The temperature is increasing day by day, and now is the perfect time to sip our favourite summer drink, coconut water! Coconut water is a very popular drink and is consumed by people of all ages across the world. It is touted for its healing and medicinal properties. And on top of that, it is easily available all over the country and is affordable too. It is a gift of nature that benefits us both internally when ingested and externally when applied topically.

It has been used to treat a variety of health problems from the time unknown. It has been used for everything, from a medicinal tonic in tropical lotions to sports recovery drinks, because of its high content of potassium and antioxidants. Coconut water has less sugar than any other sports drink and much less sugar than sodas and some fruit juices. On any given day, Coconut water is always a better option for kids and adults looking for a beverage. It is the most natural way to replenish the supply of electrolytes in our body and prevent dehydration and acidity.

Hawaiians refer to coconut water as “Noelani”, which means ‘Dews from the heavens’. The name is indeed justified. Once you learn about the benefits of coconut water, you will know it yourself. Coconut water is used for various religious reasons in India. Whenever a new Endeavour is about to be started, a coconut is smashed to the ground as a sign of success. Also not just the water, coconut oil, milk and flesh also serve various purposes. You can rejuvenate yourself using this naturally gifted fruit which contains the miracles of nature.

A. Coconut Water Health Benefits:

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Drinking coconut water can save us from various health related problems. It contains a whole lot of supplements and nutrients that are needed to sustain life.

Potassium- It helps to lower arterial blood pressure

Glucose- It acts as a sugar needed for energy.

Vitamin C- It shields the body from several ailments.

Vitamin B – It aids in the replacement of worn out tissues.

1. Hydrating Properties:

Coconut water is widely known to replace the minerals and fluids that we lose during physical activities. People who work out on a regular basis should drink a lot of coconut water.

2. Anti Ageing:

Coconut water contains cytokines and lauric acid, the two important elements which are used in the process of cell growth and their regulation. It has significant anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic properties which helps to minimize skin aging, balances PH levels and keeps the connective tissue hydrated and strong.

3. Cardiovascular Health:

Coconut water is rich in magnesium and potassium and is helpful for people who suffer from low blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of heart attacks. Coconut water regulates the blood circulation and prevents the formation of plaque. Drinking coconut water regularly contributes to health and prevents heart strokes. Coconut water also helps to increase good cholesterol which makes it a wonderful treatment for maintaining good cardiovascular health.

4. Increases Metabolic Rate:

Regular consumption of coconut water increases the metabolism rate which helps to burn sugar a lot faster. As a result, the level of insulin in a person’s body burns faster. Thus a person has more energy and loses fat faster.

5. Kidney Stones:

Coconut water also helps in dissolving kidney stones because of the presence of potassium, which plays a key role in urine alkalizing and preventing formation of kidney stones.

6. Digestion:

Coconut water is composed of bioactive enzymes such as folic acid, phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase, diastase, peroxidase, RNA polymerases and so on. These enzymes help in easy digestion and metabolism. The water also has more minerals like calcium, manganese and zinc than some fruits like oranges. It is also a good source of Vitamin B such as riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine, and folates. Human body requires them from external sources to replenish and hence It becomes very essential to the human body.

7. Boosts Energy:

Abundant in essential nutrients, coconut water makes a wonderful energy drink. Coconut water has less sugar and sodium content and has high content of potassium, calcium and chloride which helps to hydrate, replenish and rejuvenate the body.

8. Dehydration:

Coconut water has been used to treat dehydration caused by dysentery, cholera, diarrhoea and stomach flu. The electrolyte balance and plasma content in coconut water has been found to be similar to human blood. Thus coconut water after workout helps to replenish the body.

9. Muscle Cramps:

One of the biggest benefits of coconut water is that it prevents muscle cramps. Coconut water is high in potassium, whose deficiency can lead to muscle cramps.

10. Stronger Bones:

Coconut water is rich in calcium and is needed for healthy bones, muscles and also tissues.

11. Manages Stress:

Coconut oil consists of Vitamin B derivatives like riboflavin, thiamine and pantothenic acid which help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

12. Diuretic Properties:

Coconut water is effective as a diuretic as it expedites the flow of urine. Coconut water mixed with lemon juice not only aids dehydration, but also helps to cure intestine worms in children.

13. Bloating:

Bloating treatment and prevention is one of the top health benefits of coconut water. It often minimizes flatulence and makes one feel more comfortable.

14. Weight Loss:

Coconut water has time and again proven to be very effective for losing weight. This drink has been viewed as one of the healthiest ways to lose weight as it is a natural drink and contains no chemicals whatsoever. Coconut water has been used for centuries all over the world for weight loss and has shown positive results. Moreover it is extremely palatable, so you can relish the goodness of coconut water as an early morning juice.

15. Controls Diabetes:

Coconut water also helps to control diabetes. Coconut water, when consumed regularly has the ability to improve blood circulation within the body. It helps to widen the blood vessels which get restricted due to the formation of plaque within them and helps the blood to flow smoothly through them. It also helps to fight against atherosclerosis.

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16. Neutralise Poison Effect:

Green coconut water is the best medicine for some diseases like constipation, heartburn, neutralizing toxins, dengue fever and dysentery.

17. Antioxidants:

Antioxidants in coconut water help in fighting free radicals; it also helps to reduce the swelling in hands and legs. It helps to overcome the toxic effect of antibiotics and sulpha drugs. Thus it is very useful for patients as it helps to absorb drugs easily.

18. Reduces Blood Pressure:

Incorrect level of electrolytes can result in high blood pressure. Coconut water contains a perfect balance of electrolytes hence, it can be used as a balancing mechanism. Doctors sometimes recommended that coconut water be consumed at the start of each day by BP patients to balance electrolytes.

B. Benefits of Coconut Water For Skin:

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It is a wonder ingredient for the skin as it keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.

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    The Benefits of Coconut oil include healthier skin and hair, cholesterol, increased immunity levels, digestion and metabolism.

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