11 Best Bras For Plus Size Women To Perk Up Your Breasts

Affordable and comfortable bras to offer full coverage and enough support to your breasts.

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One of the most daunting tasks for every big girl out there is finding a well-fitted bra. That is why we have curated a list of the best plus-size bras for women in this article. Although our relationship with bras is somewhat bitter-sweet, they are necessary to protect the breasts from sagging and prevent back pain. The right bra can help you define your curves and flaunt your shape confidently. It distributes the weight of the bust among the back, neck, and shoulders and helps remain stress-free while engaging in physical activities.

Although breast sagging is a natural process, it may affect people with plus-size even more. Additionally, back pain and spine issues are common among people with big busts. Adding a properly-fitted bra in your closet can help you avoid these issues. The plus-size bras ensure good coverage to keep you confident while you meet people or show off a new dress. They are also ideal for those who love working out at the gym regularly, as they keep the breasts properly supported. The 11 bras mentioned in our list are the best options available online. Scroll down for details.

Top Picks
Glamorise Women's MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra
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Elomi Women's Plus Size Full-Cup Banded Bra
Price on Amazon
Olga Women's Contour Lace Bra
Price on Amazon
Anita Women's Plus Size Extreme Control Sport Bra
Price on Amazon
Smart & Sexy Women's Perfect Push-Up Bra
Price on Amazon
DOBREVA Women's Sexy Lace Push Up Plus Size Bra
Price on Amazon
Curve Muse 3 Pack Plus Size Unlined Semi-Sheer Balconette Underwire Lace Bra
Price on Amazon
Wingslove Women's Wireless Minimizer Bra Plus Size Non-Padded Soft Full Figure Bra
Price on Amazon
Curvy Couture Women's Plus Size Cotton Luxe Unlined Wire-Free Bra
Price on Amazon
Wacoal Women's Plus Size Elevated Allure Underwire Bra
Price on Amazon

11 Bras For Plus-Sized Women To Prevent Sagging

1. Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra

Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra Image: Glamorise

One couldn’t imagine a good support bra without a wire but Glamorise allows you to break free from the shackles of those pesky wires and instead has an inner-bust band that helps lift and support larger busts. This lace bra has a crisscrossed design that gives your breasts better support, along with adjustable extra-wide straps that are padded with a cushion to keep you comfortable and prevent breast sagging all day long. The cups are curve-contouring and provide coverage as well as shape to your chest.


  • Wire-free
  • Inner-bust band for support
  • Crisscrossed design
  • Adjustable extra wide straps
  • Cushioned straps
  • Curve-contouring cups
  • Provides coverage
  • Adjustable back hook-and-eye closure


  • Lining of the bra may be a bit thin
Quick Tip
Layer this bra under an oversized t-shirt or a hoodie. Ensure the hook of the bra is tight but not very constricting.
Price at the time of publication: $37.83

2. Elomi Women’s Plus Size Full-Cup Banded Bra

Cup your breasts with comfort with Elomi’s underwire full-cup bra, which has a 3-piece cup with a side support panel, helping provide shape and support to your chest. The bra is also formulated with its back straps placed inward to prevent slippage of the strap. This bra for large sagging breasts of a full-figured woman has underwire for support and to lift larger breasts to prevent moderate sagging. The bra also has a full coverage cup which has no-show embroidery for design in a sheer top cup.


  • Underwire for support
  • Full coverage
  • Inward back straps
  • No-show embroidery
  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • Three-piece cup with side-support panel
  • Elasticated neck edge


  • Underwire may not last long for some
Quick Tip
Use shoulder pads or adjust the front of your bra to prevent unwanted strap slippages.
Price at the time of publication: $49.3

3. Olga Women’s Contour Lace Bra


Pamper and shape your breasts with an Olga Women’s plus-size underwire lace bra that contours and shapes your chest. Fabricated with a silky soft material with a lace neckline, the bra comes with comfortable back straps and extra fabric lining to prevent it from slipping off your shoulders, leaving you feeling comfortable all day. The bra is suited for low-cut tops as it has a plunging neckline, and it is also lightly padded to enhance your chest and prevent any nipple showing subtly.


  • Underwire for support
  • Comfort back straps to prevent slipping
  • Soft material
  • Plunge lace neckline
  • Lightly padded
  • Contouring


  • Straps may be tight around underarm and shoulder area
Price at the time of publication: $27.54

4. Anita Women’s Plus Size Extreme Control Sport Bra


Going to the gym can be a hot and sweaty affair, especially when you’re a girl since you will find yourself sweating in all sorts of places, including under your breasts. A good sports bra is essential to support your breasts while exercising and can help prevent any body-related problems. Anita Women’s sports bra is made with net panels to regulate moisture levels and help the skin stay dry while also providing high levels of support and shape to your chest. Stay chafe-free with this supportive bra for sagging breasts as it has inner microfiber toweling and relief straps to give you comfort and support all day. It also provides you with a rounded shape, making it the perfect t-shirt bra.


  • Net panels regulate moisture
  • High support
  • Side support for shape
  • Chafe-free
  • Prevents back pain and related issues
  • Hook-and-eye closure


  • Material may be too thin for some
Price at the time of publication: $59.2

5. Smart & Sexy Women’s Perfect Push-Up Bra

Smart & Sexy Women’s Perfect Push-Up Bra Image: Smart & Sexy

One way to deal with large, sagging breasts when going out is by wearing a push-up bra. Try on Smart & Sexy’s perfect bra with a plunge feature, which lifts your breasts while it gives you plush padding at the same time. The bra has front adjustable and convertible straps for a secure hold. Underwire in the bra helps support and firm your chest, while the plunging neckline allows you to wear it with deep-necked tops and dresses for a night out.


  • Plunge neckline
  • Plush padding
  • Underwire for support
  • Push-up
  • Front adjustable and convertible straps


  • Cup size may run large
Price at the time of publication: $16.94

6. DOBREVA Women’s Sexy Lace Push Up Plus Size Bra

A delicate soft lace balconette bra without padding but still giving you a push-up effect is just what you need to treat yourself. A hidden sling gives the effect of a push-up without any lining or padding, while elastic underwire provides support to your breasts. The bra comes with adjustable straps and mesh wings for breathability so you can stay comfortable the entire day. The bra also has translucent double mesh layered cups with an eyelash lace trim which is extremely flattering.


  • Soft lace
  • No padding
  • No lining
  • Push-up effect
  • Mesh wings
  • Adjustable and convertible straps
  • Translucent double mesh layer
  • Balconette fit


  • Lace may show through thin clothes
Price at the time of publication: $28.99

7. Curve Muse 3 Pack Plus Size Unlined Semi-Sheer Balconette Underwire Lace Bra

Curve Muse 3 Pack Plus Size Unlined Semi-Sheer Balconette Underwire Lace Bra Image: Curve Muse

For a bra that helps you shape and lift your breast, Curve Muse has one of the best bras for plus size saggy breasts. This bra has soft straps that don’t pinch our skin and has an underwire to help support and give shape to your chest. The bra is unlined yet still lifts and supports your breasts naturally. The bra is semi-sheer and has scalloped hems, while shaping your breasts to give you a flattering look.


  • Underwire for support
  • Semi-sheer and has scalloped hems
  • Comes in a 3 pack
  • Soft straps
  • Unlined
  • Shapes breasts
  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • Lifts large sagging breasts


  • Wire may be uncomfortable after time
Price at the time of publication: $46.99

8. Wingslove Women’s Wireless Minimizer Bra Plus Size Non-Padded Soft Full Figure Bra

Wingslove Women’s Wireless Minimizer Bra Plus Size Non-Padded Soft Full Figure Bra Image: Wingslove

A minimizer bra is one that helps large-breasted women contain their chest if they want to. This minimizer bra is one of the best support bras for large sagging breasts and comes without a wire. This bra also has no padding which keeps you feeling light while causing no itching or scratches. The bra has full figure cups which hold your breasts in place and also has wide and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort.


  • Minimizing effect
  • No underwire
  • Non-padded
  • Full figure cups
  • Jacquard pattern
  • No itching
  • Wide and adjustable shoulder straps


  • Fit may not be comfortable for some
Price at the time of publication: $24.99

9. Curvy Couture Women’s Plus Size Cotton Luxe Unlined Wire-Free Bra

Curvy Couture Women’s Plus Size Cotton Luxe Unlined Wire-Free Bra Image: Curvy Couture

For a casual and comfortable bra that is unlined and wire-free, Curvy Couture has the best support bras for large sagging breasts. The bra is made up of breathable fabrics that help keep you cool and dry as they are moisture-wicking. The cups of the bra are double lined to lift your breasts and give you a flattering shape. The bra, which fits snug at first but will stretch a little through wear, has wide smoothing back wings to get rid of any back bulge.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Unlined
  • No wire
  • Keeps you cool and dry
  • Wide, smoothing back wings
  • Shapes breasts
  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • Lifts large sagging breasts
  • Double lined cups to lift


  • The lace may feel uncomfortable and itchy for some
Price at the time of publication: $27.4

10. Wacoal Women’s Plus Size Elevated Allure Underwire Bra

Wacoal Women’s Plus Size Elevated Allure Underwire Bra Image: Wacoal

If you’re someone who prefers an underwire bra to lift and support your chest, the Wacoal Women’s plus size bra is one of the best support bras for large sagging breasts. The full figure bra lifts the bust up to 1 inch and is lightweight with an elastic band between layers of material, keeping you comfortable. The bonded neckline will lie flat giving you a sleek look, while adjustable straps are available to give you the best and most comfortable fit.


  • Underwire for support
  • Lifts large sagging breasts
  • Lightweight
  • Lifts bust up to one inch
  • Adjustable straps
  • Bonded neckline will lie flat
  • Hook-and-eye closure


  • The band size may feel uncomfortable for some
Price at the time of publication: $70

11. Fruit of the Loom Wireless Cotton Bra

Fruit of the Loom Wireless Cotton Bra Image: Fruit Of The Loom

The Fruit Of The Loom Wireless Cotton Bra has a superior material of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. The lightweight cotton-spandex bra provides full coverage with unlined cups that provide your breasts room to breathe. The fabric is stretchable, and the spandex provides a natural lift to your saggy breasts without the pinching or digging feeling of the underwire. The extra broad sides help you to prevent back bulges. The bra provides seamless support beneath the clothes. The u-back of the bra even outs the fabric. The bra is extremely soft with its elastic band at the bottom. The bra has triangular stitches and a middle gore stitch that helps the bra to gain more support without causing discomfort or tugging.


  • Provides support to saggy breasts
  • 5 different color shades
  • Soft cotton breathable fabric
  • Spandex provides the additional stretch
  • Lightweight
  • Hook and eye closure


  • Hand wash only
Price at the time of publication: $18

So, there you have the 11 best bras for plus size saggy breasts that you can find in 2023. If you’re still finding it hard to pick the one most suited for you, here are some things that you can keep in mind while making your decision.

How To Choose The Best Bras For Plus Size Women

  • Underwire

Underwire in bras are a way to provide extra support to your breasts as well as help lift them. If you’re keen on extra support, go for an underwire bra. However, some find the underwire a little uncomfortable, so in that case you can opt for a wire-free bra that will still give you support while you stay comfortable.

  • Push-up

Some bra styles are push-ups which lifts your breasts to a large extent when compared to most regular bras. If you have saggy breasts and not only want to support them, but give them an extra lift as well, you can go for a push-up bra, especially for dressy nights out.

  • Straps

Your straps hold the entire weight of your breasts, so if you want to distribute the weight for maximum comfort then make sure you get wider straps for ease of wear. Crisscross straps can also provide additional support and prevent back aches

Finding a plus-size bra that fits well is a dream come true. However, sometimes even the right bra can go wrong on the outfit. The best bra supports your sagging breasts and provides back support to hold them in place firmly. At the same time, they hide under your dresses seamlessly. The plus-size bras on our list are made of moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and fresh. They offer full coverage and distribute the weight evenly to prevent them from bouncing. Some of these bars are wire-free, breathable, and have adjustable straps. They are available in various sizes and colors. Make sure you measure your bust size to avoid fitting issues. Check out the buying guide to pick the right sports bra of your preference.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author, Priyam Gupta, is a fashion enthusiast and is passionate about keeping up with the latest trends. For this article, she has studied extensively about bras for plus-size women and scrolled through hundreds of reviews on trusted online platforms to compile the above list of products. These bras ensure good coverage and keep the breasts properly supported, especially during the intense workout sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do push up bras help saggy breasts?

Yes, push-up bras provide an extra lift and support to your breasts making them not sag any more.

Can these bras change the shape of my breast?

Some bras help prevent breasts from sagging even further naturally. While wearing the bra, it will shape and lift your chest, giving you a more flattering look.

Is it dangerous to wear shapewear for too long?

Yes, if you wear shapewear that is very tight, it may constrict your body and you will feel uncomfortable. It may also cause some pain to your organs if it is extremely tight. It is advisable to not wear it for too long.

Can these bras affect the shape of my breasts indefinitely?

Bras generally can prevent your breasts from sagging further, but the shape of your breasts will largely stay the same.

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