Manisha Koirala Beauty Secrets June 27, 2016

After Nina Manual, Natalie Portman and Neha Dhupia beauty secrets, I am back again with Celebrity beauty secrets and the beautiful actress we are going to talk about is Manisha Koirala.

Indian showbiz industry is full of beautiful faces and one of them is Manisha Koirala. The Nepali-Indian actress, who started her Bollywood career with a TV serial Saudagar in the year 1991, is admired and adored for her beauty, elegance and extremely lucrative features across the globe. The beauty queen shared her secrets with the fans during an interview. Scroll down to check out the tips!!! J

Manisha Koirala Skin Secrets:

1. Manisha Koirala is one of those ladies who’s got a crystal-clear, radiant and glowing skin in heritage. “I think I’ve inherited my flawless skin texture from my parents,” said Manisha while sharing her skin secrets.

2. For the bollywood diva, skin care is all about proper cleansing and moisturization. She uses chilly water to cleanse her face followed by moisturizing it with a rich moisturizer to keep it protected.

3. She doesn’t use chemical-based makeup removers to take her cosmetics off the skin. She rather resorts to natural alternatives such as baby oil which also nourishes and moisturizes her skin besides removing the products.

Manisha Koirala Makeup Secrets:

1. Like most of the female celebrities, Manisha too loves the natural version of herself, not artificial one with tons of makeup put on. “I wear less make up; it gives me a natural look,” Akele Hum Akele Tum star said.

2. She asserted that she tries to keep her face makeup-free as much as she can. She finds it enough to wear a little blusher for the daytime; however, for a dressier or nighttime event she also applies some mascara and eyeliner.

3. Since she adores the natural look more, the 42-years-old veteran stays with natural colours and hues unless the event warrants the use of dark, more dramatic and bolder colors.

4. While applying makeup, Manisha’s main emphasis happens to be on her eyes.

5. She seems a bit unsatisfied with the look of her nose as she confessed she tries playing her nose down with makeup.

Manisha Koirala Tress Secrets:

1. Manisha has desirable, lush, glossy, touchable soft manes. To maintain their gloss and shine she oils them on alternate days and steams them before rinsing.

2. Her trusted hair care brands include Pantene or Michelle.

3. The award-winning actress loves to wear her hair super-short since besides being easily manageable short hair makes the most of her best facial features, making her look even more gorgeous.

Manisha Koirala Diet Secrets:

1. The secret behind Manisha’s well-toned, slender body is a low carbohydrate diet. She takes green veggies, salads and soups in her routine diet.

2. Her breakfast consists of just tea accompanied with some light snakes most of the times.

3. She is not an avid fan of eating out and loves to eat homemade food the most. Moreover, she steers clear of fried and junk foods.

4. And last but certainly not the least, Manisha consumes plenty of water and fresh juices; however, she says it’s not to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. “I drink lots of water and juices but not with the intention of keeping my skin looking good,” says the actress.

The information has been taken from various interviews that Manisha has given to media.

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