The 9 Best Frosted Lipsticks Of 2023

Get the perfect metallic finish with the right kind of lip shades to suit your look.

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By Chaitra KrishnanChaitra Krishnan  • 
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Several trends originated in the ’90s and are making a solid comeback recently. One of them is the frosted lipstick. Slight mention of a frosted lipstick would conjure the image of shiny, metallic lips, but the best frosted lipsticks will make you look glamorous. Also known as metallic lipsticks, many brands today have come up with frosted lipsticks that give your lips a perfect shimmer.

To make your lips stand out, you can apply the lipstick below a non-shimmery gloss to give it a multidimensional look. Since every frosted lipstick is different, you need to keep your skin tone in mind when purchasing the shade of your choice. We have curated a list of the top frosted lipsticks to help you get the perfect shimmery look. Scroll down for more information!

Top Picks
Check Price
Best Cruelty-Free Option:Milani Color Statement Lipstick-Pink Frost
Price on Amazon
Best Odor-Free:Ecco Bella Lipstick-Peach Frost
Price on Amazon
Best Semi-Matte Finish:MAC Frost Lipstick- “O”
Price on Amazon
Best Dermatologist Recommended:L'Paige L53 Frosted Amethyst Lipstick
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweigt Formula:Mary Kay Creme Lipstick-Frosted Rose
Price on Amazon
Best Long-Wearing Formula:Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick FrostedPrice on Amazon
Best In Easy To Glide:Golden Rose Lipstick-Frosted Coral
Price on Amazon
Best In Natural Ingredients:MODE Lustre Lipstick-Frost 63 (Frosted Pearl Coral Pink)
Price on Amazon
Best For All Skin Tones:Color Renew Lipstick-Frosted Watermelon
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What Is A Frosted Lipstick?

Frosted lipstick is basically lipstick with a hint of shimmer in it, giving your lips a glossy and shiny look. While the ‘90s saw more tan and pink frosted lipsticks, the recent ones are light pastels, crimsons, and bronze, giving them a subtler look. While applying frosted it is important to learn how to apply it and not go overboard. Applying a thin coat in the center of your lips should do the trick. Always start small and then apply more if required. Read on further as we explore the 9 best frosted lipsticks to buy in 2023.

The Top 9 Frosted Lipsticks That Suit Every Skin Tone To Purchase In 2023

1. Best Cruelty-Free Option:Milani Color Statement Lipstick-Pink Frost


Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Pink Frost is perfect for your lips as it is infused with vitamins A and C, giving your lips the nourishment they need all-day long. This lipstick is an amazing product for those who like to keep their makeup minimal with a distinct pop of color. This best frosted pink lipstick does exactly that while allowing a smooth application. The Milani Color Statement lipstick is definitely one lipstick that you must have in your vanity!


  • Nourishing lipstick in a vibrant shade
  • Cruelty- free
  • Long-lasting look


  • Color may be darker than shown in the picture
Price at the time of publication: $11.99

2. Best Odor-Free:Ecco Bella Lipstick-Peach Frost

Ecco Bella Natural Moisturizing Lipstick (Peach Frost) Image: Ecco Bella

The Ecco Bella Lipstick in Peach Frost shade is an all-natural, plant-based product. This peach frosted lipstick is a cruelty-free and gluten-free product. If you have sensitive skin, this product is made for you! The shade of this lipstick is beautiful and chic, making it suitable for all skin tones. The Ecco Bella Lipstick in Peach Frost allows for easy transition from office to a party, while also providing your lips long-lasting nourishment.


  • Organic
  • Contains vitamin E, vegetable oils, and mineral pigments
  • Environment-friendly product
  • Odor-free


  • Slightly expensive
Pro Tip
Apply the frosted lipstick on the center of your lips and rub the lips together to create a fuller effect, achieving a perfect pout.
Price at the time of publication: $18.5

3. Best Semi-Matte Finish:MAC Frost Lipstick- “O”


This luxurious shade from MAC frosted lipstick offers a rich color payoff on your lips and applies like satin! It offers a high frosted finish. The warm plum shade of this lipstick is suitable for most skin tones and applies smoothly on the lips. So go ahead and paint the town red with this ultra-luscious lipstick.



  • The lipstick shade may be slightly darker
Price at the time of publication: $13.0

4. Best Dermatologist Recommended:L’Paige L53 Frosted Amethyst Lipstick

L’Paige L53 Frosted Amethyst Lipstick Image: L’paige

The L’Paige L53 Frosted Amethyst Lipstick is dermatologist-recommended as it is formulated using the all-important healing ingredients in the form of aloe vera and beeswax. They keep the lips soft, moist, and last all day long without bleeding. There are 69 shades in all and can be paired well with your #OOTD.


  • This product is cruelty-free
  • It is free of elements like lead, gluten, etc.
  • Infused with castor oil and carnauba wax that deeply moisturize lips


  • May require refrigeration in the summers
Price at the time of publication: $14.0

5. Best Lightweight Formula:Mary Kay Creme Lipstick-Frosted Rose

Mary Kay Creme Lipstick-Frosted Rose is a lightweight, long-lasting frosted product. Featuring a blend of ingredients like vitamins E and C derivatives, this lipstick moisturizes instantly and is suitable for sensitive skin too. Due to its creamy texture, it glides easily and does not bleed.


  • Clinically tested for skin irritation and allergy
  • Maximum color impact
  • Perfect pink shade true to description
  • No fragrance


  • May not suit all skin tones
Did You Know?
Jessica Biel has participated in the frosted lipstick trend to attend Dior’s menswear show in Paris. She sported a pink frosted shade with a shimmering finish.
Price at the time of publication: $49.97

6. Best Long-Wearing Formula:Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Frosted


Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick is, as the name suggests, long-lasting for up to 8 hours. The product is infused with ingredients that nourish and moisturize your lips. This is one of the best frosted lipsticks there is, as the shade is elegant with just the right amount of shimmer.


  • Creamy lipstick with an easy-to-apply formula
  • Good color payoff
  • Affordably priced


  • Some users may find the color too light for their skin tone
Price at the time of publication: $16.99

7. Best In Easy To Glide:Golden Rose Lipstick-Frosted Coral

This lipstick has been termed as a value for money product by many women who swear by it. The Golden Rose Lipstick in the shade Frosted Coral comes packed with vitamin E. It gives a clean, glossy look making your lips look moist and voluptuous.


  • Lasts all day without reapplication
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Affordable


  • Some users reported a color discrepancy
Price at the time of publication: $4.81

8. Best In Natural Ingredients:MODE Lustre Lipstick-Frost 63 (Frosted Pearl Coral Pink)


MODE Lustre Lipstick in the shade Frost 63 contains all-natural ingredients and gives a creamy and rich look in just a single coat. The lipstick is great to pull off a formal look for an upcoming meeting or can be worn on a night out with your besties. It is a versatile product that is also pocket-friendly.


  • Rich color-payoff
  • Contains nourishing ingredients such as organic shea butter, vitamin E, and beeswax
  • Cruelty-free


  • Product may have a distinct petroleum odor
Price at the time of publication: $18.0

9. Best For All Skin Tones:Color Renew Lipstick-Frosted Watermelon

Color Me Beautiful Image: Color Renew Lipstick-frosted Watermelon

The Color Renew Lipstick in Frosted Watermelon shade is one of a kind due to its ‘melts on your lips’ formula. This lipstick contains nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, and vitamins A, D as well as E. The color of this lipstick is bright and alluring and perfect for all skin tones.


  • Lip moisturizing formula
  • Lipstick looks freshly applied all-day
  • Contains vitamin E which helps in unblocking pores


  • Slightly overpriced
Price at the time of publication: $20.0

Frosted lips are not only back, they are suddenly the dominant fashion trend on the runway. This is likely due to the advances in cosmetic technology that makes frosted lipstick have better light reflectivity than before. The presence of fine pearl particles gives them a smooth finish and looks natural. If you are considering getting the look, check out the factors given below to choose the best frosted lipstick to flaunt a statement-making pout.

How To Choose The Best Frosted Lipsticks

  • Skin Tone

Work with shimmers that complement your skin tone. Gold and warm glitters look best on darker skin tones, while silver is more suitable for lighter skin tones. Choose frosts with background shades of berries, bronzes, and warm neutrals as these can be paired with most skin tones.

  • Shades

Tone on tone frosted lipsticks where the shimmer is the same shade as the actual color of the lipstick are easier to match and pair. The most versatile ones for a subtle look are light pastels, crimsons, and bronze.

  • Ingredients

Look for lipsticks with moisturizing effects that include ingredients like aloe vera, shea and mango butter, and beeswax to keep the lips soft, moist, and hydrated all day long. Choose lipsticks that include vitamin E and vegetable oils for long-lasting nourishment.
Avoid ingredients like lead, parabens, phthalates, chromium, cadmium, and Retinyl Palmitate. These affect your overall health in the long run and also cause irritation and sensitivity in the skin.

  • Formulation

Long-lasting coverage is a quality you must look for in your frosted lipsticks to allow you to transition from office to party with no touch-ups. Look for lipsticks that are bleed and smudge-proof so that it stays in place all day. The finer milled pearl particles give the new range of frosted lipsticks a smooth application. Look for the ones that glide on effortlessly for a smooth finish.

Duo-chromed pigments reflect two colors instead of one. Choose frosted lipsticks that have fine pearl particles as these look more natural and have a gentle shimmer. For depth creation, invest in sheer colors paired with your favorite lipstick.

Frosted lipsticks have made a comeback in recent years with many celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid pulling them off successfully on the runway. It can instantly elevate your look by highlighting your beautiful lips.

How To Wear Frosted Lipsticks?

Wearing frosted lipstick correctly is as important as purchasing the right one if you don’t want to end up looking lifeless. Here are a few ways to make sure that you’ve got it right:

  • The most basic and easy way for a beginner to get frosted lips is to wear a light or sheer frosted lipstick by itself. This will help in highlighting your natural lip color by giving it a tinge of shimmer.
  • Another way is to layer a frosted lipstick on top of a matte lipstick of a shade darker or the same shade. This can make your lips look velvety and fuller.
  • If you are feeling particularly adventurous try layering two frosted lipsticks one on top of the other. This will give you an all-out glam look, just be prepared for all the glances that will come your way.
  • Darker skin tones usually do well with buying gold hues of the frosted lipsticks. Other shades to consider buying are deep reds and opals, mauve, and bronze. Stick to the warm colors as they will prevent you from looking ashy.

Lipsticks enhance the way you appear. They make you elegant or look minimalist when the right shade is applied. They come with a shimmery and matte finish. Some lipsticks, like frosted lipsticks, can instantly highlight your look. Frosted lipsticks have regained their glory again. The best frosted lipsticks offer you a shiny look with a shimmering tint. Some of the lipsticks listed above can also hydrate your lips, nourish them, and make them appear chic and beautiful.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Chaitra Krishnan, the author, is passionate about makeup and has shared her tips on choosing frosted lipsticks in this article. In her opinion, this 90s trend is making a big comeback because no one can resist a good shine on the lips. She compiled this list of the top products after conducting extensive research and reviewing numerous online reviews. The recommended products are long-lasting and transform your look from drab to fav instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is frosted lipstick still in style?

Frosted lipsticks are never outdated. They can add glam to your outfit instantly. Wear them with similar shimmery eyeshadows to complete the look.

What happens if you freeze lipstick?

No. Freezing lipsticks can break down their formula and they may not bind back together when back at room temperature.

Which type of lipstick is good for dry lips?

Satin or sheer lipsticks hydrate your dry lips and keeps them soft and supple. These are incredibly soft in texture and glide smoothly over the lips. Hence, they are perfect for any makeup look.

How do you keep lipstick from melting?

You can use a translucent setting powder to seal your lipstick and prevent it from melting. After applying your lipstick, use a makeup brush to apply a layer of translucent powder to ensure; this way your lipstick won’t melt or transfer to your teeth.

How to turn a frosty lipstick matte?

To turn frosty lipstick matte dust a small amount of baby powder onto the tissue paper and press it onto your lips to get rid of the shimmer in the frosty lipstick.

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