12 Acupressure Points For Sleep October 25, 2016

Acupressure helps to get relief from insomnia in individuals of all ages. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese Therapy that applies pressure to various points on the body known as acupoints. Pressing acupoints with nervous system pathways can stimulate energy flow in the body to treat many disorders.

Acupressure must always be done by trained professionals, as they are aware of the many acupressure points related to the problem, amount of pressure to apply, and for how long.

Acupressure Points for Sleep

Here Are The 12 Acupressure Points For Sleep:

1. Wind Mansion:

Wind Mansion is located in the center of the back of your head. This can be found in the large hollow below the base of your skull. Pressing this point can give you relief from insomnia and mental stress.

2. Gates of Consciousness:

This is located below the base of your skull, just in the hollow between the 2 large vertical neck muscles. Pressing this point give you relief from arthritis, headaches, neck pain that may lead to insomnia.

3. Heavenly Pillar:

Heavenly Pillar is located 1 ½ inch below the base of your skull, just on the ropy muscles at 1.5 inch outward from your spine. This point can treat stress, burnout, insomnia, exhaustion and give you better sleep.

4. Vital Diaphragm:

This is located between your shoulder blades and spine at heart level. Pressing this point will cure insomnia and anxiety, which can give you good sleep.

5. Inner Gate:

Inner Gate is located in the middle of the inner side of the forearm, 2.5 finger widths from the wrist. This treats insomnia, palpitations, nausea, anxiety, and indigestion.

6. Spirit Gate:

This s located on the inside of your wrist crease, in parallel with the little finger. Press this point to get relief from cold sweats, anxiety, and insomnia.

7. Third Eye Point:

Third Eye Point can be found between your eyebrows, where the bridge of your nose meets the forehead. This point gives you relief from anxiety and insomnia.

8. Sea of Tranquility:

Sea of Tranquility Is located on the center of your breastbone 3 thumb widths up from the base of your bone. This cures nervousness, chest congestion, anxiety and insomnia.

9. Calm Sleep:

Calm Sleep point is located below your outer anklebone. This can keep insomnia, back pain and difficulty in sleeping at bay.

10. Joyful Sleep:

You can find Joyful Sleep point below the inside of your anklebone. Pressing this point can give you relief from heel /ankle pain, insomnia, hypertension and anxiety.

11. Spirit Gate:

Place the thumb on your inner wrist crease. This must be in line with the little finger. Stimulating this point increases melatonin production that controls sleep cycles.

Press on the acupoint with the thumb. Gradually increase the pressure for sixty seconds. Adjust the thumb to feel the tension in the area. Practice this on your both right and left arms.

12. Inner Gate:

Inner Gate point is located at your inner wrist “hollow”, 3 finger widths below the wrist.
Put medium pressure with the thumb for about 1 minute. Gently massage the area, if required. Switch to another arm and repeat the procedure.

Tips for Practicing Acupressure for sleep:

  • Wait until 1-2 hours after a meal before doing acupressure.
  • Avoid practicing acupressure immediately after a meal.
  • Be in a comfortable atmosphere in the room before bedtime.
  • You must relax before starting with acupressure, if you want to do it yourself.
  • Press on the acupoints with the thumb or fingers. Keep the pressure on the points for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Discomfort in the pressure point is a sign of blocked energy.