8 Best Swimming Goggles With Nose Covers (2024), According To An Expert

Protect your eyes while enjoying water activities to avoid chlorine contact.

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Swimming helps to keep you physically fit and is also most entertaining. However, your eyes need some kind of protection for clear vision and to prevent contact with chlorine found in pool water. Chandell Stallworth, a certified personal trainer for pilates and strength training, and corrective exercise expert with 4 years of experience, states, “If you’re a frequent swimmer, goggles will be a very wise investment. Be sure not to skimp on the price and purchase something that will last for all of your laps.” You will need the best swimming goggles with a nose cover that can prevent unexpected water gasping and eye irritation. In addition, these swimming goggles are ideal for other water activities, such as deep diving and snorkeling. These pair of goggles come with adjustable straps for providing a customized fit and swim cap compatibility. In addition, you can wear prescription goggles or clear vision goggles for comfortable sight. They are also available in different colors.

If you gasp pool water accidentally, it can affect the lungs. So, in this article, we have sorted out a list of the best swimming goggles, goggles for water sports, and swim goggles for recreational use with a nose cover to protect your eyes, nose, and lungs. Scroll down and select one from this list of competitive swimming goggles to enjoy smooth swimming in your next session!

Top Picks
Best Overall:Rongbenyuan Swimming Goggles
Price on Amazon
Best For A Panaromic View:Bairuifu Snorkel Swimming Goggles
Price on Amazon
Best Leakproof:Craftend Swimming Mask
Price on Amazon
Best Wide View:Norabidea Swim Goggles and Snorkling MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Anti-Fog Design:Speedo Adult Adventure MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Shatter-Resistant Design:MountDog Snorkel MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Latex-Free Design:Intex Reef Rider Rubber Swim MaskPrice on Amazon
Best For Snorkeling:Copozz Professional Diving/Snorkeling Mask
Price on Amazon

8 Best Swimming Goggles With Nose Covers To Buy (2024)

1. Best Overall:Rongbenyuan Swimming Goggles

These anti-fog swimming goggles by Rongbenyuan are perfect for your everyday swim practice. The tempered glass anti-fog lenses are coated with a scratch-resistant cover, maintaining a clean and clear view underwater. The eye shield is also 80% UVA and UVB ray protectant for when you are swimming in the sea under the harsh sun. The 180-degree panoramic view provides a wide and clear view underwater.

The spray-painted swimming mask is very elegant and stylish. It has an attached adjustable goggle strap that can be adjusted to fit your head securely. The rim of the swimming glasses is lined with soft silicone skirting, which makes the swim goggles fit on your face like a glove. The silicone also prevents any water from entering or exiting the mask, giving you enhanced protection. This pair of swimming goggles is perfect for swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling. According to user insights, it fits well, and does not let water leak inside, and the rubber is soft and pliable.

Material: Silicone Rubber | Color: Blue | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎6.69 x 3.74 x 4.13 inches | Item Weight: ‎300 Grams | Material: ‎Silicone Rubber | Color: ‎Blue


  •  Adjustable strap
  •  Tempered glass lenses
  •  Scratch-resistant
  •  Anti-fog
  •  Comfortable fit
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Non-toxic
  •  Easy to store


  • None

protip_icon Quick tip
Always store your goggles in the case they come with. This will avoid damages, and ensure longevity.

2. Best For A Panaromic View:Bairuifu Snorkel Swimming Goggles

These wide field-of-view goggles for swimming from Bairuifu have super strong tempered glass lenses and a frameless design to provide a wider viewing angle. The elastic silicone strap is easily adjustable to fit your head snugly. To reduce water pressure on the face, the pair of goggles are lined with soft, food-grade silicone material. The waterproof design ensures that no water gets into the mask.

The unique quick-release buckles allow for smooth adjustments of the swimming goggles even if you have gloves on. The anti-fog swimming goggles also come with a one-piece glass design that provides an unobstructed wider vision of underwater life in high definition. Be it for swimming or for snorkeling, these mask-style goggles provide excellent protection and keep you looking stylish. Check out this video to learn about this product.

Lens Material: Tempered Glass | Material: Tempered Glass, Silicone | Lens Material: ‎Tempered Glass | Material: ‎Tempered Glass, Silicone


  •  Anti-fog
  •  Tempered lenses
  •  Leak-free
  •  Adjustable strap
  •  Waterproof design
  •  Comfortable fit
  •  Bendable
  •  Shatterproof


  • None

3. Best Leakproof:Craftend Swimming Mask

Craftend produces swimming masks with easily adjustable and rotatable buckles. The large visual field of the mask enables peripheral vision and extra-wide view, while the tempered glass material provides extra strength and crack protection. The goggles are also coated with an anti-fog layer to prevent any visibility problems. The unique double seal design prevents any chlorinated water from entering the swim mask with nose cover underwater. The nose cover is ergonomically designed to cover your nose completely. The comfortable goggles are lined with soft silicone to reduce water pressure on the face and can be used for snorkeling or swimming.

Color: Yellow | Material: Silicone | Material: ‎Silicone | Color: ‎Yellow


  •  Rotatable buckles
  •  Highly elastic belt
  •  Tempered lenses
  •  Leak-free
  •  Comfortable fit
  •  Anti-fog
  •  Flexible


  • None
Rongbenyuan Swimming Goggles
Best Overall
Bairuifu Snorkel Swimming Goggles
Best For A Panaromic View
Craftend Swimming Mask
Best Leakproof
Material ‎Silicone Rubber ‎Tempered Glass, Silicone ‎Silicone
Color ‎Blue- ‎Yellow
Dimensions LxWxH ‎6.69 x 3.74 x 4.13 inches --
Weight ‎300 Grams --
Lens Material- ‎Tempered Glass -
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

4. Best Wide View:Norabidea Swim Goggles and Snorkling Mask

Norabidea Swim Goggles and Snorkling Mask Image: Norabidea

Your search for a pair of swimming goggles with a wide-angle view has come to an end with the Norabidea Swim Goggles and Snorkeling Mask. The pair of goggles offers a wide panoramic view and are infused with anti-fog treatment for ultra-clear vision. This snorkeling set offers great impact resistance, making completing swimming laps easier and water activities safer for you.

These goggles feature adjustable buckle designs that fit most face shapes comfortably. They help keep the nose fully covered and securely in place. The soft nose cover offers comfortable breathing and is roomy enough for all nose sizes. Reviews on Amazon indicate that the mask is easy to adjust, and stays in place underwater.

Color: BLACK | Material: plasic and silicone | Material: ‎plasic and silicone | Color: ‎BLACK


  • Clear and open view
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Elastic silicone strap
  • Soft nose cover
  • Suitable for various water sports


  • None

5. Best Anti-Fog Design:Speedo Adult Adventure Mask

Speedo Adult Adventure Mask Image: Speedo

The Speedo Adult Adventure Mask offers full coverage with an anti-fog coating for unobstructed views. The leak-proof design features an adjustable head strap. The polycarbonate lenses offer clear viewing while the silicone frame is comfortable on the skin. The splash-resistant snorkel top reduces water entry while the adjustable snorkel clip makes sure that that mask stays in place for longer hours.

Color: Black/White | Material: Polycarbonate; 100% silicone | Material: ‎Polycarbonate; 100% silicone | Color: ‎Black/White | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches


  • Leak-proof design
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Protective lenses


  • None

6. Best Shatter-Resistant Design:MountDog Snorkel Mask

MountDog Snorkel Mask Image: Mountdog

The MountDog Snorkel Mask features safe and durable anti-fog tempered glasses. The double seal design is leak-proof and easily adjustable. The soft-silicone skirt in the frame fits a wide range of face shapes. The secured push-button buckles attach to the skirt easily to deliver the right fit. The polycarbonate lenses are great for underwater clarity. The mask-style goggle is ideal for scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Many reviewers on Amazon recommend this product for its durability and easy-to-adjust feature.

Color: Snorkel Mask-001 | Material: Tempered Glass, Silicone | Material: ‎Tempered Glass, Silicone | Color: ‎Snorkel Mask-001 | Item Weight: ‎0.2 Kilograms | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎5.91 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches


  • Durable
  • Leak-proof design
  • Comfortable frame
  • Anti-fog glasses
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Secured push-button buckles


  • None

protip_icon Pro Tip
Regularly clean your goggles to maintain the product. If they have anti-fog or anti-glare goggles lenses, rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a microfiber towel. Do not use soap on the lenses. For goggle straps, massage with soapy water and then rinse.

7. Best Latex-Free Design:Intex Reef Rider Rubber Swim Mask


The Intex Reef Rider Rubber Swim Mask is made of hypoallergenic, thermoplastic rubber that offers a soft, comfortable fit. The polycarbonate dual lenses in the swimming goggles protect your eyes. The latex-free goggles design is perfect for swimming outdoors.

Item Weight: 3.1 Ounces | Color: Blue | Material: Plastic | Material: ‎Plastic | Color: ‎Blue | Item Weight: ‎3.1 Ounces | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎9 x 8 x 4 inches


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable fit
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Dual lens


  • None

8. Best For Snorkeling:Copozz Professional Diving/Snorkeling Mask

This mask can also be used for your daily swim practices as professional goggles. Its tempered glass lenses are coated with a scratch-resistant cover, resulting in a clear underwater view. The 180-degree panoramic view reveals vast swaths of underwater life. This pair of swimming goggles features an attached adjustable strap and comes with a nose cover to keep you from inhaling water accidentally. The rim of the goggles is lined with soft silicone skirting, which makes them fit snugly on your face. The silicone goggles also prevent water from entering or exiting the mask, providing additional protection. The package also includes an ergonomically designed snorkel mouthpiece to reduce jaw fatigue. Reviewers on Amazon indicate the product is made of good quality and is leak-proof.

Lens Material: Tempered Glass | Material: Tempered Glass, Silicone | Color: Red Set | Lens Material: ‎Tempered Glass | Material: ‎Tempered Glass, Silicone | Color: ‎Red Set


  •  Flexible
  •  Leak-free
  •  Comfortable fit
  •  Anti-fog
  •  Tempered lenses
  •  Scratch-resistant
  •  Adjustable headband


  •  Not durable enough
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

A pair of swimming goggles with nose cover has become a must-have item for swimming lessons. Find out why in the following section.

The Benefits Of Swimming Goggles With Nose Covers

  • Excellent as swim goggles for beginners learning to deep dive and snorkel
  • Best as swim training goggles or for untrained people who are not accustomed to mouth breathing through the oxygen tank while being underwater
  • Provide superior grip and overall coverage of the face
  • Help prevent accidental breathe-in underwater

Before you decide on which one to get for your next session, check out the buying below.

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Choose The Best Swimming Goggles

  •  UV Ray Protection

Pick a pair of swimming goggles with UVA and UVB protection to prevent damage to your eyes due to the harsh sun rays. Go for non-mirrored lenses for indoor swimming and mirrored goggles or polarized lenses with UV protection for outdoor swimming.

  •  Lens Material

The lens material determines the longevity and clarity of vision underwater. We recommend you choose scratch-resistant, tempered glass goggles.

  •  Comfort

Pick a pair of swimming goggles that securely fit your face. It should have adjustable goggle straps, which can be used with or without gloves. You may also look for goggles with a detachable nose cover.

  •  Anti-Fog Feature

It is very common for a pair of swimming goggles with a nose cover to fog up because of the breathing inside. An anti-fog coating enables a clear view without blurring your vision. This is very essential as the fog cannot be cleared under water and decreases the visibility, which may prove dangerous.

Infographic: Things To Avoid When Buying Swimming Goggles With Nose Covers

The right pair of swimming goggles with a nose cover helps you swim with ease and keep the water from entering your nose and eyes. The market is overflowing with options, so finding one that fits your budget and meets your needs is a matter of trial and error. In the infographic below, we have listed a few things that you must avoid when purchasing these goggles. Have a look!

Things To Avoid When Buying Swimming Goggles With Nose Covers (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The Bottom Line

Swimming is the most entertaining activity, especially during the summer. But you also need to protect your eyes while swimming. The best swimming goggles with nose covers do this job perfectly. To experience clear underwater vision with a leak-proof design, opt for the Speedo Adult Adventure Mask. The MountDog Snorkel Mask provides a panoramic view for enjoyable snorkeling and anti-fog tempered glass. They serve as a great advantage as they protect you from ingesting pool water or chlorine water. The products listed in our article prevent eye irritation, provide clear vision, minimize water pressure, and prevent water from entering the mask. In addition, it would be best to consider investing in goggles with scratch resistance and an anti-fog feature. But restrain yourself from buying goggles that are not durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do swim goggles cause wrinkles?

Goggle frames tend to sink deep into the delicate skin around the eyes. This may accentuate puffiness and dark circles over a period. The best way to help get rid of any skin impressions is through regular moisturization.

Are swimming goggles bad for your eyes?

Goggles are known to accentuate the puffiness around the eyes. Overtime, they reduces the elasticity of the sensitive skin around the eyes. They are designed to form a seal around the preorbital tissue, which may subject the eyeball to a slight amount of pressure. This affects blood flow to the optic nerve head. Intervals between usage can help ease pressure on eyes.

Is it good to wear goggles while swimming?

Yes. It is very important to wear goggles for eye protection while swimming in a pool or in the ocean. In a pool, the water is chlorine treated and can affect the eyes, while the ocean water is filled with bacteria and germs that may cause harm. Also, wearing goggles improves underwater visibility, allowing you to marvel at the aquatic life and ecosystem.

Should I wet my swimming goggles before swimming?

Yes. Wetting your goggles brings their temperature closer to the pool water and prevents them from fogging.

How long should swim goggles with a nose cover last?

The shelf life of swim goggles with nose cover is one year. However, it is best to replace them every three to five months if you wear them regularly.

Does anti-fog spray work for swimming goggles?

Yes. Anti-fog spray re-coats your lenses with safe and effective chemicals, leaving the lenses of swimming goggles or triathlon goggles fog-free.

What color goggles are the best for swimming?

Lighter purple color goggles are the best for swimming indoors. But opt for darker purple goggles as open water goggles outdoor swimming.

Can swimming goggles with nose cover cause dark circles?

Yes. Swimming goggles with nose cover sit tightly on the skin and cause puffiness. This, as a result, can develop dark circles. Follow an anti-dark circle skincare routine to keep the skin around your eyes healthy and fresh.

Are tinted swimming goggles better?

Yes. Tinted goggles darken the view and reduce eye strain. They reduce the brightness during indoor and outdoor swimming.

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