Fruit Nail Art Tutorials – With Detailed Steps And Pictures  February 1, 2017

Whether we like to eat fruits or not, it is certain that once we have taken a look at the way these fruits look on our nails, we will want it!

There is a certain element of fun that fruit nail designs bring to the over all look of a person. And if you happen to be in college or a less strict work environment, this is an awesome look to sport. It’s best if you, however, have long nails to sport this fun nail art. To be more specific, today we will show you a fruit basket nail art. If your nails are short, you can keep the basket very narrow or skip the basket part totally. However, these nail art designs look really nice with the basket drawn at the tips of your nails.

Cute Fruit Nail Art Design

Here we are using different slices of fimos for the fruits but, you can keep fimo slices to specify to a certain fruit like only strawberries or only bananas or only oranges to depict your love for a specific fruit. The choice is totally yours. Here we go!

Things You Will Require:

  • A base coat (optional)
  • A shimmer pink color nail polish
  • A yellow nail polish or yellow acrylic paint
  • Brown acrylic polish or brown nail polish
  • A clean nail art brush
  • A thin nail art brush or a clean striper
  • A set of fimo fruit slices
  • Transparent polish

Stepwise Tutorial:

Step 1: Apply Base Coat And Shimmer Pink Nail Polish

If you are using a base coat then use 2 coats of base coat on to the nails before starting this design. Now after the base coat dries, use 2 coats of shimmer pink color nail polish. Let it dry completely before moving on to step 2.

Step 2: Apply Yellow Paint At The End Of Tips

When the nail polish is properly dried, take a nail art brush and a bit of yellow paint. Paint up the tips of the nails in a curved fashion. It’s like a form of French tip but just with yellow instead of white. You can also use your yellow nail polish for this one.

Step 3: Apply Diagonal Lines With Brown Polish

Let the paint or the nail polish whichever you are using, dry completely before moving on to the next step. Now take your nail art brush or a clean striper and paint two-way diagonal lines with your brown polish or a brown acrylic paint. This will give it the design of a basket. Let this dry completely.

Step 4: Stick Up Some Fruit Slices of Fimos

Now take some fruit slices of fimos in different variations like apple, banana, kiwi fruit, strawberry, oranges, lemon, watermelon, etc and stick them up with a transparent polish. You may be using fimo stickers, which have built in glue at their back. But these will not stay on long. With a slightest touch of your clothes these may come off. Use transparent polish to stick the fimos properly. When the transparent polish dries, the fimos will become very firm. They will not fall out easily. Now take transparent polish again and cover each of the nails with at least two proper coats. This will seal in the whole design strongly and also give it the desired shine.

Doesn’t this nail art look fabulous and as fresh as fruits plucked just now from the garden? Will you give this a try?

Fimo Fruit Nail Art Design

Things You Will Need:

  • Glitter nail polish (here I am using Claire’s blue glitter nail paint from sugar high set)
  • Fruit fimo slices in different shapes
  • Rhinestones
  • Top coat and base coat


Steps for Fimo Fruit Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Apply Glittery Base Coat

Remove your old nail polish with acetone free remover as acetone maybe harsh on your nails and trim-file your nails if needed.

Now Apply your base coat, let it dry completely and paint your nails with your glitter polish (you can use any glitter polish here) so that you can get a glittery base. In case you don’t have a glitter nail paint, you can paint your nails with any of your desired shade and when it is still wet, sprinkle some craft glitter on it and add top coat generously.

Step 2: Add Fimo Slices

Now start adding your fimo slices, use nail glue or good fast drying topcoat to stick them. I am starting with watermelon slice

Step 3: Add More Slices And Rhinestones

Add more slices and rhinestone to compliment the fimo fruit bunch using your topcoat as shown in picture below:

Step 4: Smooth Down The Fimo Slices

My nails are only wide enough to hold three slices. If your nails are wider than mine, then you can add more slices.

Also, fimo slices have a tendency to curl up when you add topcoat over them.  So you will have to smooth them down using the back of your orange stick or toothpick. Make sure it sticks firmly.

Step 5: Apply Top Coat

Repeat this on all your nails and apply a topcoat.

Here is the final result:

Fimo nail art is not just offered in fruit shapes, but is also available in different shapes like hearts, flowers, leaves, brands, kitties, frogs, gifts and butterflies amongst others.

Fimo nail art designs are also offered in long sticks, which need to be cut into thin slices and then applied with nail adhesives. The brand says that approximately 125 slices can be obtained from each of the pattern sticks. Fimo nail art designs are also known to offer 3D effect.

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