable, and with a frizz-free finish. Giving your tresses the right kickstart for the day, this Vidal Sassoon travel hair dryer offers 2-heat and 2-speed settings and comes with a concentrator for focused drying too. One of the best hair dryers for those dealing with an ultra-frizzy mane, invest in this heat tool to enjoy good hair days forever.


  • Adds a shine and volume
  • Dual voltage and uses 1875W
  • Foldable and travel-friendly
  • Style-friendly with a cold shot button
  • Easy-to-store with a hanging ring


  • Short cord

6. Best Lightweight:Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Hair Dryer

Though running on a powerful 2000W, this Infra Radiance Hair Dryer with ionic conditioning and infrared technology is ultra-gentle on your hair. From distributing heat evenly to giving your waves and curls an enviable definition, it also tames the frizzies and improves manageability. Yep, all this in a few minutes of blow-drying! Besides this, it protects from heat damage as well, all thanks to the ceramic coating. Now, who’s ready to flaunt some gorgeous curls and beachy waves with this Vidal Sassoon 1875 ionic hair dryer?


  • Locks in and balances moisture levels
  • Infrared heat prevents over-drying
  • Easy-to-style with cold shot button
  • Allows drying flexibility with 2-heat and 2-speed settings
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use, and comfort-friendly
  • The included diffuser minimizes frizz and adds volume.


  • It may overheat if used for long.

7. Best Portable Hair Dryer:Vidal Sassoon VS521 Ion Select Travel Dryer

Did you know ion helps reduce the frizz and add a shine and volume instead? Yep, and you can now enjoy the bliss of ion technology in this Vidal Sassoon portable hair dryer. With the patented Ion Select dial that helps you control the amount of ion it emits while drying, this smart hair dryer also ensures manageable, smooth, and salon-worthy hair within minutes! Besides this, it’s a fast dryer, and the duck-beak concentrator helps with focused drying and styling too. Do not miss it!


  • Dual voltage and uses 1875W
  • Foldable and travel-friendly
  • Easy-to-clean with removable end-cap
  • Features 2-speed and 2-heat settings
  • Easy-to-style with an easy-press cold shot button


  • Bulky

8. Best Easy-To-Clean:Vidal Sassoon Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer

How about perking up your hair routine with this teal-colored hair dryer? Trendy, bright, and with all the advanced functions, it’s also a great option to give away to your loved ones as a gift. Featuring 3-heat and 2-speed settings, this chic hair dryer offers both styling and drying flexibility with every use. And besides this, it comes with a concentrator for focused drying and styling too. Still, want to stick to boring black hair dryers?


  • Uses 1875W
  • Ensures quick-drying and adds volume
  • Style-friendly with an easy-press cold shot button
  • Easy-to-clean with a removable end-cap
  • The convenient hanging loop allows easy storage.


  • Not ideal if you prefer strong heat

9. Best Frizz-Control:Vidal Sassoon VSD-1212 Negative Ion Dryer

Lastly, this hair dryer claims to turn your hair from damp to dazzling with its negative ion technology. With turbo and set options for quick-drying and styling, it also has an easy-press cool/hot button for quick-switching while drying. Just what you need to give your tresses a stunning makeover at home, get ready to enjoy a gorgeous volume, shine, and manageable hair with this Vidal Sassoon frizz defense hair dryer in your kitty. Try it!


  • Minimizes the frizz
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Foldable and space-efficient
  • The included concentrator allows focused drying.


  • Bulky
Price at the time of publication: $72.44

There you go! Those were the 9 best Vidal Sassoon hair dryers to get salon-worthy hair at home. Are you still wondering how to choose the right one or how to clean the hair dryer? We’ve explained it all in our buying guide below.

Buying Guide

How To Choose a Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer?

Drying technology: Choose a hair dryer that offers more than just drying and styling benefits. For example, a hair dryer with ion and tourmaline technology will not only dry your hair quickly but adds volume, shine, and leaves hair frizz-free. Also, those with a ceramic coating prevents heat damage too.

Wattage: Though most of the Vidal Sassoon hair dryers provide maximum heating at 1875W, however, if you prefer stronger heat then you can opt for a 2000W hair dryer instead.

Weight: Ideally, you should choose a hair dryer that is lightweight, compact, and easy-to-hold, so you can travel along with the same when required. Also, bulky hair dryers can end up causing cramps when used for a long time, hence it is ideal to choose a hair dryer that is lightweight.

Heat Settings: Inspect the heat settings before choosing a hair dryer. Also, select a dryer that offers more than one heat setting so you can switch between the heat flow as per your drying needs.

Style-friendly: Lastly, whether you are into hairstyling or not, your hair dryer should be. So, in case you decide to style your hair, you don’t have to rush to the salon, just pick up your hair dryer and start styling.

How To Clean a Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer?

Here are some basic steps to follow if you have never cleaned a hair dryer before:

  • First, let the hair dryer cool down after usage.
  • Remove the end cap carefully.
  • Next, with a brush or cleaner, gently remove all the hair and build-ups on the fan and cap.

Now, your hair dryer is good as new to use again!

Yep, drying your hair can’t get fancier, quicker, and satisfying than this! With Vidal Sassoon making all your hair dreams come true in a blow-dry, get ready to banish the frizz and bad hair days with the right hair dryer. With 9 top hair dryers on our list promising to deliver more than just manageable and dry hair, there are options for workaholics, travelers, and frizz haters too. Now, what are you waiting for? Pick yours and give your hair a reason to shine effortlessly!

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Author Vaishnavi Kothuri is a hair and beauty enthusiast who stays in the loop with the latest hair care and styling products. According to her, every hair type and user need can be met with a great Vidal Sassoon hairdryer. It’s her goal to guide her readers in picking out the most suitable option through her buying guide. She compiled a comprehensive and detailed list of all the top products after studying every review available on the market. Getting salon-quality hair at home is a snap with Vidal Sassoon hair dryers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vidal Sassoon discontinued?

No, it is not. Vidal Sassoon hair dryers and the brand continue to deliver its top services and make women fall in love with their hair with their products!

Can a hair dryer explode?

It is rare for a hair dryer to explode, which can be due to overheating or due to internal issues. However, Vidal Sassoon hair dryers are safe and are also designed with ceramic coating to prevent heat damage.

Why does my blow dryer smell like it is burning?

Hair dryers, when used for a long time, can end up overheating and giving off a burning smell. Hence, use it at low heating as much as possible, and also, turn it off after usage.

Why do hair dryers burn out?

A hair dryer may burn out if it is used for a long time and also on high heat. Plus, there is a chance they may burn out if not unplugged from the socket after usage. Hence, take precautions while using the hair dryer.

Is Vidal Sassoon hair dryer good?

Yes. The Vidal Sassoon hair dryers can cut short your trips to the salon for a blow dry. You can now make stunning, salon-like hair makeovers at home any time without spending a dime. Among the various designs, heat settings, and additional features, you can choose the best Vidal Sassoon hair dryer for you.

Should we use a Vidal Sassoon hair dryer every day?

No, in general, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer on a daily basis. The heat can weaken your hair and make it prone to breakage.

How long does a Vidal Sassoon dryer last?

A Vidal Sassoon hair dryer can easily last you around 3-5 years, or more, if used properly.

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