Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial – With Detailed Steps And Pictures August 9, 2016

When you look at actresses today, you think how flawless they look even without make-up. But, if you observe them closely, you will notice that they are wearing a very natural makeup. The act of wearing natural makeup needs a lot of practice but it definitely makes you look your better self.

I have attempted to do a very natural eye make-up tutorial here. You can wear this make-up for your college, workplace or even on a day out for a laid back look.


Please go through the step by step illustration of natural eye make-up tutorial:

Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step 1:

Conceal your eyes. I do not completely cover up my eyes with a concealer. Also, since because it’s a natural make-up look, I suggest you not to go overboard with it. I have used Colorbar’s BB cream here. You can use your ring finger or a concealer brush for this step. Colorbar’s eye blending brush also works well for the under eye areas.

Step 2:

Fill in your eye brows and apply eye base primer. Products used are Rimmel London eyebrow pencil in black-brown and Make-up Academy pro base eye primer. This primer is my recent purchase and it works really well in terms of increasing the longevity of eye makeup.

Step 3:

Pat a matte light peach eye shadow all over your lid using a shader brush. You may even build this up if you want. Since my lids are naturally brown, peach color shows up a little less on me but I like it this way. I have used Inglot eyeshadow 361 for this step. Brushes that I use are Colorbar’s eye shader brush or Vega’s eye shadow brush.

Step 4:

Now, take a matte light brown eye shadow and sweep it in the socket and crease areas. This will define your eyes better. I have used Inglot eye shadow D.S. 608. Use a blending brush to spread the shadow. I have Colorbar’s and Basicare’s blending brushes.

Step 5:

Apply very thin line of brown eyeliner on the upper lash line. I chose brown eye liner instead of black because brown looks softer and more natural on eyes than black. This step is done just to add a little bit of definition to the eyes. Do not make the eyeliner thicker than this if you are going for a natural look. I have used Shiseido gel eyeliner in the shade brown. For thin lines, I use Maybelline eyeliner brush that comes with the gel eyeliner or Basicare’s lip liner brush.

Step 6:

Curl your lashes and apply mascara. This is a very important step as it makes you look fresh and bright. According to the occasion or place you are about to visit, you may chose lengthening or volumising mascara or even a normal one. I have used Loreal Paris million lashes mascara here. If your lashes tend to mingle into one another, use a lash comb to separate them. I have used Vega’s lash comb here.

Step 7:

Apply highlighter on your brow bone. This is again an optional step but I always like to highlight my brow bone. I have used Inglot eye shadow 30 for this step. This eye shadow is very close to Mac rice paper eye shadow.

So, this is the final look. It looks very natural and still very pretty. I have left the lower lash line bare, you may line it with soft brown eyeliner depending on your choice. Just remember, we do not have to apply everything in this look to let your eyes look natural.

Hope, this tutorial would enable you to do natural eye make-up with ease and style. Please don’t forget to share your feedback via the comments section below.