10 Best NARS Blushes Of 2021 to Make Your Cheeks Pop!

Written by Chaitra Krishnan
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Not everyone is blessed with a natural blush on their cheeks. Some resort to pinching, using lip color, or worse waiting for winter to flaunt their gorgeous flush! And if you are one of them, then you must try the best NARS blushes of 2021. Known famously for their luminous effect on the cheeks, and complexion-enhancing glow, NARS is totally making ladies go red in happiness with their gorgeous blushes. And besides offering options in several shades, they are also available in liquid and cream formulas, thus making them worth the splurge. Now, whether you are looking for the best NARS blush or here for your first blush ever, we have options for all.

So, get ready to smile and blush beauties, even when your crush is not around! Here’s our list of 10 best NARS blushes of 2021 for you below.

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Top 10 Favorite NARS Blushes Of 2021 That You Must Try!

1. NARS Blush – Orgasm

Let your skin blush and glow instantly! One of the most well-known products, this peach-pink hue infused with shimmer will make your cheeks the star of every party. Sweeping on a healthy flush of rosiness, it is one of the most iconic shades to add to your makeup kit. Also, its smooth finish is no joke. It goes on effortlessly and is intense, thus making your on-the-go touchup sessions quick and easy. Try it to witness the gorgeous glow up!


  • Paraben-free product
  • A healthy and natural pink shade
  • Soft and smooth shimmer finish
  • Brightens up the complexion
  • Portable and travel-friendly with a built-in mirror
  • Suitable for fair to olive skin tones.


  • May require touchups.
  • Not recommended if you are looking for a matte finish.

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2. NARS The Multiple – Orgasm

Creamy formulas are ideal for dry skin, which is why this blush is a great option if pressed powders don’t adhere to your skin for long. Spread it on your cheekbones to add a natural hue and watch it deliver more than just a pinkish color. Yes, along with adding a blush, it conceals all the fine lines and wrinkles too! Promising pretty rosy cheeks instantly, consider your aging signs reversed with this multi-purpose stick that can be used on the eyes, lips and body too.


  • Paraben-free product
  • Tackles uneven skin tone and imperfections
  • Delivers a sheer coverage and blends easily
  • Ensures a flawless and smooth finish on all skin tones
  • Suitable to use for contour makeup and highlighting
  • Formulated with minerals, vitamins, and anti-aging technology


  • It may turn greasy or look cakey on oily skin.

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3. NARS Mosaic Glow Blush Bronzer and Highlighter – Fireclay

Nothing excites a makeup junkie more than a multi-purpose palette. Like this one from NARS will not only make your cheeks pop with a blush but also look defined with a bronzer and enhanced with a highlighter! Giving off a fresh and spirited vibe in every sweep, its satin finish promises nothing but a flawless glow. And, did you notice the unique and embossed design? It is a great option for creating multi-dimensional looks too. Don’t skip this versatile palette!


  • Finely-milled powder with smooth consistency
  • Delivers a natural yet luminous finish
  • Enhances complexion instantly
  • Ideal for contour, blush, and tan makeup
  • Intense pigment with a golden sheen and warm undertones.


  • It may fade after a few hours.

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4. NARS Highlighting Blush – Albatross

Here’s a blush-highlighter that’ll make you go OMG every time you wear it! More like a glow dust than a highlighter, watch your skin brighten up instantly without looking ashy or white. Infused with a golden sheen that delivers a light-reflecting glow, this blush ensures to freshen up your entire look, thus making you appear flawless all day long. Made of transparent pigments that leave a dewy and soft finish, get ready to experience a never-seen-before-glow on your skin with this gorgeous highlighter.


  • Finely-milled powder
  • Delivers a satin and sheer coverage
  • Glides smoothly on the skin and easy-to-blend
  • Long-lasting and includes shimmer
  • Suitable for dry and aging skin types


  • It may not suit medium to darker skin tones.

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5. NARS Blush Bronzer Duo – Orgasm & Laguna

With this Blush Bronzer Duo in your makeup kit, get ready to feel pretty and sun-kissed, always! A must-try for all skin tones, especially fair complexion makeup users, who must use a bronzer with a blush, this duo is like a match made in heaven for your skin. Leaving you with blush so natural that you’ll wonder if it is real or not, the bronzer on the hand will tackle paleness and add warmth too. So, if you are craving for some “vitamin sea” and want a flush of prettiness on your cheeks, this one-stop palette is all you need.


  • Finely-milled powder
  • Delivers a smooth and shimmery finish
  • Enhances lighter complexions
  • Lightweight and long-lasting up to 6 hours
  • Travel-friendly with a mirror inside


  • Small size

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6. NARS Liquid Blush

 This is no ordinary blush, as it claims to flush your cheeks in a single drop! Whether you have dry, normal, or combination skin, this liquid blush will glide on smoothly to give you  natural coverage like never before. An instant-pretty-me-up blush for those who are looking for an easy-blend solution, watch your cheek turn rosy just like in winter with this natural-looking shade. Also, it is infused with tamanu and monoi oils, which moisturizes, heals, and increases suppleness too. Yep, sounds pretty and pampering to us, what about you?


  • Paraben-free product
  • Lightweight and silky fluid
  • Intense pigment infused with subtle golden shimmer
  • Spreads like a second layer on the skin
  • A buildable formula that’ll last long
  • It can be used alone or with powder blush.


  • It may not dispense easily.

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7. NARS Contour Blush – Melina

This blush not only adds a flush of color but also contours your cheeks! This blush has 2 different shades, offers a matte finish, and blends seamlessly onto the skin. It combines jojoba, silica beads, and an ultra-silky polymer to produce a creamy texture. It is formulated with photochromic technology which adjusts the surrounding light and makes your skin look natural and healthy. A deeper shade enhances the looks, and a lighter shade highlights the face to provide a luminous finish.


  • Buildable coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Highly pigmented
  • Talc-free



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8. NARS Blush – Deep Throat

Are you still pinching your cheeks for a natural blush? Quit, and get this peachy-pink hue by NARS for a better and long-lasting flush. Why put your cheeks through pain to look pretty for a few minutes when you can enjoy a healthy glow with this translucent powder? Infused with  a pink undertone to make the pigment look more genuine than patchy, don’t blame us if you are tempted to wear it every day! And since NARS is known for its luminous sparkle effect, you don’t have to worry about the color looking flat or dull on the skin too. Sweep on Deep Throat NARS Blush to glow this season!


  • Sheer and soft pressed powder
  • Delivers a natural coverage
  • Glides smoothly on the skin
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Enhances complexion instantly
  • Mirror included for on-the-go makeup sessions


  • Not recommended if you are looking for a matte finish.

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9. NARS Dual-intensity Blush- Jubilation

Provide a 3D effect to uplight your facial features with the NARS Dual-intensity Blush – Jubilation. It offers 2 different shades, gold, and peach, to offer a shimmer and matte finish. This blush lasts long and can be used either wet or dry to obtain a high-impact and sheer finish. In addition, the shades are smooth, blendable, and offer a gorgeous glow to your cheeks.


  • Smooth application
  • Adheres well
  • Easy to blend and build
  • Compact mirror



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10. NARS Blush – Unlawful

The NARS Blush Unlawful comes in a peach color with pink-coral undertones and a hint of golden shimmer. This blush is well-pigmented and suits almost all skin tones. It is tightly sealed and has a clear mirror at the lid. The soft shade is perfect for daytime or evening wear and enhances your natural complexion. Moreover, you can also use it as a highlighter.


  • Easy to use
  • Blends easily
  • Buildable
  • Adheres well



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That’s all from us and NARS to make you blush this 2021! Those were the 10 best blushes that you must try to make your cheeks look flushed naturally. Do you still need assistance with choosing the best NARS blush? Check our buying guide below.

Buying Guide – Best NARS Blush

How To Choose The Right NARS Blush?

Buying a blush is simple but there are a few features you must look out for:

Skin Tone: Before you pick a blush, you must figure out your skin tone, and whether you have a cool or a warm tone. This will make it easier for you to choose the right and the most natural-looking blush for your skin.

Skin Type: While choosing a blush, also inspect if it is suitable for your skin type to avoid the risk of allergy or irritation. For example, pressed powders are ideal for normal, combination, or oily skin, whereas liquid or creamy formulas are great for dry or normal skin types.

Pigment: NARS blushes are available in different shades and from light to intense pigments. So, pick a pigment that not only suits your skin tone but is intense enough to look natural on your cheeks.

Lasting Power: Unless you like to make quick trips to the washroom or check on your blush sneakily, choose a shade that offers long-lasting stay power so you can blush and smile confidently all day long.

Blendability: Nobody likes to spend time blending makeup early in the morning or in fact any time of the day. Hence, it is better to opt for an easy-blend formula so your blush session can be quick and easy.

How Do You Apply NARS Liquid Blush?

Have you never applied a liquid blush before? The following steps can help with this gorgeous liquid blush by NARS:

  • Dispense a pearl-sized amount of the liquid blush on your palm. Given that little can go a long way with this product, you wouldn’t need more than 2 drops,
  • Warm it a little on your palm and then apply it on the cheeks with your fingertips for a natural and diffused effect,
  • Blend it gently and follow it with a powder foundation or setting spray for best results.

How Long Does NARS Blush Last?

NARS blushes are intensely-pigmented and will easily last up to 6 to 8 hours.

Now, who needs a crush when you have these 10 NARS blushes to make your cheeks go red with joy! So many options, we bet at least one of them made you blush and smile. Given how blushes are a must-have to not only make your cheeks pop but also enhance the complexion, NARS is one of the best choices to explore this season. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get blushed with the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NARS Blush Good?

Absolutely! NARS is known for their intensely-pigmented blushes that without looking patchy, or chalky deliver a smooth and natural-looking finish on the skin.

Does NARS Blush Have Talc?

Yes, some of the NARS blushes do contain talc.

Does NARS Blush Break You Out?

It totally depends on your skin type, but mostly NARS blushes are safe for all. Also, they are available in pressed, creamy, and liquid forms, so choose according to your skin type to avoid chances of breakouts.

Is NARS Blush Safe During Pregnancy?

NARS Liquid Blush is marked safe to use during pregnancy by the brand itself. So, if you are a hardcore fan of NARS, you might as well switch to NARS liquid blush during pregnancy or while nursing.

Does NARS Liquid Blush Come with A Pump?

Yes, NARS Liquid Blush comes in a dispenser-with-pump packaging for an easy and mess-free experience.

Why Does NARS Packaging Get Sticky?

Reasons are many, and one of them is the hot and humid climate that tends to make the palette sticky over a period of time. So, the trick is to maintain and store them in cool drawers and cupboards.

Is NARS Blush Paraben-Free?

Yes, most of the NARS blushes such as NARS Blush (Orgasm), NARS Contour Blush (Olympia), and NARS The Multiple (Orgasm) are paraben-free products.

Can You Use NARS Blush as Eyeshadow?

Absolutely! If you love exploring and are skilled at blending one or two shades, then you can  totally use NARS blush as an eyeshadow. And since they are highly-pigmented, they might deliver a sheer and smooth coverage too.

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