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Best NYX Lipsticks – Our Top 10

Best NYX Lipsticks – Our Top 10 March 28, 2018

I love making lists. I always have a to-do list and a timetable keeps running in my mind every few hours. Call be obsessive that way, but creating lists and crossing off the tasks on it gives me great joy! And isn’t it simply just a lot more joy to list what we all collectively love? Lipsticks!

Top 10 NYX Lipsticks

1. Nyx Frappucino

1.-Nyx-Frappucino Pinit

Like always, I will start my lists with the basics, the nude colors. Nyx Frappucino is a very wearable pinkish nude with warm undertones. Nude obviously implies that its office friendly and your colleagues and bosses will not give you the looks ;)

2. Nyx Doll


This NYX lipstick in pretty pink color sure is a heart stealer. It’s a deep flirty pink and stays for a good time as it gives a matte finish. Swipe it on for a girl’s day out and a shopping extravaganza.

3. Nyx Heredes


The corals and peaches doing the talking here. Nyx Heredes is a terracotta hue that suits the Indian skin tones very well.

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4. Nyx Tea Rose


Tea rose is a baby pink color but with warm tones. And that is why, my friend, it will suit the typical skin tones and won’t wash you out. This gives a matte finish and color payoff is pretty darn awesome.

5. Nyx Gardenia


Gardenia, how pretty is the name! It sounds like a vintage princess to me ^_^ Ha! Well gardenia is a bright fuchsia with red undertones. It’s a fierce and bold color and lady, you better dab it on and get all eyes on you. It’s intense and pigmented and gives a glossy finish.

6. Nyx Thalia


Thalia is again a baby pink; or rather very pale muted pink with intense pigmentation. It suits the fairer skin tones better and might wash out darker ones. If you are looking for a Kim Kardashian look, go get your Thalia.

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7. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sao Paulo


This is the princessy lip product, more like melted lipstick and less like gloss ;) It’s got intense pigmentation and is a gorgeous, gorgeous deep and bright pink. There is a reason this baby is my favorite.

8. Nyx Louisiana


The attention seekers of the world gather around! Fig is here to get you all the attention and stares you want ;) it’s a super bright pink and screams fun to me :D It’s intensely pigmented and stays for a good three hours.

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9. Nyx Midnight Dinner



This color is as interesting as the name it carries ;) Midnight Dinner is the perfect blend on red, pink and glossy finish. It’s like the lipstick made for brides ;) Its super high pigmentation makes sure it will stay on your lips with little touch up ;)

10. Nyx Femme


The perfect coral is here and how! Nyx Femme is a orange coral lipstick that is picture lipstick perfect for summer. With a wonderful staying power and lovely color pat off, its Femme this summer all the way ;)

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What are your favorites? Are you red hot bold or super elegant pink and peach? Shoot a comment ;)

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