Best Dior Perfumes For Women – Our Top 10

Best Dior Perfumes For Women – Our Top 10 December 12, 2017

The brand Dior indicates class and richness. Not everyone can sport a Dior, and those who do, know exactly their power and strength. The fragrances from Dior too, are very strong, classy and command respect to the wearer. Some of the most sought after Dior Perfumes for women are as follows:

1. Dior Addict Limited Edition Collect It:

This Dior perfume name says it all. This is a limited edition from Dior. It has an oriental vanilla feel to it and features the aromas of rose, petitgrain and African orange flower.

2. Addict To Life:

Launched in June 2011, this is an addition to the famous and popular range of Dior’s Addict. It brings with it the feeling of vibrancy, life and a whole lot of excitement. This fragrance has aroma of raspberry, pomegranate and peach. It also has a blend of jasmine, rose and lilies topped with white musk and cedar.

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3. Cruise Collection – Escale a Portofino:

This fragrance is a complete citrus delight. It was launched in 2008 and is the perfect summer perfume. It has the aromas of lemon, petitgrain, bergamot, orange blossom, almonds, juniper berries with a dash of cypress, cedar, caraway, musk and galbanum.

4. Cruise Collection Escale a Pondichery:

The Cruise Collection Escale a Pondichery was launched in the year 2009 and is a timeless fragrance ever since. It depicts culture, chic and an urban style. The fragrance consists of mystique black tea accords blended with the elegance and sophistication of cardamom, sambac jasmine and sandalwood.

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5. Dior Addict:

A floral treat with the oriental touch is the best way to describe Dior Addict. The Dior perfume for women has a fragrance that is sensual, rich and very energetic. The fragrance begins with mulberry flowers and mandarin, Bulgarian rose, night queen flower and orange and gradually changes to sandal wood, Tonka bean and bourbon vanilla

6. Dior Addict “Dior Twist”:

This is a limited edition of the Dior Addict. It was released in 2004 and has a very sensual appeal to it. The base of the perfume has the aroma of mandarin orange leaves which turns into a fruity and smoky accord of the Bulgarian rose, exotic cactus blossoms and fresh green leaves. It also has a hint of tonka bean, bourbon vanilla, and sandalwood.

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7. Dior Addict 2 Eau Fraiche:

This perfume belongs to the Addict 2 range of frangrances. It is a very fresh and summer fragrance for the wild spirited woman. The perfume symbolizes freedom, liveliness and just plain fun.  The composition of this unique fragrance includes pink grapefruit, lemon juices, rose petals, raspberry and red fruit.

8. Dior Addict 2 Logomania:

A limited edition from Dior Addict 2, the Logomania was launched in 2006. It has the perfect blend of fruity and woody essence. Fragrances include that of bergamot, grapefruit, floral notes, white musk, orange and sandalwood.

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9. Dior Addict 2 Sparkle in Pink:

This is a floral cum aquatic combination of fragrance for the woman of today. This fragrance includes the essence of grapefruit, bergamot, freesia, orange, lily of the valley, lotus, sandalwood, Virginia cedar, musk and grenadine.

10. Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle:

This is a very flowery fragrance and one of the latest perfumes by Dior which was launched in 2012. The key fragrances arise from jasmine, rose, cedar and musk.

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