Top 10 Popular Nail Art Stencils In India June 2, 2015

Nail art is a growing trend in the fashion industry. This can be done on long or short nails, and looks very smart. Nail art can be done in varied colors and designs, free hand or with the use of stencils available in the market.

Stencils for nail art are available for single use or they can also be reusable, depending on the quality. These are available in various shapes for all nail sizes. They make nail painting an easy and interesting job. You can get nail art done from a professional nail parlor or do it at home too. Read on to know how these can be used, and a few popular and common designs that are the upcoming trend.

How To Use Nail Art Stencils?

Here is a small demo on how you can use nail art stencils to make a simple pattern.

  • Clean your nails and apply the base – a dark pink coat of nail paint and let it dry.
  • Take the patterned nail art stencil and place it in the middle.
  • Now paint the lighter shade of pink nail polish on the area above the stencil. Let it dry.
  • Peel off the stencil and paste again, leaving just the tip of your nail.
  • Paint the lightest or nude shade of pink to get the desired nail art.
  • Alternately, you can also paint it in an inverse combination, using the lightest shade first and then the darkest. (As shown in the picture, done on the ring finger)

Given below are some funky and fashionable nail art design stencils that are very easy to use. You can order them online. Most of these are reusable and lend a very trendy look. All you need is an imagination.

Most Popular Nail Art Stencils Designs

1. Animal Print

Animal prints are in; this stencil can be used with ease for imprinting creative animal prints on the nails.

2. Hearts:

Hearts are a favorite amongst women; this stencil has hearts drawn in all shapes and sizes. It can be used in more than one way to give a different pattern each time.

3. Peacock Feathers:

Peacock feathers can be made using amazing shades, and with the use of these stencils having varied types of peacock feathers, your work becomes easy.

4. Revlon’s Pack Of Delicate Designs:

Stencil packs from Revlon are available in amazing shapes. These are delicate when made and one can use their creativity to make them more colorful.

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5. Patterns:

Patterns on nails have been popular since the time nail art came into fashion. With these stencils, it is now easier to make.

6. Patterns For French Manicures:

French manicured nails can be made more interesting with the use of these cute nail art stencils. Depending on the size of your nails, these can be used accordingly.

7. Paw Prints:

Paw prints look cute and attractive. Use neon-colored paw prints on matte finish nail paints to add life to the nail art.

8. Alphabets:

Write your name on your nails, using these creative alphabet stencils. These are very attractive, and with the use of a thick layer of paint, can be given a 3D effect too.

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9. Holiday Designs:

This reusable design wheel has many creative holiday designs for your nails. It is easy to use and is available in various patterns.

10. Stars:

Stars can be used in more than one way for creating a nail art design. This star-shaped stencil makes working easy and can be re-used.

Those who are fond of nail art can also go in for hand painted nail art designs that look very trendy too. All you need is a lot of practice and patience along with a very creative mind. But at the end of the day, all hard work pays off when you have a fashionable outcome.

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