11 Best Henna For Hair You Can Get In India In 2024

Give your traditional hair color dyes a break and opt for these natural hair dye.

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The age-old practicing of applying henna as body art has been accepted across cultures. The stain that it leaves on hands, arms, and feet of breathtaking designs makes for the perfect addition to any festivity. Henna has natural healing properties which is why it is also good for hair. The nutrients of some of the best henna for hair help treat the scalp and improve hair health making your hair look bouncier and shinier.

Earlier, the henna plant was available in every kitchen garden and the women of the family were left with ample opportunities of whipping up a homemade mix for themselves, anytime they wanted to. With the lack of space and gardening skills, nowadays, the henna mix isn’t procured from home but found in the market in the form of fine powder. Our list of the 11 best henna for hair is sure to help you choose one that suits you best. Read on to know more.

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Best Overall:Godrej Nupur HennaPrice On Amazon
Best Long Lasting:Indus Valley Natural Henna ComboPrice On Amazon
Best For Shine:H & C 100% Natural Henna PowderPrice On Amazon
Best Anti - Dandruff:Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb MixPrice On Amazon
Best For Hair Strength:NatureBay Naturals Henna PowderPrice On Amazon
Best Conditioning:Biotique Bio HennaPrice On Amazon
Best Ammonia Free:Nisha Natural Color Henna Powder - BlackPrice On Amazon
Best Ppd Free:Sameera Herbal Hair HennaPrice On Amazon
Best For Premature Graying:Banjara’s Natural HennaPrice On Amazon
Best For Hair Thinning:Attar Ayurveda 100% Natural Henna PowderPrice On Amazon

Top 11 Henna For Hair In India This Year!

1.Best Overall:Godrej Nupur Henna

Godrej Nupur Henna Mehndi for Hair Color with Goodness of 9 Herbs 0, natural, 14.1 Ounce Image: Godrej Nupur Henna

Godrej is a household name and is known for producing herbal products for healthy hair. The purest quality Rajasthani henna is built with 9 types of herbal ingredients that nourishes the roots of the hair and turns it silky and smooth. The 9 herbs are Bhringraj, neem, amla, aloe vera, Brahmi, shikakai, methi, hibiscus, and jatamansi. A trusted hair-care solution brand for conditioning hair and making if dandruff-free, this one with its cooling effect also heals scalp infections if any.

Hair Type: All | Number of Items: 1 | Color: natural | Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 0.7 inches | Weight: 14.11 Ounces


  • A 100% natural henna
  • Turns hair soft and smooth
  • Suits both men and women
  • Infused with 9 types of herbs
  • High-quality henna from Rajasthan
  • Contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties


  • The orange stain it leaves is too dark

2.Best Long Lasting:Indus Valley Natural Henna Combo

Indus Valley’s Natural Henna Combo comes in a pack of two for people who want to stock up for the entire year. The product’s strong and rich coloration adds some character and luster to the hair. A perfect blend of 9 organic ingredients like amla, shikakai, reetha, etc., mixed with henna heals the hair and reduces breakage by repairing and sealing the cuticles. Get this product without any worries as it is certified as safe to use by global certifications like India Organic, Ecocert, Usda Organic, etc.


  • A perfect combination of 9 herbs
  • Made of 100% certified organic henna
  • A triple-sifted microfine Rajasthani powder for easy application
  • Free of pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers
  • Certified by recognized Global Certifications
  • Hypo-allergenic


  • Effects do not last more than a week

3.Best For Shine:H & C 100% Natural Henna Powder

Tired of the same boring hair color? Add this natural hair dye with hair treatment properties to your daily hair care routine for silkier tresses. H & C Natural Henna Powder colors the hair reddish-brown, while repairing the damages and making it strong from within. The triple-sifted powder turns the fine granules into a smooth paste that leads to a stress-free application. You can mix the hair pack with some mashed bananas or crushed amla to increase the shine and luster and reduce hair loss.

Color: Green.


  • 100% natural
  • Free of any chemicals or PPD
  • Infused with organically cultivated henna
  • Triple-sifted powder for easy application
  • Suits people of all ages


  • May not offer great coverage in the first use

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

More than 3,154 Amazon users have vouched for this amazing product.

4.Best Anti – Dandruff:Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb Mix

Shahnaz Husain’s Forever Henna Precious Herb Mix is a special hair solution that reaches the roots of the hair and works on hair problems like dandruff and hair loss. A blend of the precious herbal henna mix like amla, shikakai, babul gond restores the beauty and health of the hair. The beautiful shine and color that the henna leaves on the hair is nothing but a crowd-puller. Apply the paste on an already shampooed hair. Leave it for over 30 minutes for the dye to emit all its color onto your hair. Rinse thoroughly and wash it off using tap water once the henna dries out.


  • Conditions rough hair
  • Ingredients like precious herbs included
  • Reduces dandruff and hair loss
  • Restores beauty and health
  • Suits women of all ages


  • Over-priced

5.Best For Hair Strength:NatureBay Naturals Henna Powder

Freshly farmed, dried out, and ground into powder, this henna mix from the henna fields in Sojat, Rajasthan is the organic henna mix you had been waiting for. NatureBay’s Natural Henna Powder is 100 percent natural and chemical-free making this henna mix completely safe to use on skin and scalp. The brand also claims to make the hair reddish-brown— the color that natural henna emits. Find NatureBay at a discounted rate online and use it to nourish your hair to the optimum.


  • A 100% chemical-free
  • Made of pure natural Mehendi
  • Cloth-filtered henna granules
  • 3 uses: hair, palm, and feet


  • Color emission takes more than 12 hours after mixing the paste

6.Best Conditioning:Biotique Bio Henna

A brand as luxurious as Biotique has come up with its range of bio henna that is enriched with all-natural ingredients like powdered henna leaves combined with mango kernel and barks of Arjun tree. This product is not just a coloring agent but also conditions the hair making it smoother and shinier. The mixture is suitable for all gender and hair types as it retains the moisture of the hair by not drying it out. This herbal mix is one of the best hair-pampering agents you will need this autumn!


  • Formulated with mango kernel and Arjun tree bark
  • Henna powder finely grounded for easy application
  • Rich brown color
  • Smoothens dull tresses
  • Suits both men and women


  • May not cover grays in the first use

7.Best Ammonia Free:Nisha Natural Color Henna Powder – Black

Now say goodbye to dull tresses— Nisha Natural Color Henna Powder with its herbal-based combination breathes life into the hair. Available in primarily 3 shades, the powder mix comes with the goodness of amla, shikakai, hibiscus, and aloe vera. The herbal protection that the henna mix gives the hair turns it soft and glossy, at the same time it makes it look as natural as ever. Try different looks with Nisha Natural Colors Henna Powder mix and be the stunner that you always wanted to be.


  • A naturally black colored henna
  • A herbal-based hair color
  • Black/brown color
  • Color lasts longer
  • Natural hair color turns hair smooth and silky


  • Includes external dye for coloring hair

8.Best Ppd Free:Sameera Herbal Hair Henna

If safety and hygiene are the yardsticks to measure the quality of a product by, then Sameera Herbal Hair Henna is the best choice out of the lot. The brand is quality-tested and assures a WHO standard safety in developing and packaging the product. This herbal henna is made of natural ingredients like henna leaves, amla, aritha, etc., that provides the hair with the much-needed nutriments making. A small tip would be to keep the mask on for 45-90 minutes and wash it off without any soap or shampoo. This way the hair color would last longer than expected.


  • WHO standards of safety followed in packaging
  • Conditions as well as colors
  • 100% natural
  • Quality tested


  • Does not address dandruff problem

9.Best For Premature Graying:Banjara’s Natural Henna

Banjara’s Natural Henna works on hair harms like dandruff, dust, smoke, hair styling devices, and so forth. The henna mix is made of a combination of 5 medicinal herbs; amla, methi, hibiscus, brahmi, bhringraj— Each herb is infused with its medicinal properties. The herbal mix nourishes and conditions the hair prevents premature graying and promotes hair growth. Other than that, the dye gives the hair a light-brown tinge making the hair look distinct from the rest of the crowd.


  • Makes the hair soft
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Enriched with 5 hair-care herbs
  • Comes with anti-dandruff properties
  • Chemical-free
  • Color-free


  • May have a strong smell

10.Best For Hair Thinning:Attar Ayurveda 100% Natural Henna Powder

Attar Ayurveda henna powder is for those looking to rectify damaged hair and nourish it without burning a hole in the pocket. The henna powder is made of rich nutrients that affect the scalp directly and improves the follicle health of the hair. Mix it with hydrating ingredients like egg or banana to make the hair soft and smooth. With this 100% natural henna powder, let your hair shine away to glory.


  • Henna infused with natural ingredients
  • Makes for a good hair conditioner
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Paraben and GMO-free
  • Certified SLS-free
  • Cruelty-free


  • Packaging not quite up to the mark

11.Best For Hair Growth:Himalaya Natural Shine Henna

100% organic, Himalaya Natural Shine Henna is a high-quality henna powder for coloring hair. A product with zero added synthetic chemicals and free of PPD and ammonia is the most natural and healthy way to cover your greys. The 9 unique herbs included in the formulation are Bhringaraja, amla, curry leaves, green tea, methi, harad, shikakai, bahera, and neem which not only improve the health of your hair but also fights other hair issues such as dandruff and itchy scalp.


  • Fights premature graying
  • Turns hair dark and lustrous
  • Natural herbs used in the formulation
  • Long-lasting color
  • Free of synthetic chemicals
  • Ammonia-free
  • PPD-free


  • Some might feel the dryness of hair on applying it alone.
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Buying the best henna is still easy. The most important task is to know how to use them to get the best results.

Tips Of Using Henna In Hair- A Helpful Guide

  • Wrap it up

If you are looking for a darker shade, then keep the mask wrapped and warm after application. You can always use a head mask to do that. On the other hand, for lighter shades, you can keep the head unmasked and cool and wait for the henna to leave a cooler shade on your hair.

  • Test the henna

Always apply a small portion of the henna somewhere on a strand that is hidden inside. Testing the strand first with a small amount of henna will give you an idea of a lot of things from before. You can know how much time it takes for the color to pop out well or what the henna mask does to the quality of the hair. Testing the henna first will also tell you a lot about the number of applications required to get the desired results.

  • Apply multiple times

To get a darker shade you can apply henna multiple times. With every application the hair color becomes a shade darker leaving the hair looking closer to your natural hair color.

  • Henna never dyes the hair black

Lastly, never expect henna to dye your hair black. It always leaves an orange-brown to reddish-brown tinge upon your hair, depending on how long you have kept the hair mask on. A lot also depends on the original hair color. Someone with a pitch-black hair color might not get a tinge closer to reddish-brown whereas grey hair usually turns orange-brown with henna. To get black-brown results, you can always add some indigo to it.

To use henna to its optimum find the list of things you should keep in mind while buying the best henna for hair.

How To Choose The Best Henna For Hair

Henna is a plant product and degrades over time. It is grown all over the world and that is why it also differs from region to region. The best way to choose the best henna for hair is through the following methods.

  • Freshness

Look for henna that is the freshest. Old henna does not leave a very strong color and can also have allergic reactions upon the skin. Fresh henna is good on your skin and also emits the darkest color. Otherwise, if henna is stored in a freezer and kept away from light then there is a chance of it staying fresh for years. You can always check the manufacturing and expiration date mentioned in the packaging to know how old the product is.

  • Color

The color of the henna powder says a lot about the place of origin of the particular batch of henna. Some henna powders are warm red, while some of a deeper shade of red. Indian henna powder is mostly found in a brownish-red or green shade. Though the color of the powder does not decide the shade it’s going to leave upon your hair. You can still differentiate and decide which henna suits your skin best.

  • Filtered

High-quality henna is sifted several times to make it free from unnecessary bits of sand and stones. Finely grounded henna makes a creamy slimy paste that is free of any lumps and can be applied on the scalp quite conveniently. If the powder is not a fine powder then it can clog the applicator. Looks for the product review to find out if the powder the brand is offering is powdered finely or not.

  • Region of origin

Henna is cultivated and manufactured in different parts of South East Asia and Middle-Eastern countries. Each product comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Two of the most famous varieties come from Morocco and Rajasthan. To get a crimson-toned shade you can go for the Moroccan variety as opposed to the Rajasthan one that gives out a reddish-brown tone. Also, the Moroccan variety is more expensive than the Indian variety, therefore, the purchase has to be thought out one.

  • Chemical-free

Most importantly, look for a henna mix that is free of chemicals and toxic synthetics. The list of ingredients at the back of the package will give you an idea about the ingredients used for the formulation of the henna mix.

Henna has been used in India for the longest time. Freshly produced henna was used by the women of the family to follow certain customs during occasions and festivities. Because of it’s herbal and medicinal properties it started becoming popular among the men of the house as a dyeing agent for their hair and beard. And, thus increased the demand for the product along with its ranges in the market. The above list of some of the best henna for hair gives you a brief idea on which brand best fits your needs. So which brand among the list have you tried already?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is henna good for hair?

Henna made of herbal and natural ingredients, if applied twice a month, repairs damages and brings back the lost health of the hair. In return, it turns the hair smooth, silky, and voluminous.

Does henna reduce hair fall?

Henna reaches till the scalp and improves the follicle health of every hair strand. This directly helps reduce hair fall and prevents hair thinning.

Can we shampoo after the henna dries out?

One should not shampoo after the henna dries out on the hair. Simply use tap water to wash off the henna. You can also apply some oil and leave it overnight after washing the hair for the henna color to set in well.

Does henna help in hair growth?

Henna’s natural properties not just work as a hair dye, but also promote hair growth. The essential oils from the ingredients reach the roots of the hair and improve its health that works towards speedy hair growth.

Can henna be used to treat scalp conditions or dandruff in India?

Yes, henna can be used to treat scalp conditions and dandruff. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that work effectively in hair and scalp treatments. However, even though it is a natural product, leave it on your hair only for the instructed time as it may dry out your strands and scalp.

Can henna be used on chemically treated or dyed hair in India?

Yes, henna can be applied on chemically treated or dyed hair, but it’s important to remember that the results may vary. It is advisable to perform a patch test before applying henna. Also, check the ingredients list to ensure no added preservatives or harsh chemicals have been added to it.

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