11 Best Korean BB Creams For Oily Skin And A Healthy Glow

Introduce this ultimate formulation to your beauty stash for oil-free skin.

Written by Kirtana Divakar
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We all want to look our best when we step out, which calls for the perfect blend of skincare and makeup products. Wearing the best Korean BB creams for oily skin can give you the confidence you have been looking for. However, if you have natural oil skin, it’s challenging to maintain the perfect look for long as the excess sebum secretion will eventually shift all your makeup away. Oily skin is a massive concern for people who like to keep their makeup intact all day, but the good news is, more and more brands are working on producing products that help to keep the makeup on your skin without any hassle. We are grateful to whoever came up with the idea of BB creams for oily skin, as it is the answer to all our cries! We love best about these creams because they create a uniform base for all your makeup base and contouring. It also contains nourishing elements that make sure your skin can breathe and soaks up all the excess oil, so it does not affect your makeup. The Korean BB creams are what you need to fight sebum problems and keep your skin looking flawless!

Top PicksCheck Price
Best Overall:purlisse Perfect Glow BB CreamPrice on Amazon
Best UV Protection:SKIN79 BB Super+ Beblesh BalmPrice on Amazon
Best Moisturizing Formula:IPKN Moist And Firm Beauty Balm BBPrice on Amazon
Best For Buildable Coverage:purlisse Radiant Glow Illuminating BB CreamPrice on Amazon
Best Water-Based BB Cream:Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BBPrice on Amazon
Best Ultra-Soft Finish:Erborian Korean Skin Therapy BB Créme Au Ginseng Korean FormulaPrice on Amazon
Best Non-Comedogenic Formula:Atomy BB CreamPrice on Amazon
Best Water-Resistant Formula:EverGlam K-Beauty Skin Perfector BB CreamPrice on Amazon
Best Long-Lasting Product:MISSHA Misa Cho Bo Yang BB CreamPrice on Amazon
Best Sheer Coverage:Amarte Skin Care Natural Finish BB CreamPrice on Amazon

11 Best Korean BB Creams For Oily Skin You Must Bag Right Away

1. Best Overall:purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream

Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Tinted Cream Image: Pūrlisse

Looking for a flawless dewy finish, an evenly-tinted healthy skin tone, and zero stress about oiliness? Check purlisse’s Perfect Glow BB Cream for all that you dream of and more. This tinted moisturizer offers natural-looking buildable coverage, deep moisturization and reduces blemishes and uneven skin tone. In addition to this, it also provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 sun protection, which is so important, especially if you are out and about a lot. Not only is it hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive, mature, and acne-prone skin, but you can also use it even if you have rosacea, without worrying about allergic reactions. With anti-ageing ingredients like chamomile, sugar maple and artemisia having antioxidant properties  in its mix, it prevents premature aging and hyperpigmentation while bringing back that youthful glow. The best thing about this Korean BB cream for oily skin is that it leaves your skin better than before. 


  • Flawless finish
  • Natural looking coverage
  • Dewy complexion
  • Ideal for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin
  • SPF 30 broad-spectrum sun protection
  • Available in multiple shades


  • On the pricier side
protip_icon Pro Tip
If you have dry skin, apply the Purlisse moisturizer before using this BB cream to keep your skin plump throughout the day.
Why It’s Worth Buying: More than 4,058 customers have given the product positive reviews on Amazon.
Price at the time of publication: $36.0

2. Best UV Protection:SKIN79 BB Super+ Beblesh Balm


This can of gold is one of the best Korean BB creams for oily skin out there, and here’s why. Not only does SKIN79’s BB Super+ Beblesh Balm perform the functions of a beauty balm, but it also triples up as a treatment for wrinkles, dullness, and sun protection. Niacinamide helps restore moisture to your skin, while gold adds luster, keep your skin hydrated and luminous. Caviar has antioxidant properties that protect your skin from sun and environment damage, as well as collagen and elastin breakdown. It also includes a patented ingredient called SYNCOLL, which promotes skin elasticity, leaving your skin youthful and firm. This long-lasting BB cream is perfect for mature or tired skin and a great natural-looking cover-up or base for makeup.


  • Treats wrinkles, sun damage, and dark spots
  • Restores moisture
  • SPF 30 UV protection
  • Improves skin elasticity


  • May not be suitable for dry skin
Why It’s Worth Buying: With over 1,306 Amazon acclaimed reviews, this product is sure to find a place in everyone’s shopping bag.
Price at the time of publication: $27.99

3. Best Moisturizing Formula:IPKN Moist And Firm Beauty Balm BB


Sometimes you just need a power-packed beauty balm that just provides all round skin benefits, without you having to think twice. IPKN Moist And Firm Beauty Balm BB cream deliver efficiency and functionality while tackling skin aging. A big concern for most women is that the BB cream they use leaves their skins dry. This Korean BB cream for oily skin does just the opposite by deeply hydrating skin, locking in moisture, providing sun protection, supporting skin elasticity, and evening out your skin tone. With a natural-looking buildable coverage, your skin is left looking flawless, blemish-free, and nourished on the inside. Available in 5 different shades, the moisture silicone barrier provides a non-sticky matte finish, so you don’t need any added powdering before applying makeup.


  • Deeply hydrates and moisturizes
  • Absorbs and blends well
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Buildable formula
  • Treats fine lines
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • SPF 45 broad-spectrum sun protection


  • May require diluting for a dewy look
Why It’s Worth Buying: The extensive 866 rave reviews on Amazon prove why we are vouching for this product.
Price at the time of publication: $24.0

4. Best For Buildable Coverage:purlisse Radiant Glow Illuminating BB Cream

purlisse Radiant Glow Illuminating BB Cream Image: Purlisse

If you’re looking for a Korean BB cream for oily skin that provides natural skin buildable coverage and offers a radiant glow, you’ve got to try purlisse’s Radiant Glow Illuminating BB Cream. What’s great about this beauty balm is that it is oil-free, making it ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Titanium dioxide protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays, and other nourishing anti-ageing ingredients cover fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles with finesse. What you’re left with is a dewy finish and moisturized skin.


  • Evens skin tone
  • Adds softness
  • Oil-free coverage
  • Helps reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles
  • Hydrates and keeps moisturized


  • Some may find the consistency a little greasy
Price at the time of publication: $37

5. Best Water-Based BB Cream:Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB

Want others to be jealous of your beautiful, flawless, and long-lasting coverage? Well, jelly is exactly what you need! Holika Holika’s Aqua Petit Jelly BB is a deeply hydrating Korean BB cream for oily skin, which simultaneously controls sebum protection, leaving your skin soft, bouncy, and oil-free. Being a water-based formula is a big skin benefit for people with combination to oily skin. This sebum-controlling formula contains mint water, rich in vitamins, and provides nourishment, hydration, and a cooling effect on your skin. Dab this hydrating formula on your skin with a sponge and watch it absorb into your skin effortlessly, leaving you with a bright and natural-looking look.


  • Mint water deeply hydrates
  • Marine jelly complex makes skin soft, and bouncy
  • Water-based BB cream
  • Ideal for combination to oily skin types
  • Control sebum production


  • Contains added fragrance
Price at the time of publication: $18.79

6. Best Ultra-Soft Finish:Erborian Korean Skin Therapy BB Créme Au Ginseng Korean Formula

The Erborian Korean Skin Therapy BB Créme Au Ginseng Korean Formula is a 5-in-1 skin therapy treatment that not only provides a natural-looking base for your makeup rituals, but also gives you ultra-soft healthy skin! Containing traditional herbs, this beauty balm formula brings out the best in your skin, by fortifying it with moisture, nutrition, and added protection, with a creamy texture to boot. Ginseng stimulates and boosts blood circulation, which is regenerative and rejuvenating for your skin cells, while liquorice helps reduce the production of melanin. Try this and experience the best of traditional Korean medicine blended with beauty and skincare.


  • Velvety, ultra-soft finish
  • Moisturizes,and plumps skin
  • Promotes redness reduction
  • Reduces production of pigmentation marks
  • Ginseng increase oxygenation and blood circulation
  • Ginger reduces inflammation


  • It is recommended that you pair this product with sunscreen
Price at the time of publication: $37.03

7. Best Non-Comedogenic Formula:Atomy BB Cream

It’s the absolute worst feeling when you struggle with blemishes and skin pigmentations. We get the frustration, and that’s why we think Atomy BB Cream is a great contender in the running for the best Korean BB creams for oily skin. While it has great buildable coverage for evening out your skin tone and providing a finished look, it also includes skin whitening and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Active ingredients like sweet almond oil are a blessing in any skincare product because not only does it treat puffiness and dark circles, but also acne and scars. It also soothes irritated skin. Apart from this, it is non-comedogenic and will not clog your pores or cause skin irritation, leaving your skin clean, clear, and ready to be seen in all its glory!


  • Contains squalene
  • Non-comedogenic
  • SPF 30 broad spectrum sun protection
  • Evens out skin tone


  • Limited color shades
Price at the time of publication: $11.96

8. Best Water-Resistant Formula:EverGlam K-Beauty Skin Perfector BB Cream

EverGlam BB Beauty Balm Image: Everglam

EverGlam’s K-Beauty Skin Perfector BB Cream is the perfect Korean BB cream for oily skin and a highly recommended addition to your skincare and makeup bag. It truly is an all-in-one beauty balm because it works as a concealer, moisturizer, skin tone enhancer, and sunscreen. It seamlessly blends into your skin, offering flawless, breathable coverage, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. It’s sweat and water-resistant, which is perfect if you’re outdoors on a sunny day, or have been suddenly exposed to rain. This BB cream is soft, non-oily, and deeply hydrating, leaving your skin soft and supple. That makes it ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, too! Natural botanical extracts like algae, sugar beetroot, and purslane provide an ideal treatment for skin smoothing, premature aging, moisture retention, and skin elasticity and firmness.


  • Ideal for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin
  • Water-resistant
  • Sweat-resistant
  • 24-hour coverage
  • Control sebum production
  • Conceals skin imperfections
  • Anti-ageing ingredients reduce appearances of wrinkles


  • Texture may feel over-drying
protip_icon Pro Tip
Apply the EverGlam Time Reverse Rejuvenating Serum before applying this BB cream to achieve radiant and firm skin.
Price at the time of publication: $28.0

9. Best Long-Lasting Product:MISSHA Misa Cho Bo Yang BB Cream

MISSHA Misa Cho Bo Yang BB Cream Image: Missha

If you are looking for a wholesome experience of Asian herbal ingredients, try MISSHA Misa Cho Bo Yang BB Cream. This Korean BB cream for oily skin has been clinically tested for sensitive skin and supporting and treating skin nutrition, protection from UV rays, and premature aging. With the help of active ingredients like its oriental herb extract, this beauty balm promotes skin elasticity, beautiful facial contours, and firming of the skin. And the best part is, the bound gum helps keep your makeup in place for long periods. The brightening properties in the cream boost your skin’s radiance.


  • Firms skin
  • Defines contours
  • Revitalizes skin and treats dullness
  • Covers fine lines
  • Buildable coverage
  • Long-lasting


  • Some may find the strong fragrance overpowering
protip_icon Pro Tip
Hold your palms against your skin after applying the BB cream to promote better absorption of the oriental herbs.
Price at the time of publication: $19.9

10. Best Sheer Coverage:Amarte Skin Care Natural Finish BB Cream

When in doubt, pick a Korean BB cream for oily skin that gives you the classic natural finish, flawless coverage, deep moisturization, and sufficient sun protection. This broad-spectrum SPF 36 moisturizer cum foundation is the final step to a complete daily skin care regimen. It offers sheer and buildable coverage with two tints to choose from, which blend well into your natural skin tone. It is a finely pigmented face tint, which deeply moisturizes your skin, so that there is no flakiness, cracking, or caking. While the nourishing active ingredients serve as an effective chemical sunscreen, it also contains argan oil that works hand-in-hand to moisturize without clogging the pores and disrupting sebum production. The result is soft, smooth, and radiant skin!


  • SPF 36 broad-spectrum sun protection
  • Argan oil moisturizes skin
  • Sheer coverage
  • Pore-minimizing formula
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Softens skin


  • Contains added fragrances

11. Best Velvet-Matte Finish:Hanskin Super 3 Solution BB

Hanskin Super 3 Solution BB Image: Hanskin

If longevity is a top priority for you in a Korean BB cream for oily skin, try the Hanskin Super 3 Solution BB cream. It’s a lightweight, long-lasting formula that’s sturdy enough to double up as a long-lasting foundation cream as well. It offers decent buildable coverage for lengthy hours, so you can pop this onto your face if you are someone who needs to be on their feet, on the move, in conferences or events, or just out in the open daily. With broad-spectrum SPF 35, you can rest assured your skin will remain protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays.


  • Lightweight texture
  • Velvet-matte finish
  • Long-lasting
  • SPF 35 sun protection


  • May be a little over-drying
Price at the time of publication: $35

The best thing for oily skin is giving it due attention, and care. So read our buying guide, for tips on how to use the best Korean BB creams for oily skin.

How To Choose The Best Korean BB Cream For Your Skin

  • Ingredients
    If you are someone with oily skin, you require a specific kind of Korean BB cream for oily skin. There are special ingredients that go into the formula that will not only give you the coverage you seek, but also treat your skin underneath, making sure it doesn’t produce more oil, and mess up your makeup. Ingredients like argan oil, chamomile, and sugar maple all make great options.
  • Texture
    Make sure the BB cream you choose is light-textured, and doesn’t add to the oiliness. The best Korean BB creams for oily skin should include clay, salicylic acid, and the like, which are ideal ingredients we want to invest in. They give you a chic matte look, without clogging your pores.
  • Harmful chemicals
    As always, it’s best to steer away from harmful chemicals that may age your skin, while contributing to current issues. It is recommended you stay clear of components like parabens, sulfates, phathletes, etc.

The Bottom Line

Applying a full face of foundation every time before stepping out of the house might not seem to be a very convenient option. That is why BB creams have become a staple nowadays. Especially if you have oily skin, you can invest in the best Korean BB creams. The Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream provides medium coverage, effectively blurring imperfections and giving the skin a healthy, radiant glow. The SKIN79 BB Super+ Beblesh Balm offers multiple benefits as it works as a beauty balm, reduces visible signs of aging, and acts as sun protection. The EverGlam K-Beauty Skin Perfector BB Cream is a good treatment for premature aging. These BB creams will control the excess sebum secretion and keep your makeup intact all day long. These creams are perfect for your everyday morning makeup routine, and they can create a flawless base. They are enriched with nourishing elements that allow your skin to breathe. These Korean BB creams offer SPF protection, are available in multiple shades, and give you a natural-looking coverage. Consider the ingredients and texture and ensure the product is free from harmful chemicals before choosing the best Korean BB creams.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Kirtana Divakar, the author of this post, has a passion for discovering the best makeup products on the market. She browsed far and wide on the internet and investigated many products and their reviews to bring you this carefully curated list of the best Korean BB creams to manage oily skin. Although not all products blend well on oily skin, that does not mean you have to settle for bad products. Instead, Kirtana recommends using these BB creams because of their coverage and additional benefits like SPF protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use Korean BB cream daily for oily skin?

Yes. Korean BB creams are lightweight and free of comedogenic ingredients. So they are suitable for daily use on oily skin.

How long does Korean BB cream last on the face?

Korean BB creams last for 10 hours on the face.

Can I mix my Korean BB cream with moisturizer?

No. Korean BB cream offers the benefits of a moisturizer. So, mixing a few drops of a different moisturizer in the cream can make its texture extremely thin and runny. In addition, the potency of the cream reduces.

Can I use BB cream at night?

Yes. There is no time restriction on using a BB cream, and you can apply it at night. But always remember to remove all makeup from your face before bed.

Can I sleep with BB cream on my face?

No. Remove the BB cream from your face and deep clean the pores before sleeping to avoid damaging the skin texture and drying it.

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