How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger Using An Eyeliner – Step By Step Tutorial With Images February 1, 2017

Needless to say, beautiful eyes are one feature that totally enhances the look of your face. Big, deep eyes look beautiful even when you are wearing minimal makeup. But, not everybody is blessed with big, wide eyes. Does that mean you can never sport a wide, awakened look? Of course, you can. Just eyeliner is enough to make your eyes look bigger if you use it with the right technique. All you need is an eye liner – pencil, liquid or gel, whichever you are most comfortable with. To help you out with this, I’m putting down a step by step tutorial here of how to make small eyes look bigger with eyeliner.

Before I start with the tutorial, I would like to tell you that the basic trick applied here is to create a thin line at the inner corners and thicker at the outer corners. This makes the eyes look bigger than they actually are. Now, let’s begin with the tutorial.


Step 1:

Start with moisturized eyes and well-groomed eyebrows. You may use a concealer and/or compact to hide your dark circles. I haven’t used any in these pictures, thanks to the early sleeping habit that I am keeping up to since the past few days.

Step 2:

Apply an eye primer. This is an optional step. I prefer applying this because I have oily lids and this increases the longevity of the eye liner/eye shadow and prevents early creasing.

Step 3:

Blend in the primer nicely. This particular eye primer from Makeup Academy looks almost transparent after blending in.

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Step 4:

Take the eyeliner and create a rough line of the thickness you want. I have used the Maybelline Gel eye liner and created an arc-shaped line with the thin eyeliner brush.

Step 5:

Take the same thin tip eyeliner brush to fill the space you have created. I am not taking a thick brush because I want the line to be very precise and thin at the inner corners.

Step 6:

Now, in the above step, you can see that the outer corner is not so thick as compared to the inner corner. In fact, it is more of an arc-shaped line that we have formed. So, I took a thick eye liner brush and increased the thickness of the eyeliner in the outer corner.

The thin brush used here is the Basicare lip liner brush; I use it for applying eye liner to small eyes. The thicker brush I have used here is from Faces.

Step 7:

Keeping the same brush, apply the eyeliner inwards on the lower lash line, starting from where the liner ends on the outer end of the upper lash line to form a ‘V’ kind of shape.

You do not have to extend the liner on the upper lash line since we don’t want to have a dramatic eye look; just give a stroke on the lower side forming a ‘V’ pattern.

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Step 8:

Follow the same eyeliner line, keeping in mind that you do not have to thicken it at the inner corner of the eye. If you notice, I have kept the tear duct area almost bare. I have not extended it on the lower lash line because it looks very dramatic on me in that case. I have used pencil eyeliner instead of the gel one for this step as I am more comfortable with that. I have used the Lakme Absolute Ultimate Kajal eyeliner.

Step 9:

Nothing more; just curl your eye lashes and apply mascara. I have used the Basicare Eye lash Curler and L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara.

You can clearly see how big and deep my eyes look just by using a simple eye liner. Try this trick and let me know how your eyes turned big and beautiful, by sharing your feedback in the comments section below. Hope these eyeliner tips for small eyes will definitely help you.

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  • makeup4u

    I don’t agree with this tip. It will only makes the eye look smaller!
    You sould use a nude(or white) colour eye pensel and ad that on the lower waterline of your eye. That trick will make your eyes look a little bigger….
    (Carla, make-up artist from the Netherlands)