10 Best Underwear For Sensitive Skin To Buy In 2023

Grab some soft, comfortable, and non-irritating underwear for your sensitive skin.

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The best underwear for sensitive skin should be well-fitted, soft, and comfortable. Good underwear is extremely important for your overall well-being. Badly fitted intimate wear irritates your skin and makes you feel trapped in your clothes. Ladies know that a pair of badly fitted panties either bunches up or rides up when we move around throughout the day. This causes the sensitive skin around our lady parts to chafe and bruise. Women’s well-being is one of our primary concerns, and keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of the best underwear for women. You can bid farewell to discomfort with these underwear for your sensitive skin. Go ahead and check out the top-rated choices available on the market right now.

Top Picks
Best Overall: Hesta Women’s Organic Cotton Underwear
Price on Amazon
Best Comfort: Always Discreet XL Underwear
Price on Amazon
Best Premium Quality: Cottonique Girls Hypoallergenic Panty
Price on Amazon
Best For All Day Wear: Shero Stay Fresh Waterdrop Hipster
Price on Amazon
Best Breathability: Ceseboo Women’s Underwear
Price on Amazon
Best Fit: Cottonique Women’s Hypoallergenic High Cut Panty
Price on Amazon
Best Coverage: Rejuve Organic Underwear For Women
Price on Amazon
Best Eco-friendly: Boody Women’s Thong Panties
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight: Indera Mills Women’s Cotton Trunk Underwear
Price on Amazon
Best Functionality: Tena Intimates Overnight Underwear
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10  Best Underwear For Sensitive Skin

1. Best Overall: Hesta Women’s Organic Cotton Underwear

This set of three black panties from Hesta is 95% certified organic cotton and 5% spandex. These are free from harmful dyes and bleaches, thus preventing the skin from allergies and irritations. The smooth fabric gives a silky smooth touch to sensitive skin. You can choose the perfect fit for yourself as the sizes to vary from XS to 4XL. These panties provide a snug fit and do not feel loose even after multiple washes.


  •  Soft
  •  Durable
  •  Chemical-free
  •  Harmful dyes-free
  •  FDA approved
  •  Available in multiple sizes



Price at the time of publication: $18.54

2. Best Comfort: Always Discreet XL Underwear

Get yourself extra protection from leaks due to incontinence with the Always Discreet underwear. This pack of 30 XL underwear features a double leak guard and odor locking technology for all day freshness. These provide an all-round support with their smooth, snug fit and 100% leak-free protection for hours. These are free from fragrances and latex and will safeguard you from the heaviest leaks while keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable for long.


  •  360-degree FormFit design
  •  100% leakproof
  •  Dermatologically-tested
  •  Odour-proof
  •  Protects up to 12 hours
  •  High absorbency



Price at the time of publication: $40

3. Best Premium Quality: Cottonique Girls Hypoallergenic Panty

If you are a mom and want to gift your young teenage daughter the gift of comfort, the Cottonique girls panty is the perfect choice for you! It’s 100% organic cotton fabric fits snugly for long-lasting ease of wear. The hypoallergenic, synthetic-free, and chemical-free fabric is made without any harmful dyes and bleaches. It has a double lining at the crotch area and does not cause any chafing throughout the day. It also has a smooth, non-allergenic elastic at the waist and leg openings. This resin-free underwear is ideal for sensitive skin prone to rashes or some other reaction.


  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Skin-friendly
  •  Ergonomic waist design
  •  Latex-free elastic
  •  Textile dye-free
  •  Chemical-free
  •  Soft material



StyleCraze Trivia
Cottonique developed the world’s top allergy-free apparel by collaborating with top dermatologists and leveraging over ten years of innovative garment production.
Price at the time of publication: $23

4. Best For All Day Wear: Shero Stay Fresh Waterdrop Hipster

A godsend for irritated and sensitive skin, the Shero Stay Fresh Hipster panty is made of special TENCEL fibers. These fibers are made of natural wood and allow for a safe experience with zero skin irritation. What makes this pair a special purchase is the Smartcel Sensitive zinc oxide fiber that has been embedded in the panty for protection against UVA and UVB rays. The underwear will not only safeguard your health but will heal any inflammation while you enjoy the comfortable fit around your waist. Their seamless texture allows for a discreet look with a soft fit and feel, all day long.


  •  Smartcel sensitive fiber
  •  Ultra-comfort
  •  Prevents infection
  •  Moisture-wicking
  •  Tencel fibers for calming irritation
  •  Durable
  •  Value for money


  •  Tends to run small
StyleCraze Trivia
TENCEL fibers absorb 70% more moisture than cotton while being cooler than linen and softer than silk.
Price at the time of publication: $14.98

5. Best Breathability: Ceseboo Women’s Underwear

The Ceseboo Women’s Underwear keeps you feeling fresh for long hours and also offers great ease of movement without any irritation. This highly comfortable and breathable set of panties is made of organic cotton and spandex. The underwear has a quick-dry fabric that lends a smooth touch and does not lose shape or shrink with use. These high-waisted briefs with their solid waistband that holds the stomach for a great shaping effect is your best bet for avoiding the muffin top. The waistband has a double-layered thick panel that doesn’t dig into the skin and can be worn by women during maternity or postpartum recovery. Ceseboo underwear has flat seams for added comfort and offers intimate wear that holds shape while staying comfortably snug throughout the day.


  •  Breathable
  •  Quick-dry fabric
  •  Durable
  •  Does not shrink
  •  Soft cotton fabric
  •  Flattering fit
  •  High support waistband
  •  Good coverage


  •  Sizing may be inconsistent
Price at the time of publication: $22.09

6. Best Fit: Cottonique Women’s Hypoallergenic High Cut Panty

Experience ultimate comfort with the Cottonique Women’s Hypoallergenic High Cut Panty. It has a great fit along with the brand’s trusted allergy-proof fabric. The panty is ideal for any sensitivity or irritation that one may witness down there. It lends you protection from synthetic dyes and chemicals and frees you from prickly leg bands and with its high cut leg openings. This underwear’s flat seam elastic around the waist and the rib knit design lends full rear coverage.


  •  Spandex-free
  •  Latex-free
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Lined crotch area
  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Breathable fabric
  •  Free from irritants



Price at the time of publication: $30

7. Best Coverage: Rejuve Organic Underwear For Women

This premium quality underwear from Rejuve is the perfect partner to begin your day with comfort and confidence. The organic cotton fibers inhibit any odor and ensure breathability for irritation-free days. Its mid-rise fit with a comfortable crotch area and a wide back allows ease of movement. The underwear provides full front and back coverage for good support and fit. These panties are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 compliant to provide you with a skin-friendly experience crafted with the best techniques. Gift yourself a pair of Rejueve organic underwear for the best intimate protection against toxicity and irritation.


  •  Organic and comfortable
  •  No itchy tags
  •  Superior comfort
  •  Flattering fit
  •  Adequate support


  •  Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $39.99

8. Best Eco-friendly: Boody Women’s Thong Panties

The Boody Women’s Thong Panties brings you the discreet g-string design in a luxuriously soft fabric for ultimate comfort. Drop any hesitancy around a thong with Boody panties that give you one in a low-rise, ribbed, and breathable design with an extra smooth feel. This underwear does not feel itchy or irritating and provides thermoregulation to keep you fresh and cool during summers and snug during winters. Keep bulkiness at bay and enjoy the ease of movement whether you play sports or spend a day in bed.


  •  Sourced from organic bamboo
  •  Seamless fit
  •  Promotes freshness
  •  Non-irritating
  •  Holds shape
  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Thermoregulating


  •  May run small
Price at the time of publication: $12.95

9. Best Lightweight: Indera Mills Women’s Cotton Trunk Underwear

This super lightweight and comfortable trunk underwear from Indera Mills is plush and snuggle-worthy choice. It is designed for full coverage while flattering your silhouette in a smooth fit that doesn’t chafe. It is made of the softest combed cotton with a rib-knit design and is super breathable and absorbent for long-lasting comfort. It comes with reinforced seams for extra durability. This pair keeps you feeling airy while keeping you covered with its long legs and high-waist design.


  •  Ideal trunk leg
  •  Superior comfort
  •  Chafe-proof
  •  Does not shrink
  •  Full coverage
  •  Smooth fabric
  •  Budget-friendly



Price at the time of publication: $9.19

10. Best Functionality: Tena Intimates Overnight Underwear

The TENA Intimates Overnight Underwear offers increased absorbency for locking in some of the heaviest leaks while keeping your sensitive skin fresh and dry. It is made of 100% breathable fabric and has been engineered for greater lie-down protection. The unique W-shaped core provides reinforced protection against bladder incontinence as you rest easy without any worry. A soft top layer offers a dry and fresh feeling while a dual-core absorbent zone traps the liquid away from your skin. This pair is especially helpful for maternity and postpartum care. Its secure barrier system has soft inner leg cuffs and a highly fitted back for a safe, leakproof fit. This pair has the comfort and functionality of regular underwear with the added bonus of discreet protection.


  •  High absorbency
  •  Great overnight protection
  •  Stretchable
  •  Comfortable
  •  Secure fit
  •  Odour-proof
  •  Good coverage
  •  Pack of 56



Price at the time of publication: $45.99

Good underwear is an everyday essential that we must invest in with care. It makes you feel confident and comfortable enough to take on challenges throughout the day. We have discussed some pointers to keep in mind before you invest in your next pair in the following section.

How To Choose The Best Underwear For Sensitive Skin

  •  Comfort

This is the foremost consideration while browsing options for good underwear. A comfortable fit for the sensitive intimate area is very important. Always go for soft underwear that offers comfort and is non-irritating on the skin.

  •  Fit

Getting underwear that fits well is the decisive factor for comfort. If you don’t pick something that fits you snugly or suits your coverage style, landing a pair of good underwear can be a big miss. You don’t want it riding up or bunching awkwardly in a muffin top. It should hold shape naturally and conform to your curves with comfortable leg cuffs and an ergonomic waist design. Also, consider that the back and the gusset/crotch are the right lengths for a good fit. Know your size before you go underwear shopping. Also, be mindful that different brands will have slightly varying sizes.

  •  Fabric

Choosing the right fabric can go a long way in ensuring a full day of comfort and protection. For those who have sensitive skin, underwear made of hypoallergenic and skin-friendly materials should be the ideal choice. Stay away from chemically processed materials that use synthetic dyes and bleaches that can be irritate the intimate area. Instead, go for soft organic cotton underwear, a bamboo or viscose-rayon blend.

  •  Style

Whether you like the high-waisted coverage of a tummy tucker, the hip lifting design, or the low-rise invisibility of a g-string, there are a host of options to choose from. There are high-cut leg cuffs and longer trunks to match what suits your style. What’s even better is that the cuts and styles of panties are no longer confined to a particular fabric type allowing you to find soft comfort across all underwear cuts and designs.

  •  Sustainability

One must look into how the garment was sourced and follow how it was manufactured. Sustainably made garments not only feel fabulous against your skin but work in tangent with the earth and its resources. Getting organic, chemical-free underwear will do you and the planet a lot of good in the long run.

Your underwear requires special care as it forms a part of your intimate hygiene. To stay safe and infection-free, we must follow some basic tips to maintain our underwear hygiene. Check those out in the next section.

Tips To Maintain Good Underwear Hygiene

  1.  Always go for moisture-wicking fabrics that promote intimate freshness and curb any feeling of ‘sogginess’ and staleness.
  2.  Aim to change your underwear after every bath. This ensures intimate hygiene and doesn’t allow any bacterial buildup.
  3.  Choose cotton and other organic fabric to promote better hygiene, breathability, and an overall skin-friendly experience.
  4.  Always wash your underwear with mild soaps that are hypoallergenic to avoid any chemicals from seeping into your body.
  5.  Switch your underwear after a year, especially if you’re someone who combats BV and other infections.
  6.  If you face yeast infections, going commando at night might allow you better breathability.
  7.  Wash your intimate wear separately to avoid any transfer of bacteria.
  8.  Stay away from underwear that digs in or is super stuffy. A good fit allows for better comfort and more room for the skin to breathe.
  9.  Opt for environmentally healthy brands that source their materials naturally and practice sustainability.
  10.  Steer clear of fragrances down there as those can irritate the skin.

Ladies, we cannot compromise with feminine hygiene and underwear. Sensitive skin, especially, needs soft and smooth fabrics. Wrongly fitted underwear rides up and can irritate and cause bruises that make you uncomfortable and itchy all day. Say goodbye to uncomfortable underwear and choose the right ones with skin-friendly, soft fabrics. The listed ones are anti-chafing and are available in different styles with sizes from XS to 4XL and cuts to suit your body type. These are hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and comfortable. Unfortunately, some products tend to be small. Always lookout for the fabric and sizes before you get one.

Why Trust Stylecraze

The author, Baishali Bhattacharya, has a deep interest in fashion and makeup products and loves reviewing them for her readers. She curated this list of the best underwear for sensitive skin following thorough research into various products available online and going through their user reviews with a fine-tooth comb. The shortlisted underwear are made from soft, comfortable, and breathable fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of underwear is best for sensitive skin?

Underwear made of hypoallergenic material free of skin-irritating chemicals and sourced through clean methods is generally best for sensitive skin. In addition, materials like cotton, rayon, and bamboo are soft, breathable, and do not cause abrasion.

Why does my underwear irritate my skin?

Dirty panties cause skin irritation because of harmful bacteria, microbial infestations, and accumulated sweat and discharge.

What is the healthiest fabric for underwear?

Cotton is the healthiest fabric for underwear.

Is bamboo underwear good for sensitive skin?

Yes, bamboo is the first choice for people with sensitive skin. Bamboo exhibits antibacterial properties that help protect your skin from irritations, itchiness, and odor-causing bacteria.

Is silk underwear good for eczema?

Yes. Silk underwear is a great option for people with eczema and allergy-prone skin since it does not wick moisture from the skin. It is hypoallergenic, regulates body temperature, and enables the skin to breathe without triggering irritations and itchiness.

Is it better to have underwear tighter or looser for sensitive skin?

Well-fitted underwear is best for sensitive skin. Underwear must not be too tight or too loose.

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