Asin’s Beauty And Fitness Secrets Revealed June 1, 2016

Asin thottumkal is a South Indian actress originating from Kerala who made her Bollywood debut with Aamir Khan in the blockbuster movie, Ghajini. She was quite popular in the south Indian film industry and now has become even more popular in Bollywood too.

Asin’s clear skin and beauty has caught a lot of eyeballs since her debut and many have wondered what  Beauty secrets of asin are. If you are interested in knowing Asin’s beauty secrets, then read on for asin beauty tips:

Asin’s Diet And Food Habits:

  • Asin hails from Kerala and is a Non vegetarian.
  • She states that her typical day starts at 6 am
  • She has breakfast a soon as she wakes up. Her usual day starts with a cup of Oats or a bowl of Muesli accompanied by some fruit. When she wants some variety, she goes for eggs or some idlis for breakfast
  • Also being a Malayalee she often likes to eat a traditional Malayalee breakfast of appam, idli or uttar payam or puttu kadala. Uttar payam is made out of fruits whilst puttu kadala is made out of chana.
  • She has disclosed that she is not at all fond of coffee or tea. She instead has lots of milk or water instead of these drinks.
  • Her Lunch consists of a few Chapattis or a bowl of rice with vegetables. She has also expressed her love for fish. Her favourite Kerala dish is Rice and prawns which she loves a lot.
  • Her dinner is usually whatever her mother makes. But she resists having rice for dinner and she loves having eggs or chicken for dinner. Her favourite dinner items are kappa and meen which is tapioca and fish or kanji which is rice porridge.
  • Asin resists sweets and instead loves to have fruits.
  • Also she keeps her body well hydrated by having lots of water and coconut water. She states that having good amounts of fluids will keep one fuller and will help resist those quick snacks.

Asin’s Fitness Regimen:

  • Asin’s health routine is quite simple and she states that she exercises when she gets time.
  • She indulges in cardiovascular exercises and weight training.
  • She has a healthy body and good metabolism and gains weight very easily and likes being healthy and fit.

Beauty secrets of asin:

  • Asin is blessed with good skin, so she just has to take very little care.
  • She is a fond follower of natural methods and drinks a lot of coconut water to keep her skin hydrated and fresh.
  • She also suggests that one should avoid unnecessary rubbing or touching of facial skin as it hurts the skin in the long run.
  • She uses coconut water on her face too. She loves to apply sandalwood paste and honey on her face as homemade beauty aids.

Asin’s Makeup:

  • She always removes her makeup at night irrespective of how tired she is and always makes it a point not to clog the pores with excessive makeup.
  • Asin is one of the few actresses who are usually seen with very subtle makeup as she feels excessive makeup spoils her true beauty

Note: All these points have been gleaned for your reference from several interviews Asin has given to the Media.

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