Madonna Beauty Secrets, Makeup Secrets, Fitness And Diet Secrets Revealed June 1, 2015

The 55 year old mother of 4 “Material Girl” and “Like a Virgin” singer, songwriter Madonna always makes it a point to look her best and stay fit even after being a busy bee.

She has made headlines with her revealing fishnet skirt at the Las Vegas Billboard Music Awards and stunned everyone with her glowing skin. Not just her skin, Madonna also makes it a point to stay in shape with her vigorous workout routine.

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Madonna Secrets on Beauty: 

Even though the singer has a very tight work schedule, yet she uses and swears by brands like Éminence, which is a skincare brand of Hungary working with all natural ingredients. Madonna loves going the earthy and natural way. She says she is a huge fan of this brand because this brand makes their products with natural ingredients.

Madonna’s favorite from this brand is its blueberry cleanser, a serum for toning the skin which has a raspberry smell and a scrub which has coconut extracts. She is a big fan of Eight Greens Youth Serum which is infused with natural extracts of paprika, yucca and flaxseed. It helps her attain that younger looking and radiant skin.

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Madonna’s Exercise Routine: 

She sure knows how to shed a lot of sweat to keep her skin glowing and her body fit. Her special training is designed by the gym chain known as Hard Candy Fitness.

The following are the 8 basic exercise techniques that she follows using nothing but just a chair.

1. The Swivel Hips exercise which tones and firms the butt, hips and quad muscles.

2. The Side Kick Lunge Back movement which targets butt muscles and leg muscles.

3. The knee plank exercise which targets and shapes the abs, oblique’s, arms as well as butt.

4. The heel up and toes down exercise which targets the butt, outer and inner thigh muscles.

5. Side Sit-Up movement which targets obliques and abs.

6. Twist Dip exercise which targets obliques and abs muscles.

7. Half Pike and tap movement which targets obliques and ab muscles and tones them.

8. Single-Leg Bridge-Ups Exercise, which shapes the butt and legs

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Madonna Diet Secrets:

Madonna’s Health and diet experts advises menu plans as below that you can design while following Madonna style workout.


Breakfast can comprise of a cup of whole grain cereals with a cup of low fat rice milk.

Lunch type 1: Lunch can comprise of either 2 hard boiled eggs accompanied with a cup of small tomatoes or cherry tomatoes and baby carrots.

Lunch Type 2: Turkey or chicken breast grilled about 3oz along with a cup of diced cucumbers and a cup of freshly diced tomatoes.

Evening snack or midday snack can comprise of a cup of mixed fresh berries like raspberries, blue berries and blackberries.

Dinner type 1: Up to 5 oz of grilled sea bass with spinach that is steamed.

Dinner type 2: Organic pasta 1 cup with steamed spinach.

Water intake should be at least 1.3 to 3 litres a day.

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So there you have it, her secret beauty tips for weight loss. However, if you plan to switch to a diet like hers, make sure that you take advice of a health expert. Each person’s body is different in some way or other. This diet lacks some essential nutrients and supplements. Intake of such supplements with this diet may be beneficial. So, special and proper care should be taken while following a diet plan like this. As well as there should be proper monitoring of all aspects of a person’s health to note in which nutrients his or her body is deficient. Don’t forget Madonna has a full team of experts to guide her always along her diet and health routines.

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Hope this article was interesting to know the interesting facts behind Madonna’s stunning appearance. Leave us your feedback.

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