Top 11 Japanese Nail Clippers In 2023 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Get those well-groomed and hygienic nails with easy-to-use Japanese nail clippers.

Reviewed by Alysha Tucker, Permanent Makeup Artist
Written by Shiboli Chakraborti, Certified Skin Care Coach
Edited by Aditi Naskar, Diploma In Health & Wellness
Fact-checked by Ramona Sinha, Certified Skin Care Coach  • 
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Your nails speak a lot about your hygiene. Be it on an interview or a date, unkempt nails make a bad impression. But, don’t worry – the best Japanese nail clippers can help you get a more “trim and proper” look. A good nail clipper helps get rid of hangnails and discolored nails too. Also, it can help you manage infected or fungus-ridden nails that need additional care. These Japanese craftsmanship nail clippers are durable and sharp and can groom rough and hard nails. Here, we have curated a list of the best Japanese nail clippers available on the market. Scroll down to check them out!

Top PicksCheck Price
Best Durability:SZQHT Ultra Wide Jaw Opening Nail ClippersPrice on Amazon
Best Curved Design:Seki Edge Nail ClippersPrice on Amazon
Best For Clean Cutting:Clyppi Nail ClipperPrice on Amazon
Best For Small Toes:MUJI Nail ClipperPrice on Amazon
Best In Budget:Seki Edge Stainless Steel Toe Nail ClippersPrice on Amazon
Best Nail Catcher:Green No Splash Nail ClippersPrice on Amazon
Best In-Built Nail File:Feather With Clipper Catcher Fingernail And Toenail ClipperPrice on Amazon
Best High Precision Nail Clipper:Suwada Nail Clipper ClassicPrice on Amazon
Best Lightweight:Japan Bargain 2697Price on Amazon
Best For Toenails:Kai X Seki Mago Roku Finger Nail ClipperPrice on Amazon

11 Best Japanese Nail Clippers Available Right Now

1. Best Durability:SZQHT Ultra Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clippers


SZQHT Ultra Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clipper is perfect for finger and toenails that are too tough and thick due to reasons such as fungus, diabetes, paronychia, aging, and other health concerns. The unique handle of this nail clipper with built-in file allows you to control your snips as it offers ample strength and leverage. This means you have to work less, even with thick and brittle nails. The sharp stainless steel blades offer precise nail cutting. Watch an honest review of the SZQHT Ultra Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clippers for detailed information of the reviewer’s experience.

Material: Stainless Steel | Color: Black | Item Weight: 3.84 ounces


  • Durable
  • Perfect for heavy-duty trimming
  • Opens wide (up to 15 mm)
  • Sleek design
  • Includes a nail file


  • A bit tricky to learn how to use

2. Best Curved Design:Seki Edge Nail Clippers

Seki Edge Nail Clippers Image: Seki Edge

Seki Edge Fingernail Clipper has a curved stainless steel blade and a zinc alloy die-cast lever that offer precise and clean cuts. Thus, it does not create ripped, torn, or jagged nails. The lever has ridges on its surface that provide a firm grip. In this YouTube video, you will find a detailed review of the tester’s experience with the Seki Edge Nail Clippers. This professional-grade stainless steel nail clipper is a must-have!

Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Material: Alloy Steel | Product Dimensions: 3.54 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches | Weight: 1.76 Ounces


  • Comfortable to use
  • High-performing blades
  • Durable
  • Opens wide (up to 10 mm)
  • Offers precise cutting


  • Expensive

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

With 6,744 positive reviews on Amazon, this product has become a bestseller.

3. Best For Clean Cutting:Clyppi Nail Clipper

Clyppi Nail Clipper has a double-sided swing-out nail file with two varied grades of roughness. It also has a handy nail cleaner to help you clean under your nails quickly and easily. This makes this nail clipper an all-in-one manicure and pedicure tool. It also has a wide easy-press lever that makes it especially suitable for seniors and people with arthritis, with proven efficacy. This sharp nail clipper is made of high-quality stainless steel with a matte finish that does not wear out easily. This durable nail clipper also does not slip out of your hands.

Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel | Color: Silver | Product Dimensions: 3.35 x 0.79 x 0.59 inches | Weight: 0.64 Ounces


  • High quality
  • Sharp blades
  • Wide cutting head
  • Durable
  • Offers clean cutting
  • Ergonomic design


  • Clippings may fly off while cutting

protip_icon Pro Tip
If you are having difficulties clipping your nails at a 90-degree angle, keep the nail clipper on a flat area, such as a table, for support.

4. Best For Small Toes:MUJI Nail Clipper


The MUJI Nail Clipper is a 2.63-inch sized nail clipper ideal for small toes and hands. It is made of a stainless steel body that makes it durable and rust-proof. The blades are curved so that you can cut your nails smoothly and precisely. The size of 6 cm is ideal for easy grip and hold. The compact nail clipper has a nickel plating finish, and it has a cover made of polypropylene which prevents the nail clipper from slipping. Reviews of this non-slip nail clipper state that it is highly efficient and handy!

Color: White


  • Excellent grip
  • Sharp curved blades
  • Easy to hold
  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Cut nails might fly away

5. Best In Budget:Seki Edge Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clippers

Seki Edge Toenail Clippers SS 107 Image: Seki-edge

Seki Edge Toenail Clipper emulates the professional nail clipper and has a curved stainless steel blade with a zinc alloy die-cast lever, which aids in performing precise and clean cuts. The lever of this professional-grade nail clipper has ridges that provide an improved grip, giving the nail clipper a more comfortable feel. Reviewers agree that this easy-grip nail clipper cuts through your nails effortlessly and has durable and sharp blades.

Material: ‎Alloy Steel | Color: ‎Original Version | Product Dimensions: ‎0.75 x 0.63 x 3.5 inches | Item Weight: ‎2.11 ounces


  • Comfortable grip
  • Sharp blades
  • Professional quality
  • Value for money
  • Sleek design


  • l No built-in nail file

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The overwhelming 2,573 positive reviews on Amazon show how popular this product is with happy users.

6. Best Nail Catcher:Green No Splash Nail Clippers


Mr. Green No Splash Nail Clippers are made from 420j2 surgical-grade stainless steel, the strength, durability, and sharpness of which is superior to the rest. The handles this nail clipper with catcher are made with a zinc alloy material that adds to the hand feeling and weight which, in turn, helps you concentrate when trimming your nails.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Material: Alloy Steel, Plastic | Color: M-1001plus


  • Has a nail catcher
  • Comfortable grip
  • Value for money
  • Comes in a sleek metal box


  • Nail file not rough enough

7. Best In-Built Nail File:Feather With Clipper Catcher Fingernail And Toenail Clipper

FFeather With Clipper Catcher Fingernail And Toenail Clipper claims to be one of the best nail clippers out there. The professional-grade Japanese beauty tool is perfectly sanitary as it has a special clipper catcher that catches all the nail clippings. You can empty the catcher easily into the dustbin without even having to touch the nail clippings. ​​This salon-grade nail clipper has sharp blades ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​made from Japanese proprietary technology. Its heavy-duty lever ensures easy and smooth clipping even for thicker nails.

Color: Red


  • Value for money
  • Available in different colors
  • Durable construction
  • In-built nail file


  • Nail catcher not effective

8. Best High Precision Nail Clipper:Suwada Nail Clipper Classic


The award-winning nail clipper from Suwada is made of high-quality forged carbon stainless steel that makes it sturdy, rustproof, and easy to maintain. The innovative nail clipper is hand polished to a matte finish. The opening of the blade is 20mm, which makes it ideal for cleaning the underneath of your nails. It has self-designed lines on the handle which enhances its stability and makes sure that the skin does not come in contact with the blades. The 12 cm length with a curved handle makes it easy to hold. It comes with a small metal case with a soft interior. This professional-grade high-quality nail clipper is compact and fits in any pocket, purse, or bag.

Material: Stainless Steel | Color: Silver | Product Dimensions: 4.72 x 2.36 x 0.39 inches | Weight: 2.2 Pounds


  • Easy to hold
  • Come in a metal case
  • 100% forged stainless steel
  • No need for filling
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Rustproof
  • Easy to maintain



9. Best Lightweight:Japan Bargain 2697

Japan Bargain 2697 Image: Japan Bargain

The medium-sized, premium nail clipper from Japan Bargain 2697 is designed with a curved handle that has a length of approx. 3 inches. It is ergonomically designed for comfort and a non-slip grip. The curved stainless steel blade goes easily under the nail and makes cutting easier. It also consists of an inbuilt nail filler and nail catcher and weighs around 26 grams, so it won’t be too heavy to use or carry around with you. Its cover is made of ABS resin which makes it durable and wear-proof. It comes in pink color to make it uniquely different from other nail clippers. The travel-friendly nail clipper is made in Japan with high-quality grade stainless steel and plastic.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Material: Stainless,Stainless Steel,Polypropylene,Steel,Resin | Color: Pink | Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.4 x 0.7 inches | Weight: 0.4 Ounces


  • Great quality
  • Affordable
  • Inbuild nail filler
  • Works well on narrow nails
  • Gives a smooth, straight edge
  • ABS resin cover
  • Durable
  • Lightweight



10. Best For Toenails:Kai X Seki Mago Roku Finger Nail Clipper


Kai X Seki Mago Roku Finger Nail Clipper is made with excellent craftsmanship. It has super-fine and sharp blades. This nail clipper cuts through your thick nails like butter without putting in any extra effort. It is ideal for adults, seniors, and babies. This ergonomic nail clipper also comes with a hard plastic sleeve that fits over the bottom part to catch the clippings.

Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel | Color: Silver | Product Dimensions: 3.54 x 1.02 x 0.71 inches | Weight: 1.76 Ounces


  • Value for money
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for clipping toenails too
  • Comes with an attachable nail catcher
  • Wide cutting head


  • Blades may become dull

11. Best Effortless Trimming:BoxCave Kai Seki Magoroku Swivel Nail Clipper

BoxCave Kai Seki Magoroku Nail Clipper has a special 360° rotating swivel feature that helps you position the nail clipper any way you want to cut your nails. This nail clipper cuts through your nail in a single stroke and without any effort. This effortless nail-trimming tool does not scatter the clippings all over the place.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Material: Microfiber


  • Value for money
  • Comes a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Sharp blades


  • Rotating mechanism not smooth
protip_icon Quick Tip
Apply a moisturizer once you have finished cutting and filing your nails. It will keep your nails flexible and strong.
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Now, let’s answer the most important question on everyone’s mind. 

What Is So Unique About Japanese Nail Clippers?

Japanese nail clippers are unique because they are made by highly skilled artisans who create the razor-sharp blades for each individual piece. An excellent quality of these nail clippers is that they do not become dull. They last for years and give you consistently smooth results with every use. Sure, they can be pricey, but you will definitely get the reward of well-groomed nails for years to come. Thus, they are great value for the money you spend.

People often think that drugstore nail clippers are good enough, so they do not need to spend a little extra on a high-quality one. What they do not realize is that the blades of these drugstore nail clippers dull down easily, which does more harm to your nail than good. So, we have prepared a buying guide for you to analyze and buy the best Japanese design nail clipper for your personal grooming. Check it out!

How To Choose The Best Japanese Nail Clippers

  • Toenail Clippers Or Finger Nail Clippers?

When selecting a nail clipper, you must first ask yourself what kind of clipper do you need. If you have particularly large, tough, and thick toenails, invest in a wide-mouthed toenail clipper that can cut through them. If you have fairly normal toenails, then a set of nail clippers that can be used to cut both finger and toenails will serve you well.

  • Construction

When looking for a nail clipper, it is always best to look for one made of stainless steel. This is because stainless steel lasts long and does not rust even when exposed to moisture and makes for a long-lasting nail clipper. Stainless steel also holds the sharpness of the blades the best, making it the perfect option while purchasing nail clippers.

  • Swing-Out Nail Cleaner And File

Many nail clippers have a swing-out nail cleaner that is handy to get all the dirt and gunk stuck under your nails. The built-in nail file is also useful as it can be used to file down any sharp edges that are created while cutting your nails.

  • Types Of Nail Clippers

There are 4 common types of nail clippers that are mentioned below:

  1. Lever Type: These are the most common type of nail clippers that you at any drugstore. They are useful for trimming nails to a short length. They may also have a built-in nail file that can be used to file down the rough edges of your nails.
  2. Nail Nippers: This type of nail clippers look similar to a pair of pliers. They are built to groom nails that are difficult to cut through, like very tough nails or nails that grow in abnormal configurations.
  3. Guillotine Type: These nail clippers were originally designed to trim dog nails. But, of late, they are being used by people who have very tough or fungus-ridden nails as the shape of these clippers is convenient to use.
  4. Scissor Type: This type of nail clippers is usually found in manicure sets. They are mostly used for trimming hangnails and dry cuticles that build up around the nail.

The Bottom Line

Untidy nails create a bad impression, whether on a date, event, or an interview. And hygienic nails are essential for the perfect look. The Seki Edge Nail Clippers are a reliable option for both fingernails and toenails. For everyday nail grooming, pick the MUJI Nail Clipper for its sharp cutting blade, or try the Suwada Nail Clipper Classic for its exceptional craftsmanship and precise cutting edge for smooth nail trimming. The best Japanese nail clippers listed above help you to groom your nails. These nail care tools come with a sharp blade for a precise cut. In addition, the clippers do not become blunt after use. Some nail clippers are suitable for both toenails and hand nails, while others provide a comfortable grip. They come with a sleek design for ease of use. On an ending note, Alysha Tucker, a certified permanent makeup artist says, “Don’t forget to wash and sanitize your nail clippers after every use. It’s recommended to boil your nail clippers, scrub clean with soap, let dry and wipe with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. This will help cross-contaminate others in your home who may use your clippers or spread bacteria and fungus to other nails!”

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author, Shiboli Chakraborti, is a certified skin care coach and has carefully curated the list of the best Japanese nail clippers for the readers. She went through numerous reviews and feedback on multiple forums and brand websites to help you pick the perfect nail clipper. The products listed in this post are durable, sharp, and suitable for grooming hard nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are nail clippers bad for nails?

Dulled down and blunt nail clippers can be extremely bad for your nails as they create cracks, fissures, and tears in your nails and lead to peeling and breaking. So, it is always recommended to invest in an ultra-sharp nail clipper that causes no such problems and lasts you for years.

Should toenail clippers be straight or curved?

This depends on the shape of your toenails. If your toenails are tiny and grow with a curve, then curved nail clippers are recommended. If your toenails are fairly large and grow in a straight direction, then a straight edge nail clipper can be the best option for you.

How often should you replace nail clippers?

It all comes down to the blades of the nail clipper. If the nail clipper is made with durable and excellent-quality materials and great craftsmanship, it can last for years.

How do you keep your nails clean and healthy?

The hygiene of your nail clippers can be easily maintained by washing them with soapy water and wiping them with alcohol wipes. They must also be stored in a dry place. Maintaining your nail clippers can improve their longevity.

What is the proper way to use a nail clipper?

•  Begin with the shortest nail. This helps maintain a uniform length for all the others.
•  Lift and rotate the upper lever of the clippers.
•  Place the nail between the two cutting blades.
•  Squeeze the clipper’s upper lever and lower body to apply pressure on the blades.
•  Use a larger clipper with a straight cutting edge to cut your toenails and a smaller clipper with curved blades for your fingernails.

How do old people cut thick toenails?

Dip the nails in warm water for 10 minutes to soften the nails and cuticles. Then, Pat dry and cut small sections of the nails instead of aiming for the entire nail.

What is the difference between a nail clipper and nail cutter?

A nail clipper is also called a nail cutter. They are the same thing.

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