Best GHD Hair Straighteners – Our Top 10 July 25, 2016

Hair straighteners are a girl’s best friend, isn’t it girls? Though they are always regarded as harmful to hair’s health, if used occasionally with a good heat protectant, hair straighteners definitely make your hair look beautiful!

GHD hair straighteners is the go to brand for flat irons especially now. These irons are available in electronic outlets and online.

Here I am listing the best GHD hair straighteners in India.

1. GHD Eclipse:

This GHD straightener has inbuilt sensors on the plates to ensure that there is no excess heat, or escaping of heat. It maintains a constant 185 degree Celsius heat through out the styling process. It’s a single stroke flat iron. It is the best of all hair straightening products you can find.

2. GHD v Gold Classic Styler:

This super elegant hair straightener has ceramic plates and comes with sleep mode. It also has a protective plate cover. Moreover, it has a universal voltage.

3. GHD IV Styler:

This compact straightener is definitely a smart one. This sleek, light weighted, ceramic heater has round barrel, 2.8m swivel cord and of course universal voltage options.

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4. GHD V Gold Max Styler:

Yet another classic GHD straightener, this baby has ceramic plates and heaters. The plates are contoured making it super easy and efficient. This also comes with a sleep mode so you don’t have to worry about malfunctioning when you forget to switch it off.

5. HGD V Gold Mini Styler:

A sleeker cousin of the Max styler, this straightener functions as efficiently as the Max styler. This also comes with ceramic plates and contoured ones at that. It is light weight and comes with sleep mode too.

6. GHD IV Mini Styler:

This flat iron is perfect for fringes and short hair as its plates are narrower than the rest. It has ceramic plates and a round barrel. It has a 2.8m cord.

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7. HGD V Pink Diamond Styler:

This super pretty hair straightener is a total darling at its work too. It comes with advanced ceramic heaters for better heating. It has contoured plates to create curls and waves. You also get a matching paddle brush with it.

8. Ghd IV Mint Styler:

Is this cuteness personified or what? This fabulous hair straightener in all its mint glory is a very efficient hair straightener. It also has ceramic heaters, round barrel and a universal voltage.

9. GHD IV Violet Styler:

This pretty thing while adding lot of color to your dressing table, will also give you fabulous hair. It has plates made of ceramic and round barrel. It has a sleep mode and the voltage specification is universal.

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10. GHD V Emerald Styler:

GHD V Emerald styler has a ceramic plate and round barrel. It has a cord length of 2.7m. It comes with a matching paddle brush. The black plates have a hint of sparkle in them. Your hair will definitely become smooth and stylish.

Image sources: all are taken from the GHD website.

These are the GHD flat irons that are always raved about by beauty bloggers and makeup artists all over the world. Though a little on the expensive side, they are totally worth it!

Which one are you taking home today? Leave us a comment.

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