11 Best Bamboo Underwear For Women That Offer Ultimate Comfort

Written by Priyam Gupta
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Undergarments are the most crucial part of our clothing items. That’s why we have curated a list of the best bamboo underwear to narrow down your search. What is a bamboo underwear you ask? It is made with unique viscose underwear that are lightweight, antibacterial, and breathable. To put it simply, these panties are way more comfortable than your stuffy synthetic underwear. They have moisture-wicking abilities to ensure lasting wear. Swipe up and explore our list.

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11 Best Bamboo Underwear For Women That You Must Own In 2022

1. Yoyi Fashion Bamboo Viscose Fiber Briefs

These organic bamboo briefs are an excellent choice for daily wear. However, they are more popularly used as period panties because the material is water-proof, breathable, and soft so that you will be protected during the heavy flow days. The outer part of the underwear is made from spandex and bamboo viscose which is hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and stretchy. They are also high-waisted with an elastic waistband to keep you feeling snug and comfortable all day long. The inner lining is a combination of bamboo fiber and polyester, which does a great job of leakage protection, especially during busy days at work or school.


  • Highly breathable
  • Stretchy
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Leakage protection


  • It may make a swooshing sound when you move

2. Wairarapa Women’s High-Waist Bamboo Underwear

This is a great option for women who love high-waist bottoms! The ultra-comfortable fabric is made from bamboo modal, making it breathable and skin-friendly. The panties offer full back coverage, and you won’t experience any wedgie situations, bunching, or sagging like with cotton underwear. The waistband is also covered with fabric to help you go about your daily chores without any hesitation. It will sit right at the waist, leaving you with no worries about rolling or pinching when you move or sit down. Ideal for postpartum c-section recovery and hot yoga, you cannot miss out on this one!


  • Machine washable
  • Full back coverage
  • High waist
  • Lightweight


  • Some may find the underlining too short

3. Warm Sun Bamboo Viscose High Waist Panties

These middle to high-rise panties are ideal for women who want generous coverage from their underwear. They are made from a superior bamboo viscose fiber and spandex blend, making the underwear breathable, stretchy, and gentle on the skin. They can also be hand washed or machine washed, and you can choose from a variety of designs ranging from small to XXXL. The brief design offers full frontal and back coverage. The stretchy material is meant to fit every body type naturally. The simple design and soft fabric ensure that it absorbs sweat, eliminates odor, and doesn’t bunch.


  • Middle/high rise underwear
  • Breathable
  • Stretchy
  • Eliminates odour
  • Absorbs sweat


  • Some may find the waistband scratchy

4. 4period High Absorbency Period Panties

These ladies’ bamboo underwear sets are a favorite amongst teens and adults because they were designed for heavy period days and provide optimum leakage protection. The front and back of each panty are absorbent with moisture-wicking ability, making them your ideal companion for periods, postpartum recovery, and urine incontinence. Even though the fabric is breathable, it is also highly absorbent. The bamboo viscose fabric is super smooth and suitable for sensitive skin and can also be used alone or with other period products.


  • Machine washable
  • Front and back absorbent
  • Solid black lining
  • Breathable


  • Some may find the leg holes small

5. KNITLORD Women’s Hipster Panties Bamboo Viscose

Hipster panties are a great style if you want to feel feminine without the hassle of wedgies. These bamboo underwear for women are cute, comfortable, and eco-friendly. The premium quality hipster underwear is made from durable bamboo viscose and spandex to be gentle on the skin, and they also have an elastic lace trim along the waist and leg holes. The waistline fits every body type without digging into your skin or slipping, and these are available in over 5 attractive and eye-catching colors.


  • Premium-quality bamboo viscose
  • Machine washable
  • No visible panty line
  • No bunching


  • It may not be sweat absorbent

6. Boody Store EcoWear Women’s Cooling Underwear

These stylish and soft bikini-style panties are made from rayon taken from bamboo blended with nylon and spandex to ensure a perfect fit and comfort. The fabric is stretchy and gentle enough to give you moderate coverage and leave you feeling great all through the day. In addition, they are seamless, so you can wear them under leggings and bodycon dresses without worrying about any visible panty lines. Also, the underwear has a flat-ribbed waistband that lays flat and won’t roll down whenever you move.


  • Versatile
  • Machine washable
  • Ribbed waistband
  • Form-fitting


  • It may not be breathable

7. cauniss Slip Shorts Bamboo Underwear

If you are looking for ethical bamboo underwear and eco-friendly shorts that are premium-quality, you must give these bamboo slip shorts a try. They are made from bamboo viscose and spandex, making them lightweight and soft while ideal for dresses and skirts. The slip underwear is also durable because no matter how many washes it goes through, it will still look and feel as good as new. Since they are thin and soft, you will almost forget that you are wearing them. The slip shorts have a long seam, which absorbs sweat and prevents chafing. Additionally, the waistband is relatively high, so it won’t roll down when you walk or sit down.


  • Machine washable
  • Prevents chafing
  • Lightweight
  • Sweat absorbant


  • May not be suitable for short skirts or dresses

8. DANISH ENDURANCE Bamboo Bikini Panties

These incredibly soft, eco-friendly underwear were designed in Denmark to give you the most comfortable and stylish fit. They are made from premium-quality bamboo viscose, which makes them smooth and stretchable. The fabric is also breathable and that tag-free waistband does not dig into your skin and stays on without rolling down. You can choose sizes ranging from XS to XXL and are highly recommended for athletes because of the material endurance.


  • Excellent material endurance
  • Stretchable
  • Generous coverage
  • Tag-free waistband


  • Some may find the rear gusset seam itchy

9. Buankoxy Women’sWomen’s Stretch Bamboo Fiber Panties

If you are looking for eco-friendly panties that are fun and colorful, these can be added to your lingerie drawer. These soft and stretchy underwear are made from a luxurious rayon and spandex blend, so your skin doesn’t feel stiff and suffocated. The fabric also keeps moisture at bay and helps you stay calm throughout the day, making it an ideal partner for the outdoors. The underwear comes in a brief style, and the waist is mid-rise to be worn under trousers and denim pants.


  • Lace trimmings
  • Stretchy
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking


  • It may not be machine washable

10. Sujisi Store Women Panties Bamboo Viscose Plus Size Briefs

These bamboo panties are smooth, gentle on the skin, and lightweight microfiber because they are a mix of bamboo and spandex. They offer a luxurious feel and are seamless so that you can wear them under your leggings, skirts, and dresses. Additionally, this underwear has beautiful lace trimmings that drape your legs without feeling itchy. These eco-friendly undies are ideal for the conscious customer and are an excellent option for daily wear and sleepwear.


  • High-waist
  • Lightweight
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Lace trimmings


  • They may lose their stretch after a couple of washes

11. KUCI Bamboo Fiber Maternity Underwear

Are you on the verge of becoming a new mum and are hunting for the perfect fit? Well, look no further than these ultra-high waist shorts that are perfect for moms-to-be because of their soft and seamless fit. They are made from bamboo fiber, nylon, and spandex, making them gentle on the skin and providing optimum abdominal comfort. The underwear also provides 3-dimensional belly support, which won’t restrict the uterus, and the waistband won’t roll down. This maternity underwear is perfect for daily use, as well.


  • Breathable
  • 3-dimensional belly support
  • 360° wrap
  • Stretchable


  • May not offer full rear coverage

Now that you know about the 11 best bamboo underwear available online, you will want to know about the main features that make good bamboo underwear. Hence, we have created a buying guide to help you select the one that meets all your needs.

How To Buy The Best Bamboo Underwear For Women

  • Material and fit

When looking for bamboo underwear, you must look at the fabric combination. This will let you know if the material is soft, stretchy, and gentle on the skin. Look for materials that combine bamboo viscose and spandex or nylon and spandex as they are soft and lightweight. These materials also sit properly without rolling down or digging into your skin.

  • Wear process

This factor determines whether the underwear stays on or rides up. You must consider this component when selecting slip shorts or brief boxer styles. These underwear styles tend to ride up or roll down when you move around or when you sit. So, you need to look for styles that stay put and don’t move around or cause you any discomfort during the day.

  • Style

When we talk about bamboo underwear’s style, we mean the amount of coverage it provides. You have to choose underwear that provides you with maximum coverage and doesn’t give you any wedgie situation. If you are looking for good coverage undies, then look for briefs and boxer shorts. If you are looking for medium coverage, then go for a bikini or French cut panties.

Benefits Of Wearing Bamboo Underwear

Suppose you are thinking about transitioning from synthetic and cotton underwear to bamboo ones. In that case, you need to know about some of its amazing health benefits:

  • They are naturally antibacterial and antifungal.
  • The fabric is suitable for sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic
  • It is odorless and static-free
  • Doesn’t wrinkle
  • Highly durable

How To Wash Bamboo Underwear?

There are a couple of rules you have to follow to keep your underwear in good condition for a long time. Like:

  • Wash on a gentle cycle, and use an eco-friendly detergent as they are mild on the bamboo fabric.
  • Don’t use bleach, as it will ruin the fabric
  • Air-dry the undies, and if you want to iron, then do it on a low heat

Bamboo is comfortable and breathable; it is perfect for any occasion and fits like a dream. The best bamboo underwear will keep you dry and confident every time you move. Unlike traditional lingerie, bamboo underwear don’t wrinkle, have antibacterial properties, and are odorless. From boxers to slip-on shorts, you will find a pair that will make you feel and look good. Hopefully, our list of the 11 best bamboo underwear and the buying guide will help you select the one that meets all your preferences and makes you feel good.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Priyam Gupta, is a fashion enthusiast. She read online reviews and checked user feedback and product reviews on trusted online forums and brand websites before curating this list of the best bamboo underwear for women. These underwear are way more comfortable than synthetic or regular underwear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bamboo underwear better than cotton?

Yes, they are. Bamboo is super durable, and it will last after many washes. They are also more absorbent than cotton and more effective at keeping moisture away from the skin.

Is bamboo underwear ideal for sweating?

Yes, bamboo is a naturally breathable fabric. It allows moisture and sweat to evaporate faster than cotton underwear.

Is bamboo underwear breathable?

Yes, bamboo is much more breathable than cotton or synthetic underwear. In addition, the fabric is soft and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Does bamboo underwear dry quickly?

Even though bamboo absorbs sweat and keeps moisture at bay, it does not dry quickly. The drying time depends on the thickness of the fabric too.

Is bamboo underwear really antibacterial?

The bamboo plant can resist the growth of bacteria. Still, there is no solid proof that rayon, which is used for clothing, is fully antibacterial.

How long do bamboo underwear last?

Bamboo underwear is cute and durable, and they will last you a long time, as long as they are washed in the right way.

Is bamboo underwear a solution for period poverty?

Bamboo underwear does potentially eliminate period poverty because it can eliminate the need for menstrual supplies. In addition, these panties are leak-proof, absorbent, and eliminate any odour. They are also available in the black inner lining to prevent any embarrassing stain incidents.


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