9 Best Perfumes For Women That Remind You Of Chocolates

Written by Shiboli Chakraborti , Certified Skin Care Coach
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Fragrance and scents make an everlasting first impression in your mind and leave you with vivid memories. Among the most popular fragrances, chocolate is undoubtedly the sought-after aromas worldwide. When combined with spicy and floral notes, it lends a beautiful fragrance that is highly intoxicating. To enjoy the natural harmony of the chocolaty scent, we have curated a list of 9 best smelling chocolate perfumes for women. Scroll down to take your pick!

9 Best Smelling Chocolate Perfumes For Women

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Montale Paris Chocolate Greedy Eau De ParfumCheck Price
Sergio Nero Chocolate Parfum De ToiletteCheck Price
Prada Candy Night Eau De Parfum Natural SprayCheck Price
Comptoir Sud Pacifique Paris Amour De Cacao Eau De Toilette Check Price
Eclectic Lady Chocolate Body SprayCheck Price
Al-Rehab Crown Perfumes Choco MuskCheck Price
Bond No. 9 New York ManhattanCheck Price
Masaki Matsushima Chocolat Mat Eau De ParfumCheck Price
Demeter Fragrance Library Chocolate Chip Cookie Pick-me-Up Cologne SprayCheck Price

1. Montale Paris Chocolate Greedy Eau De Parfum

Montale Paris masters the art of blending Eastern ingredients with Western techniques. Chocolate Greedy comes with a warm amber vanilla fragrance. The luxurious blend of tropical ingredients like coffee, tonka bean, cacao, bitter orange, and dried fruits adds a smooth texture to this perfume. It comes in an aluminum bottle specially created to preserve and retain the sublime essence.

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2. Sergio Nero Chocolate Parfum De Toilette

Sergio Nero Chocolate Parfum De Toilette has an exhilarating fragrance of chocolate mixed with a hint of warm spices. The scent is a blend of vanilla, chocolate, and musk notes that keeps you fresh throughout the day. Its top notes consist of freesia, bergamot, and citrus, while the middle notes are violet, caramel, and orange.

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3. Prada Candy Night Eau De Parfum Natural Spray

Prada Candy has a warm and spicy fragrance. The notes of orange essence, caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and white musk give this perfume a long-lasting lingering scent. The top notes of this fragrance consist of neroli, bitter orange, and iris, while the heart notes include tonka bean and vanilla. The addictive sweetness of the notes exudes fresh energy. This perfume leaves a lingering scent in the air, making it perfect for a special evening.

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4. Comptoir Sud Pacifique Paris Amour De Cacao Eau De Toilette 

Comptoir Sud is a sophisticated perfume brand that crafts specially designed fragrances for women. Amour de Cacao beautifully captures the intense and deep essence of chocolate. The fragrance’s top notes include orange zest, the heart notes consist of cocoa and star fruit, while the base note consists of vanilla essence. This perfume’s intriguing scent is moderate and spicy – perfect for casual occasions.

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5. Eclectic Lady Chocolate Body Spray

This chocolate perfume exudes a rich and warm chocolaty fragrance that is utterly delightful. This handmade mist gives the essence of Hershey’s chocolate, reminding us of Christmas and happy childhood days. It adds some moisture to your skin when sprayed.

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6. Al-Rehab Crown Perfumes Choco Musk

Choco Musk is an exotic Al-Rehab perfume with an irresistible scent. The perfume is a blend of milk chocolate, vanilla, white musk, cinnamon, rose, sandalwood, myrrh, and amber. The natural fragrance of this attar refreshes the mind and cools your senses. The choco fragrance is mild and can be used during the daytime.

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7. Bond No. 9 New York Manhattan

Manhattan from Bond No. 9 has a unique gourmand fragrance that redefines the perfume. The long-lasting notes of amber vanilla give this perfume a pleasant and comforting texture. The juicy plum, cinnamon, and nutmeg notes lend a spicy flavor to the fragrance. A hint of saffron, combined with the most precious cashmere wood, leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

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8. Masaki Matsushima Chocolat Mat Eau De Parfum

Masaki Matsushima’s Chocolat Mat is a unique oriental perfume formulated with a perfect blend of sandalwood, coconut, chocolate, cacao, watermelon, and musk. The captivating fragrance has top notes of grapefruit, watermelon, and rose, while the heart notes consist of chocolate and cacao. The perfume has an amazing aroma, and it is perfect for casual wear.

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9. Demeter Fragrance Library Chocolate Chip Cookie Pick-me-Up Cologne Spray

Demeter’s Chocolate Chip Cookie perfume will remind you of fresh warm cookies. This fragrance’s main accords are sweet and chocolaty, probably due to the mix of dark and white chocolate and vanilla notes. This cologne spray is designed especially for women. The small size of the bottle makes it easy to carry anywhere.

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A good perfume defines your personality. While choosing a scent, pick something with a long-lasting fragrance that soothes your senses – something like chocolate. Take your pick from the above list of the best chocolate perfumes for women and embark upon a chocolaty journey!

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