5 Best Air Walker Exercise Machines For Low-Impact Workouts (2023)

Skip going to the gym and continue performing low-impact exercises at home to get fit.

Reviewed by Seamus SullivanSeamus Sullivan, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
By Aditi NaskarAditi Naskar, Diploma In Health & Wellness  • 
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If you aim to get fit but can’t spend time in the gym for workouts, an air walker exercise machine can be a good investment. Gliders, also known as air walkers, are similar to elliptical cross-trainers. However, their foot pedals are not attached to the base, making the machine lightweight and adaptable. This machine doesn’t take up a lot of space, and thus, using it is a great way to have a low-impact workout in the privacy of your own home. Seamus Sullivan, certified strength and conditioning specialist, says, “The benefits of a home air walker allow one to maintain activity at any time. Being sedentary can cause many issues from postural compensations to muscle weakness or even pain. Staying active through an air walker is a great way to keep these issues at bay.”

Although an air walker is a valuable addition to your at-home training program, finding one that meets all your needs can be tricky. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best air glider machines on the market. So get the most fantastic equipment and trim a few inches off your height without venturing out of your comfort zone.

Top Picks

5 Best Air Walker Exercise Machines

Best Overall:Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine Image: Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer gives you the benefits of an aerobic workout. This air walker can hold up to 220lbs with a 45-inch stride length. It comes with non-slip pedals that stimulate slow walk or full run while maintaining continuous motion. And the adjustable abdominal pad provides support and stability during the workouts.
After exercise, you can easily fold the machine in half and store it in the corner. The device is equipped with an LCD monitor that displays time, count, total distance traveled, and calories. Watch this video for a thorough understanding of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer.


  • Dimension: 15x19x61.5 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight Capacity: 220lb

  • Foldable design
  • Extended stride
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multifunctional digital monitor
  • Comes with an adjustable abdominal pad
  • Suitable for elderly
  • One year warranty


  • Restricted movement
  • Makes squeaky noises

protip_icon Pro Tip
While the machine helps target legs, core, and hips, it is important to incorporate an upper body exercise, such as push ups or biceps curls, to maintain equal strength in both lower and upper body areas.

Why It’s Worth Buying: This product is so liked by shoppers that it has gained over 9,038 great reviews on Amazon.
Price at the time of publication: $95.97

Best Beginner-Friendly:Gazelle Edge Glider

Gazelle Edge Glider features patented, dual-action split suspension for unrestricted range of motion. So you can tone your muscles or burn some calories without hurting your knees. The extra-wide, non-skid foot platforms add stability while keeping your feet secure during workouts. And its high-density foam handlebars offer extra comfort. It comes with a 5-function workout tracker that keeps a tab on your speed, distance, time, and calories burnt. This home fitness equipment can handle the maximum weight of 250lbs. It also has a steel frame built from 1.5inch diameter tubing for added durability. With this air glider, you get a workout DVD, nutritional guide, and exercise manual. If you need more information on the Gazelle Edge Glider, here’s a video for you.


  • Dimension: 43x28x53.75 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight Capacity: 250lb

  • Easy to use
  • Track workouts
  • Perfect for all fitness levels and ages
  • Easy storage
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Stable
  • Extra-wide, non-skid foot platforms
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • Noisy
  • No resistance

protip_icon Remember
Despite air walker machines being low-maintenance, it is crucial to keep checking for loose screws and oil the machine joints often for good durability and functioning.

Why It’s Worth Buying: Almost 3,995 happy users have mentioned the value and quality of this product.
Price at the time of publication: $219.99

Best Convenient Design:Gazelle Freestyle Glider

The classic air walker, Gazelle Freestyle Glider, is equipped with a patented dual pivot system that moves your legs independently for a wide range of motion. You can enjoy ten different exercises while keeping track of your progress on the fitness computer. It offers quick feedback on the distance traveled, time, speed, and the number of calories burnt. Thanks to Soft Glide Technology, you can exercise without putting much pressure on your joints. The machine also features non-skid foot platforms and high-density foam handlebars for convenience. With this machine, you get a workout DVD, water holder, and nutritional guide.


  • Dimension: 44×33.5×53.5 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight Capacity: 300lb

  • Easy to use
  • Classic design
  • Sturdy frame
  • Dual pivot system for movement of legs
  • Wide range of motion
  • Extra-wide foot platforms
  • Comes with a bottle holder
  • One year warranty


  • No added resistance

Price at the time of publication: $239.99

Sentuca foldable air walk trainer boasts high-density foam-covered handlebars and non-skid foot platforms for extra comfort and added stability. The dual-action split suspension offers a complete range of motion, making it ideal for low-impact workouts without putting much strain on joints. This sturdy elliptical glider can withstand the maximum user weight of 264 lbs with a 30-inch stride, helping you stay upright and in control. It comes with a foldable design for easy storage, making it an ideal pick for those who don’t have a lot of space to spare.


  • Dimension: 44-1/2x 29×52 inches
  • Material: Aluminum and plastic
  • Weight Capacity: 264lb


  • Space-friendly
  • Non-slip foot pedals
  • Stable
  • Wide range of motion
  • Soft handlebar


  • Noisy

Price at the time of publication: $199.99

Best With Added Resistance:Gazelle® Supreme

One of the premium air walkers from the Gazelle, the Supreme Air Walker is loaded with some interesting features that make it a fan favorite. The patented dual pivot system enhances your range of motion, while the power pistons add resistance to the workout. Thanks to the soft glide technology, you can exercise and lose weight without putting too much pressure on your knees. With this glider, you get workout DVDs, water bottle holder, and nutritional guide.


  • Dimension: 44x 31.5x 55 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 300lb

  • Added resistance
  • Extra wide foot platform
  • Wider range of motion
  • 1 year warranty


  • Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $239.99

For in low-impact cardio routine that does not hurt your knees, you can trust these air walkers. They are money- and space-saving, easy to assemble exercise machines that give you decent arms, legs, and core workout. But which machine is the right choice for you? Hold on and find out the essential factors you should consider while adding this home exercise equipment to your collection.

What To Look For In An Air Walker Exercise Machine?

Here’s the list of elements you look for in an Air Walker machine to make a worthy choice.

1. Weight Capacity: Check the weight capacity or the maximum training load before buying the air walker machines. Most of the gliders support the maximum weight between 220 to 300lbs, but it’s better to verify before making the purchase.

2. Non-Skid Foot Platforms: Safety is the crucial factor to look for while adding any exercise machine to your workout space. The air walker machine must feature an anti-skid foot platform and foam handlebars for added stability and comfort. The non-skid foot platforms help maintain balance while foam handlebars give you the grip.

3. Space Efficient: It’s always good to consider the amount of space you can dedicate to keep these home exercise machines. Always purchase the gliders that come with a space-saving design or foldable dimensions so you can stash them at the corner of the room after exercise.

4. In-Built LCD: In-built digital monitor is quite a necessity when choosing an air walker machine. It allows you to track your workout progress, including calories burnt, distance, time, speed, etc., thus motivating you to push your limits.

5. Resistance: Some air walker machines have added resistance levels, while others offer no resistance. If you plan to use air gliders for more intense and hard workouts, choose models that let you adjust the resistance manually.

Before buying an air walker exercise machine, it’s good to learn how to use the equipment appropriately to avoid mishaps later.

How To Use An Air Walker Exercise Machine?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to using an air glider.

Step 1: Hold the hand bars, and step onto the foot platform, one foot at a time. Make sure that you feel balanced before starting the workout.

Step 2: Turn on the digital monitor and choose the workout level.

Step 3: Move one leg forward and at the same time move the other leg back while keeping your hands on the handlebar. You can increase the intensity of the workout by adding more resistance and by enhancing your speed.

Step 4: Slow down your pace once you are done with the exercise. Step off the air glider slowly by moving one foot at a time, keeping your hands firmly on the handle.

An air walker exercise machine is a perfect investment for people who are too lazy to visit the gym! These machines come with non-slip pedals that stimulate slow walk or full run while maintaining continuous motion. Some of the machines on our list comprise extra-wide, non-skid foot platforms which are suitable for the elderly. However, you should avoid those air walker machines that make unnecessary squeaky sounds during strenuous workouts. Steer clear of machines that do not provide added resistance!

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author Aditi Naskar has a diploma in Health & Wellness. She is always on the lookout for the best workout machines and tools that are versatile, effective, and can also be used at home. This list of air walker exercise machines is curated after a thorough analysis of users’ reviews on various trusted online platforms. These machines are effective in burning calories, strengthening, and toning. They are also portable and easy to store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do air walkers work?

Yes, absolutely. Air Walkers offer a wide range of motion that allow users to move their feet out to the sides, letting them burn more calories. Plus, you can add more resistance to make the workouts intense.

Is an air walker good for losing weight?

Yes, sure. Although air walkers are designed for low-impact workouts, they help tone muscles, improve cardiovascular endurance, and burn calories. And you can increase your speed to make air walkers’ workouts challenging.

Is an air walker the same as a cross-trainer?

Yes, air walkers and cross-trainers are similar. Both machines involve moving handlebars and cyclical stride to move feet forward and back. However, cross-trainers tend to be a bit larger and bulkier than air walkers that helps maintain balance. On the other hand, air walkers are designed to offer an unsurpassed range of motion and are more space-efficient.

Are air walkers good for cardio?

Yes. Air walkers help you perform a full-body workout. It helps you burn calories and stimulates your heart health.

How long should I use an air walker?

Use an air walker for 150 minutes for moderate cardio workout and 75 minutes of intense cardio sessions weekly.

How many calories does an air walker burn?

The amount of calories you lose using an air walker depends on the time you have spent on an air walker. For example, if you exercise on it for 20 minutes, you can burn up to 112 calories without adversely impacting the joints.

What is the difference between an air walker and an elliptical cross-trainer?

Air walkers move your body in an arc and burn calories, while elliptical cross-trainers move your body in an ellipse. In addition, air walkers have one standard setting, whereas elliptical cross trainers have different resistance levels.

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