Make up is never complete without eyeliner. There can be various forms of liner application – different techniques of swipe and drag of your liner brush can give you different eye makeup looks every time.

Many girls go wrong while applying eyeliner for beginners, pencil eyeliner is suitable as it is less problematic and you need less practice for that. But pencil eyeliners cannot be your friend in the long run as you will have to shift to liquid liners. For shifting to liquid liners you need to concentrate on several ways in which you can apply the liquid liner. Some prefer to hold down the lid with fingertip, this being the easiest way, while others prefer to keep the eye slightly open and apply the liquid liner. Today we will show you a step by step liquid eye liner application on the upper and the lower lash line.

But before we head into the tutorial, we have a few eyeliner tips for you.

First one being on how important it is that you pick the right color of eye liner if you want it to look any good on you!

How to pick the right color of eye liner for you?

This is a choice that has to be entirely made on your eye color. You don’t want to end up using a color that brings out your eyes in the wrong way! So step one would be to figure out your right eye color shade. Once you have got that fixed, here are the colors you can try.


Sorry ladies, but if you have been blessed with brown eyes then there isn’t much of a choice you have. Black will always look lovely on you and gray also looks quite decent. But steer clear of the brown shades, unless you have extremely dark brown eyes and are using a light to medium colored shade. Very much contrary to the notion that brown would bring out your eyes, it doesn’t! It looks terrible and leaves you looking sick.


Got the color of the cat haven’t you. You options are limited but work them right and you will look like a queen. Here we differentiate into light and dark green eye shades. If you have light green eyes, then black is your color! It brings on the color of your pupils and your eyes look much brighter. The same however does not apply if you have dark green eyes. Black will not work for you. Your best bet would be a more earthy shade of brown but if you’re not a fan of brown then try the gray.

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Your choices have again been limited by your genetics. Blue eyes are lovely but again require careful picking. If you have light blue eyes, then black is perfect for you for the very same reason that it brightens the color of your pupils. But if you have darker blue eyes then black is not your color, for you want your eyes to look a slightly lighter shade. In that case, bring out the gray liners. They highlight the gray tones of your eyes which looks simple lovely.


Now this effectively means you have a mix of green and brown tones. The choice now depends on whether you want your eyes look more green or brown. If your leaning on green then go with a green liner and if your leaning on brown, then brown it is for you! Black of course will always look lovely on you.


If you have black eyes then you have hit the jack pot! Go give your parents a kiss each and tell them you love them! Cause you know what…you just got a free pass to play with any color you please. Depending on the occasion they all fit just fine.

Now you need to consider the occasion! This is the second important tip for you to keep in mind.

How to pick the type of liner to use

The ABC of makeup is that you always decide on basis of where you are going. You don’t do dramatic eyes at your place and certainly don’t go neutral when you want spend the night at club partying! Picking the right type of liner is key in getting the looks right.

Pencil liners:

These are the easiest to use! Whip them out, drag the tip along and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about and smudging etc etc. But pencil liners are not long stay and are matte. So this is an ideal day choice but if you want drama, this will give disappointing results.

Liquid Liners:

These liners are all about the drama. They are shiny and go perfectly with that dramatic and bold look. If it is party you are off to, then is the right choice. But beware you need to be very careful with application for these are the hardest kind of liners ever made to use.

Gel liners:

This was made make peoples life easier! It has the long stay capacity. It adds a good deal of drama and it is easy to apply. Depending on how you use it, it is perfect for the day and the might.  Raccoon can certainly be forgotten with this product.

Got both of these things down? Then it’s time to tell you how to wear eyeliner!

How to apply eyeliner

Here is the step by step break down.

Step 1:

Use your concealer on the clean eyelid. Before applying any eye makeup at least the use of concealer makes the makeup last longer.

how to apply eyeliner I am using a simple color essence eye pencil in maroon for shadowing the eye lid so that it doesn’t look totally blank and blunt. Now hold the lid with one fingertip and drag it down a little bit .Keep the other eye open.

Step 2:

Now start from the innermost corner of the lid following the rim line and start dragging the liquid liner. Do not try to create a broad line in the first try. Do a thin line first. Be slow but steady in drawing your line.

how to apply eyeliner 2

Step 3:

When your upper rim liner application is completed, start with the lower rim. Keep the eye open and start from the outer end to drag the liner brush across. There is however no hard and fast rule that you will have to start from the exterior end only; you can follow based on your own comfort.

how to apply eyeliner 3

Step 4:

After the liner application is complete, your eye makeup will look like the below picture.

how to apply eyeliner 4

Step 5:

A basic eye makeup is not complete just with applying the eyeliner. You need kohl or a kajal for completing the look.

how to apply eyeliner 5

With eyeliner many different looks can be created! Below are a few such options.

Look 1:

There can be different forms of liquid liner application. If you extend just the upper line into a tail, your makeup should look like below.

liquid liner eyemakeup

Look 2:

Once you’re comfortable with the liquid liner application, you can extend both the ends of the upper and lower rim and join them with each other. You will get an eye makeup similar to the one below. This is a perfect example of how you can get a winged lining for eyes using liquid eye liner.

liner eye makeup

Eyeliner makeup

But while you use liquid eyeliner there are a few things you should watch out for. This is to avoid the disasters that it can result as if not done right!

In case you find it hard to begin with inner corner of your eye, here is another technique you can follow.

    • When you buy the liner, check the applicator. Always pick a brush that is thin and not very chunky whether it is sponge, felt or brush. Liquid liners are as such hard to apply; the bad applicator will make it next to impossible to get a thin line.
    • Check for the consistency of the liner too. Liquid liners are supposed to be slightly runny but make sure that it isn’t to such an extent that it gets hard for you to not end up with raccoon eyes.
    • Keep your eye closed when you apply it and don’t blink even a little
    • Don’t open your eyes again till the liner has dried out. Keep looking down or all your effort will go out the window.

Watch a Video from StylecrazeTV – How To Apply Eyeliner Makeup – Tutorial & Tips

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Do leave your valuable feedback!

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  • Raksha

    hey zinnia thats really a great tutorial Well i’ll try this makeup thanks :)

    • Zinnia

      Hey thanks for the sweet comment 😀

  • Manjari Singh

    well explained in all the steps… great tutorial :)

    • Zinnia

      Thank you for the lovely and supportive comment for the article :)

  • Nivy

    Hey Zinnia! Thanks so much! I have green eyes and i have always had such trouble picking the right color of eye liner for myself! This is a perfect article for those like me! I was just wondering if it would be a good idea for me use a white liner instead of the kohl. I’ve heard it makes the eye pop out??

    • Zinnia

      It’s an experimental try to use a white liner(milky white without shimmer) on the lower waterline and then follow the just below line with a black liquid liner. You can check out my articles section for the kim kardashian smokey eye tutorial , it’s explained well there. But for normal days since u have green eyes well try an earthy shade of brown if it’s dark green or if it’s light green then try a black shade.Thank you for the lovely comment :)

  • tripti

    Amazing article zinnia!
    I have been always trying hard to apply an eyeliner, especially a liquid eye liner all my life. This article is so helpful and has some great tips.
    Will try this immediately:)

    • Zinnia

      well…hope this helps you :) i’ll b glad :) thank you for your lovely comment.

  • Ira

    i can apply it but those wings and all i dont get it right.. :( but from today il make sure that i follow your tutorial.. hope it works out for me..

    • Zinnia

      Try wid a thin tip brush and a very liquid eye liner. Try with lakme’ insta liner. Thanks for ur comment. :)

  • Madhavi

    Hey very nice tutorial.. can you help me do liners and other makeup for small eyes.. i have small eyes.. and i can apply the regular eyeliner.. wat other styles would suit? could you suggest me that?

    • Zinnia

      Well there are various , and i literally mean various forms of liner applications, as i keep doing tutorials i am learning and discovering more and more, there is actually no limit.. honestly, but well if u have small eyes, when u do go for winged liners then dont do joined wings. Go for unjoint or parallel wings , like i mean , two linings running from upper and lower rim but never meeting like railway tracks , at the ear side ..well it’s not really possible to show u that in text here , on and on more articles like these will be published in this community, i request u to keep a track of those , like today check this article out, u can try this one out too , well n good for small eyes.

      thank u for ur comment :)

  • sunandhasai

    Hey this is a lovely post. I now know exactly how many things i was doing wrong! No wonder i would always end up with look that made look like i has escaped from an asylum! I always have trouble with the winged look. Any suggestions on how to make it simpler….

    • Zinnia

      well…best way, apply a liner like lakme insta liner, best brush and sleek too for beginners …. and well……. try to keep eye open sometimes and focus at a single point so that you can draw it properly….keep lookign at the mirror .. practice will make perfect.. thats the only way and the brush matters a lot of the liner .. :) thnkx for the cmt… hugs <3 <3

  • sravaniiyar

    Oh sooo pretty the way you have got it soooo perfectly! I keep trying and trying but i always botch it up in one way or the other! How long does it take to get this trick right?

    • Zinnia

      i’ll tell u a simple solution sravaniiyar…. will u follow ? 😉 try a liner which has the smoothest of brushes and the sleekest… try lakme insta liner.. great for getting correct lines.. then after ur habituated, try other liners of ur choice :) thank u for the comment hugs <3 <3

  • Gurleen

    Good one zinnia:)

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