10 Celebrity Hairstyles With Round Faces June 27, 2016

Having a round face and finding a hairstyle to complement that shape can be a bit tricky, but help is at hand, as we’ve compiled a list of ten celebrity hairstyles with round faces. From Adele’s half updo, Aishwarya’s loose curls to Emma Stone’s wavy bob and Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie, some of the most stylish hair’dos to provide you little an inspiration. Here are a few celebrities with round face shapes who have used these cuts and style techniques to bring out the glam!

So, read ahead and try these perfect hairstyles that will help you dazzle your features.

1. Emma Stone:

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Emma Stone’s hair tends to look brilliant, and this undone-but-relaxed wob is no different. Plus her side-swept fringe complements her round shape and also plays up her green eyes, making them the focus.

Tip: Try avoiding your hair tucked behind the ears, instead wear them forward and create a tousled look.

2. Mila Kunis:

Image: Getty

You may not agree us with, but sleek, pulled back bun helps streamline a round face, making it look less round. To recreate this sophisticated look, just flat iron your long hair until it’s totally straight, apply a good amount of gel for extra shine and pull it back to wrap them in a bun.

3. Kirsten Dunst:

Image: Getty

Kirsten Dunst’s beautiful long tresses worn in a severe centre parting works perfectly to frame her facial features. Not only that, the actress cleverly opted for a long, choppy side fringe and layers, which helps her draw attention away from her rounded jaw line. To get Dunst’s stunning fringe, flat iron side-bangs and finish with a spritz of medium-hold hairspray.

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4. Cameron Diaz:

Image: Getty

There’s Something About Mary actress has long been a fan of the side-swept bangs, and so she should as Cameron looks gorgeous with her side braided ponytail. Plus her loose, bedhead look is both cute and chic – a versatile hairstyle that works for a date night or a lunch date.

5. Jennifer Lawrence:

Image: Getty

We love Jennifer Lawrence, and we love her modern version of bob. The Hunger Games actress has a natural round shaped face which she balances with her mid-length wavy bob that accentuates her face beautifully. So ladies, if you have naturally wavy hair, embrace it, and if you don’t, then touch up your hair with a curling wand and hairspray.

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6. Ginnifer Goodwin:

Image: Getty

Ladies, if you’ve wanted to pull a pixie like actress Ginnifer Goodwin but were scared too, then you need to go right ahead. The actress looks super sexy sporting this short, side-swept hairstyle while the volume at the top of her head accentuates her circular face.

7. Adele:

Image: Getty

Adele’s half up, half down hairstyle is ideal for hot days. The Oscar-winning singer’s bouffant and centre part bangs update a traditional look. To get the look, create a wave using thick-barrel hair curler. Next, leave the front bangs and tease the rest of your hair to create that bouffant. Now, pull the teased hair behind your head and secure the hair with bobby pins to keep them in place. Then, touch up curls with a volumizer spray.

8. Rani Mukherjee:

Image: Getty

For women with circular faces, it’s best to pair your undone bun with side-swept long layers. To achieve Rani Mukherjee’s gorgeous low-key updo, use a thick-barrel curling iron and create soft waves, then pull your hair at the back of the head. Once done, secure the messy bun with bobby pins.

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9. Aishwarya Rai:

Image: Getty

They say adding volume to the sides is a complete no-no for women with circular faces, but Aishwarya Rai proves them wrong. The gorgeous actress paired her flawless makeup with a center part, long layers and soft curls which results in lengthening her round face.

10. Kelly Clarkson:

Image: Getty

The always stunning Kelly Clarkson dazzles in this loose, big and soft waves. Her down and flowy hairstyle has plenty of volume; layered waves and shine – thanks to super-bouncy blow-dry and shine serum. So if you’re blessed with healthy hair and flowing tresses (and if you don’t, then use a thick-barrel curling wand) like this famous singer, then opt for a very well-balanced style that elongates your face shape.

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  • anita

    I am sorry but this article is so wrong!
    Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit do not have a round face,Aishwarya’s is oval and Madhuri’s is long, and Aishwarya is beautiful because her facial features is very beautiful not bcause she is fair and tall…..btw she is 5’7 and she has good height yet madhuri is 5’6 and madhuri is not ”tall” according to this,biased article.

  • Gayatri

    Heyy, this article is quite interesting. It clearly shows women with round faces too can have different hairstyles apart from keeping it plain straight.

  • Shravani

    Heyy, that’s interesting.. :)

  • prabh gill

    this article is so good .but i jst want to say anita that aishwarya has almost round face and i think with round face we look tooo great . also with long and other face we look good there is no doubt . i think main part is our height and way of good makeup which help us in seeing attractive .