How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly June 21, 2017

How many of you wanted to create perfectly lined eyes but ended up looking like a panda instead?

Don’t get me wrong, pandas are damn cute, but I don’t want to look like one when I have to attend a wedding or something. Knowing how to apply the eyeliner is one of the basics of makeup, so if you love makeup, you eventually learn how to do it. I am no exception! My go to is the winged eyeliner. When I feel lazy and don’t feel like doing myself up too much, I like going all out on my eyeliner. We’ve broken this potentially scary tasks into steps so that it’s easy to understand.

Let’s look at the products you will need to apply eyeliner like a pro!

Applying Eyeliner Perfectly Pinit

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Things You Will Need

  • Eyeliner (with an eyeliner brush if required)
  • Primer
  • Concealer

Before we talk about how to apply the eyeliner, we must go through the basics of the types of eyeliners out there that you can use.

Types Of Eyeliners

Gel Eyeliner:

Although this may seem intimidating at first, this is probably going to become your best friend if you love those cat eyes. I, for one, swear by it. They usually come in pots, so you’ll need to use a brush for it. I highly recommend the Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner by Maybelline.

Liquid Eyeliner:

A liquid eyeliner is best for precise application. These liners come in two types of packaging, a tiny vial-like bottle with an extremely fine and precise dipping brush, and a marker type pen with a felt tip. If you’re a beginner, then I suggest you go for the latter one. The Sketch Marker Liquid Art Liner by Too Faced is a good choice for the felt tip liner.

Pencil Eyeliner:

This type of eyeliner is usually the first one we all started out with. It’s best used to line the water line and also to create a smokey look. The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is the no-brainer choice for the pencil eyeliner.

And now, we shall proceed with the tutorial with no further ado!

How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly – Tutorial

Step 1: Prep Your Eyes

How To Apply Eyeliner? - Step 1: Prep Your Eyes Pinit

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This is a step that is quite overlooked, but is, in fact, the most important step. After cleansing your face, apply a moisturizer for the face and an eye cream around the eyes. The eye cream helps with premature wrinkles and evens out any redness or discoloration near the area.

Step 2: Start With A Clean Base

How To Apply Eyeliner? - Step 2: Start With A Clean Base Pinit

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To achieve an even and clean base, apply a small amount of eye primer on the eyelid, under your eyes, and around the general eye region where any kind of eye makeup would go. The primer’s main job is to make the skin smoother so that it becomes easier to apply makeup. This will give you a flawless finish and also keep the makeup in place for a long time. Apply a concealer on top of the eyelid and the under eyes. Blend it well, and make sure to set it with a setting powder.

Step 3: Line Away!

How To Apply Eyeliner? - Step 3: Line Away! Pinit

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Now comes the main part – the eyeliner. You can either use the brush that comes with it or buy one. Start with a line above your lashes. Make sure you use small lines and strokes. It’s always better to build it up. If you make it too thick, you might create a mess out of it, so keep the strokes small. Once you are satisfied with one eye, do the same with the other one. Try to keep it as symmetrical as possible.

Now you have your basic eyeliner done!

But if you want to go further and wing it out, read ahead!

Step 4: Wing It Out!

How To Apply Eyeliner? - Step 4: Wing It Out! Pinit

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I can never stop at just the eyeliner on the eyelid. I think I have an involuntary reaction to wing it out or something. I feel like it completes me somehow. Okay, so moving on to how you achieve this look. The trick to finding the right angle is to follow the natural line of the lower lash line. If a line extended from your lower lash line, that is where your liner should wing out to. Map out the line and fill it in slowly. Take your time with this when you’re first starting out, because if you mess it up, you’ll have to start over.

Step 5: Finishing The Look!

After you have successfully winged out your liner (congratulations are in order!), you can proceed to line your lower lash line (only in the outer half) with a pencil liner and smudge it out. Apply some mascara, and you are done!

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Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve that perfect wing.

More Tips And Tricks To Apply Eyeliner

  • While applying, make sure you have a place to rest your elbow. This makes it easier to apply and provides you with a steady hand, which will give you a clean and precise finish. If you have a vanity or a table, it’s best to do your makeup on that.
  • Use a cosmetic mirror. Trust me, this helps a lot! Usually, they come double sided, where one side is a normal mirror and the other side is magnified. I find that the magnified one helps you achieve a cleaner finish as you can get a closer look.
  • Always look down while applying your liner. Looking up can make you get the shape wrong.
  • Do NOT stretch your eyelid while creating the wing. This will mess up the wing. Apply in small strokes without moving the skin too much.
  • If you still find it difficult to create the extension for the wing in a straight line, you can use a credit card and create a line by holding it against your lower lash line to where your wing should be.
  • You can also use tape to create the wing.

You probably came in here all intimidated. I can completely relate to that. It took me a while to get it right; do know that it requires some practice. You can’t sprout wings in a day (pun intended)! Do let us know how it turns out by commenting in the box below.

Expert’s Answers for Readers’ Questions

What color eyeliner should you use for green eyes?

Red is a complementary color for green, so choose shades that have red undertones, such as purple (lavender or violet) and bronze. Try MAC Technakohl Eyeliner Kajal in Image Concious.

Can you use eyeliner as lipstick?

Yes, you can. You can use eyeliner pencils as lip colors/lip pencils. For eg., Chromographic Pencils from MAC is a two-in-one pencil.

What color eyeliner would you recommend for blue eyes?

The colors that complement blue eyes would be different shades of purple, brown, gray, and silver. Avoid wearing blue and black liners. Try NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Smokey Grey.

What color eyeliner would you suggest for hazel eyes?

Go for rich, autumnal colors like golds, browns, and greens as these colors would enhance the color of your eyes. Any of these colors would look great on its own or with a trace of black eyeliner and mascara. Try Revlon Color One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner in the shade Glazed Green.

What color eyeliner would you recommend for brown eyes?

Brown is the most common eye color and is very easy to work with when it comes to makeup. Use shades of blue/purples and metallic tones of golds, browns, and bronze as these will make the eyes stand out more. Try Maybelline Vivid And Smooth Eye Liner Pencil in shade 6.

Can you use lip liner as eyeliner?

Yes, you can. You can buy pencils that can be worn both as an eyeliner and a lip color/lip pencil. For eg., Chromographic Pencil from MAC is a two-in-one pencil.

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  • Raksha

    hey zinnia thats really a great tutorial Well i’ll try this makeup thanks :)

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    Hey Zinnia! Thanks so much! I have green eyes and i have always had such trouble picking the right color of eye liner for myself! This is a perfect article for those like me! I was just wondering if it would be a good idea for me use a white liner instead of the kohl. I’ve heard it makes the eye pop out??

    • Zinnia

      It’s an experimental try to use a white liner(milky white without shimmer) on the lower waterline and then follow the just below line with a black liquid liner. You can check out my articles section for the kim kardashian smokey eye tutorial , it’s explained well there. But for normal days since u have green eyes well try an earthy shade of brown if it’s dark green or if it’s light green then try a black shade.Thank you for the lovely comment :)

  • tripti

    Amazing article zinnia!
    I have been always trying hard to apply an eyeliner, especially a liquid eye liner all my life. This article is so helpful and has some great tips.
    Will try this immediately:)

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  • Ira

    i can apply it but those wings and all i dont get it right.. :( but from today il make sure that i follow your tutorial.. hope it works out for me..

    • Zinnia

      Try wid a thin tip brush and a very liquid eye liner. Try with lakme’ insta liner. Thanks for ur comment. :)

  • Madhavi

    Hey very nice tutorial.. can you help me do liners and other makeup for small eyes.. i have small eyes.. and i can apply the regular eyeliner.. wat other styles would suit? could you suggest me that?

    • Zinnia

      Well there are various , and i literally mean various forms of liner applications, as i keep doing tutorials i am learning and discovering more and more, there is actually no limit.. honestly, but well if u have small eyes, when u do go for winged liners then dont do joined wings. Go for unjoint or parallel wings , like i mean , two linings running from upper and lower rim but never meeting like railway tracks , at the ear side ..well it’s not really possible to show u that in text here , on and on more articles like these will be published in this community, i request u to keep a track of those , like today check this article out, u can try this one out too , well n good for small eyes.

      thank u for ur comment :)

  • sunandhasai

    Hey this is a lovely post. I now know exactly how many things i was doing wrong! No wonder i would always end up with look that made look like i has escaped from an asylum! I always have trouble with the winged look. Any suggestions on how to make it simpler….

    • Zinnia

      well…best way, apply a liner like lakme insta liner, best brush and sleek too for beginners …. and well……. try to keep eye open sometimes and focus at a single point so that you can draw it properly….keep lookign at the mirror .. practice will make perfect.. thats the only way and the brush matters a lot of the liner .. :) thnkx for the cmt… hugs <3 <3

  • sravaniiyar

    Oh sooo pretty the way you have got it soooo perfectly! I keep trying and trying but i always botch it up in one way or the other! How long does it take to get this trick right?

    • Zinnia

      i’ll tell u a simple solution sravaniiyar…. will u follow ? ;) try a liner which has the smoothest of brushes and the sleekest… try lakme insta liner.. great for getting correct lines.. then after ur habituated, try other liners of ur choice :) thank u for the comment hugs <3 <3

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  • StyleCraze

    Hi Nikita, some of the best shampoos to repair and prevent split ends are Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo, Organix Nourishing Coconut Split End Mender, Pantene Nature Fusion Fights Split Ends Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends and Tresemme Split End Remedy.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Sonia, some of the makeup/eyeliner tips for small eyes are –
    1. Use a flesh-toned or nude pencil to open up your eyes or make them look wide.
    2. Little smudging of eyeliner will help if you have smaller eyes. If you line the bottom of your eyes with pencil right at the lash line, then smudge a little into the outer corners, it will make your eyes appear larger and wider.
    3. It is important to groom your eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows neat to make your eyes appear larger.
    4. Conceal your dark circles and curl your lashes.
    5. Make use of lighter eye showdows. Lighter eye shawdow will always make small eyes appear larger so apply a light colour along the upper lash line or you can just use your highlighter colour instead.
    Hope these tips will help you!