Ancient Ayruveda helped us discover the goodness of natural ingredients. Even modern medical science swears by it. Ayurvedic tips for hair growth is the way to go!

Today let us take you a little deeper into the benefits of some of the best Natural hair growth ingredients and also some easy to do hair packs with them:

Hair Packs & Ayurvedic Beauty Tips For Hair Growth:

1. Bhringraj Hair pack:

Bhringraj is called “The king of herbs” because of its proven Hair regrowth properties.

Grind the leaves and extract the blackish green juice. This juice is beneficial in getting rid of premature greying, alopecia and also baldness.

In case you are not able to procure fresh leaves, buy dried Bhringraj leaves that are easily available in the market.. You need to soak them in Luke warm water over night to be used on to hair the next day as a pack. Keep it on hair for at least 20 minutes before washing off.

Follow up: Follow up with Bhringraj oil on clean scalp at night. Apply by massaging onto hair.

2. Brahmi Hair pack:

Brahmi is known to strengthen the roots of the hair and stop hair fall. You can get fresh Brahmi leaves from your local market. Use a paste of fresh Brahmi leaves on to scalp as a pack for 15 minutes at least. If you are using powdered Brahmi leaves, then soak them in Luke warm water over night and use the every other day for at least 20 minutes.

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Follow up: Brahmi hair oils are available in the markets easily. Follow up with a night routine with Brahmi hair oil.


The goodness of amla or Indian goose berry in hair care has been proven over the years from ancient times.

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3.  Shikakai and Amla Hair pack

Soak Shikakai and Amla powder in 1:2 ratios in Luke warm water. Apply this mixture on hair and scalp for at least 20 minutes the next day before rinsing.

Shikakai cleans the roots of the hair and leaves it dirt free. It also fights dandruff. At the same time amla makes hair strong from the roots and prevents premature greying. Amla also imparts a natural black colour to your hair.  With a clean scalp and revitalised roots, your hair will definitely grow stronger, longer and faster.

Follow up:  Follow up a night routine with Amla hair oil.

4. Amla and Neem pack:

Do you suffer from boils on your scalp? Then you need to use this hair pack. It has the goodness of amla as well as the antibacterial properties of neem which will not only get rid of the boils but also fights dandruff.

Make a paste of fresh neem leaves with overnight soaked (in Luke warm water) amla powder. Use this as a pack on hair and scalp and wash off after 20 minutes.

Follow up: Follow up with Amla oil at night and a warm massage.

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5. Methi and Amla hair pack:

Fenugreek or methi seeds are a great ingredient for hair growth.

Make a powder of very slight roasted fenugreek seeds and store in a jar. Soak 1cup of methi powder with 1 cup of amla powder in Luke warm water overnight. Use as a hair pack next day and keep on for about 20 minutes before washing off.

Follow up: Follow-up with methi oil or plain amla oil at night with warm massage for great results.

These Ayurvedic tips for fast hair growth will help you gain the long and lustrous hair you have always dreamt of.


  • Kaasika

    Hi this is kaasika my age 24 years & i have loss my hair Speedly, but i don’t know reason, i want regrowth my hair naturally. finally i got this article i hope this tips helpful for me thanks for sharing.

    • Zinnia

      I hope this helps u :) these are best possible remedies if u want to go natural plus don’t forget u must eat healthy from inside and keep patience along wid regular use if you are going natural for ur hairloss :) u can use a little bit of biotin supplements too. :)Thanks for the lovely comment. :)

      • bala


  • Joy

    nice review

    • Zinnia

      Thanks a lot for the lovely comment Joy :)

  • Nilam

    Great info and tips..
    Just wanted to check…how often do we have to apply these packs( any one). Do we need to shampoo after that? Can we mix more than two powders together?
    Pls advise

    • Zinnia

      Yes you can mix more than 2 powders, definitely provided each one is a pure variety . Yes you do need to shampoo after use of any kind of hair pack, preferably with a herbal or mild shampoo. thank u for your comment :)

      • Zinnia

        application of 4 times a week to twice a week for hair experiencing a little more than normal hair fall. You can increase to 5 days a week fi you have time. If you do not have any hair problem but just want to nourish hair and keep it good , do these packs on the weekend like once everyweek :)

        • Nilam Shah

          Hi Zinnia,
          Thank you so much for the help. I have a hair loss problem..thinging hair..and this was a great help as i was wondering if i could apply such pastes more often..was scared that it might spoil my hair. But your reply has solved my problem. Also i am not using shampoos any more so i can wash it off with shikakai and areetha right.
          Thank you so much.

        • Val

          Thanks for the tips, but are those hair packs available in USA? If yes, where I can buy them from? Thanks!

      • siri

        Hi Zinnia, firstly thanks for your suggestions, they r really valuable…
        i have a doubt whether these pastes should be applied to the scalp directly or to the hair lenght on the whole? because form few months if i apply anything to the scalp after headwash it doesnt seem clean….im forced to do 2-3 times headwash only bcoz of applying it to scalp…is it dat its nt suiting me?

  • Kriti

    Nice article Zinnia!!! Shikaki amla and reeta pack also does wonders.. All the packs are good to try for naturally growing hair.. :)

    • Zinnia

      Oh yea ur totally right :) reetha is like a natural shampoo and shikakai helps strengthen roots and make hair strong :) thank u for ur lovely comment :) :)

      • priya


  • Alice

    Hi! I am a hair stylist and first of all I want to tell you what hair growth tips I’m using for me and for my clients. As I learned before the hair consist of eighty percent protein. B vitamin allows it to grow faster with blending in protein.

    The new cells are born more quickly and these B complex vitamins help them to grow and produce new cells in higher amount than its normal rate.

    The most important tip: just massage you scalp… shampoo every other day and don’t blow dry or straighten(or apply any heat) for a while trust me you will see a difference … i noticed 4 inches IN JUST 2 AND A HALF MONTHS.

    My clients are also very happy with their hair growth rate. I followed a lot of other advices from a website and I can vouch that are working 100%.

    This is the site:

    • Zinnia

      nice tips :) will be helpful Alice ;)

    • Dee

      Just wondering, you said not to apply heat, so leave hair to dry naturally. the reason I ask is because my hair is so curly and short it needs so kind of heat to dry so it can look decent. Any suggestions?

    • karthi

      mam i had problem in blad hair( forehead)…i had this problem from my childhood days….there is any solution..for to grow hair in my fore head?????????

  • Nimrata

    Good one zinnia:) I personally use methi and curd for my hair and it gives amazing results on my hair! but yea methi makes hair a little dry so its better to mix it with egg white and apply:)

    • Zinnia

      thank u for the awesome tip Nimrata :)

  • jyothi

    For neem paste we need to follow up with hair oil??means we need to put oil after washing the paste with water

  • Shamitha

    This is a very useful article which helps every one to explore the natural therapy inorder to grow hair fastly. This is really a very good post. Thank you. :)

  • siri

    Hi Zinnia, firstly thanks for your suggestions, they r really valuable…
    i have a doubt whether these pastes should be applied to the scalp directly or to the hair lenght on the whole? because form few months if i apply anything to the scalp after headwash it doesnt seem clean….im forced to do 2-3 times headwash only bcoz of applying it to scalp…is it dat its nt suiting me?…

  • C Sim

    I have been using dry roasted methi seeds with fresh curry leaves made into a powder and soaked in water. I apply it on my scalp and wash it off after half- one hour duration. Then I apply coconut oil & in case I need to colour my hair that week, I use black henna powder paste for 1 hr and then apply the coconut oil on top of this for half an hour or so.
    Only now do I use Shampoo to rinse away all the henna paste and coconut oil.
    At 64 yrs I still have long lustrous hair

    • StyleCraze

      Thank you Sim !! for sharing your wonderful remedy with us :-)

  • StyleCraze

    Thank You Mirela !! and yes methi and neem leaves are used to combat dandruff issues. Methi is rich in medicinal properties. Its constituents include protein, vitamin C, fiber, iron, potassium, lysine, L-tryptophan and alkaloids. Due to the presence of a compound known as diosgenin, methi contains properties similar to oestrogen. It also contains steroidal saponins. Due to the presence of these constituents, fenugreek seeds are an answer to several health problems that we may face. Whereas as neem is a herb that not only helps to treat skin problems but also scalp and hair problems that to effectively and safely.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Rizquin, yes you can wash off your hair with a mild shampoo after the application of methi and amla paste.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Jithan, you can apply any of the hair packs mentioned in the above article. Also massaging your scalp with warm oil (olive oil/almond oil/ castor oil) or massaging the scalp with raw onion juice, once or twice in a week may help. you. Always use a mild or organic shampoo to wash your hair. You can also get a check up done by a trichologist, to understand the cause of your hair loss.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Jithan, here are few articles with the recipes of some home made shampoos:
    These are simple to prepare and great for hair. Do try them and do not forget to share your experience with us !!

  • StyleCraze

    Will be looking forward for your updates Jithan….!! :-) Glad to help you.

  • StyleCraze

    Dear Mithlesh, some of the reasons of appearance of white hairs in teens are: lack of vital nutrients on diet, excessive consumption of junk/fast food, excesive stress in studies/work, use of highly concentrated chemical condiments on hair (soaps and shampoos) and lastly, Genetic could also be a reason as it passed through genes, if your parents are subjected to premature hair whiting then you could also be a victim to premature graying or whiting of hairs. Some of the remedies that you can try at home are –
    1. Indian gooseberry (amla) and fenugreek seeds- dry Amla and Fenugreek for one day in sun and soak amla and fenugreek in water over night. Make a paste of these two in the morning. Apply the mixture on to your scalp and give a massage for 15mins. Let it dry for 30mins and rinse it off with cold water and preferably herbal shampoo. Follow the same procedure for at least twice a week to see some effect results.
    2. Regular application of coconut oil helps to reduce white hair.