10 Best Shampoo Bars For Fine Hair And Clean Scalp

Written by Kirtana Divakar
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We all know and use soap bars on a daily basis, but what are these relatively new kinds of bars known by the name of shampoo bars? They’re basically shampoo in solid, and there’s so much more to them besides this tiny detail. They are quite easy to hold and use— all you need to do is give your hair and scalp a good rub with the shampoo so that it lathers well, and then use your hands to cleanse your hair. The good news is that these bars are great for fine hair and thinning hair as well. All you need to do is look for the best shampoo for fine hair specifically.

And to make your search an easier one, we have created a list of the 10 best shampoo bars for fine hair that are way better than their liquid counterparts after carefully researching and only picking the bestsellers. Coming from the best brands out there, we are sure that this list will help you zero in on a shampoo bar for fine hair that gives your hair and scalp a good wash. So, what are you waiting for? Without any further ado, let’s dive right in and explore the best of shampoo bars for healthy scalp and hair on the market!

HiBar Solid Shampoo – Volumize
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Pacific Spirit Shampoo Bar
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Naples Soap Company Hair Bar – Florida Fresh
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Foamie Shampoo Bar – Hibiskiss
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Sweet & Sassy Shampoo Bars – Sun Kissed
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Superzero Shampoo Bar
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Aerwyna Friend Of The Sea Shampoo Bar
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Whiff Botanicals Shampoo Bar – Evergreen
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Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Bar
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Indian Natural Hair Care Henna & Cinnamon Solid Shampoo Bar
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10 Best Shampoo Bars For Fine Hair For No-Waste Hair Care

1. HiBar Solid Shampoo – Volumize

Truly made for those who love the planet, the HiBar Solid Shampoo Bar for fine curly hair is climate pledge-friendly, comes in a compostable packaging, and is free of the many toxic chemicals that are commonly found in hair care products. Easily one of the best shampoo bars for fine curly hair, it is infused with African dates and vitamin B5 to nourish your hair while cleansing it. While it is suitable for all hair types, it is specifically soothing for itchy and flaky scalp. You can use it confidently on colored hair as it is color-safe. If you’re all about adding definition and body to your hair without weighing it down, this is the best lush shampoo bar for fine hair that you need to pick.


  •  Curly girl method-friendly
  •  Free of sulfates and silicones
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Free of phthalates and parabens
  •  Long-lasting
  •  Cruelty-free
  •  Comes in compostable packaging


  •  The bar may form a white layer.

2. Pacific Spirit Shampoo Bar

Thoughtfully formulated for dull and fine hair, the Pacific Spirit Shampoo Bar brings the goodness of fresh kiwi juice, argan and broccoli seed oil, and green clay to care for your hair. While argan oil and broccoli seed oil prevent hair breakage, hair loss, and soften as well as moisturize the hair respectively, green clay is known to be one of the best cleansing and detoxifying agents. Since this vegan shampoo for fine hair is free of questionable ingredients and is made from natural components, you can use this sulfate-free shampoo bar on a daily basis. And to make every shower refreshing, it has a pleasant and fresh fragrance of lemongrass.


  •  Sulfate-free
  •  Soap-free
  •  Vegan formula
  •  Lasts more than 100 washes
  •  Safe for colored hair


  •  May not be suitable for excessively oily hair

3. Naples Soap Company Hair Bar – Florida Fresh

This coconut oil and cocoa based shampoo bar for long fine hair for fine hair is the product you need to add to your hair care regimen right away if you’re all about nourishing ingredients. A no-waste way to cleanse your hair, this revitalizing shampoo bar lathers adequately to get rid of grease and grime while making your hair smell fresh and pleasant. The Florida Fresh variant has a citrusy scent coming from lime, tangerine, lemon, orange, mango, and bergamot. Not only does it clean your hair, but it does so while retaining moisture so that you don’t have to deal with dry and frizzy hair after every hair wash.


  •  Suitable for chemically treated hair
  •  Suitable for all hair types
  •  Lasts 50 to 75 washes
  •  Lathers adequately
  •  Has a pleasant scent
  •  Moisturizing formula


  •  Comes in a plastic case

4. Foamie Shampoo Bar – Hibiskiss

Thoughtfully formulated for damaged and oily hair and oily scalps, the Foamie’s Hibiskiss Shampoo Bar breathes life into your dull, brittle, and flat hair to transform it into silky smooth and healthy-looking. What makes this the best shampoo bar for fine, thin hair is its unique ergonomic shape that gives you a good grip. Made to be environment-friendly, it is completely free of soap, lilial, silicones, mineral oils, peg, and plastic. This gives you the assurance that you’re cleaning your hair the right way while caring for the planet. As a plus, it also comes with a string that lets you hand the shampoo bar to dry so that it doesn’t melt away.


  •  pH balanced
  •  suitable for all hair types
  •  100% plastic free
  •  Ergonomic shape
  •  Vegan and cruelty-free


  •  Some may find the fragrance too intense.

5. Sweet & Sassy Shampoo Bars – Sun Kissed

With the goodness of coconut oil, cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, and orange and tangerine essential oils, this shampoo bar for fine hair is all you need for clean and nice-smelling hair. It is made from all-natural ingredients minus any preservatives or questionable components. It is formulated to clean your hair without stripping off its natural luster. Made to be gentle on the hair, it is suitable for those with color-treated hair and even for children. It gets its pleasant and refreshing scent from tangerine, orange, and vanilla essential oils.


  •  Gentle formula
  •  SLS-free
  •  Gluten free
  •  Travel-friendly
  •  Free of harsh ingredients
  •  Suitable for color-treated hair
  •  Perfume-free scent


  •  May not be suitable for extremely oily hair

6. Superzero Shampoo Bar

This carbon neutral shampoo bar comes with the goodness of petitgrain oil, green tea extra, bergamot oil, eucalyptus oil, and juniper oil to nourish your hair from roots to tips. While it is made to be 100% soap-free, it uses alternate ingredients so that the shampoo bar lather luxuriously. This shampoo bar is also pH balanced so that it cleanses your hair gently while also proving to be safe for color-treated hair. If you make conscious shopping choices and buy eco-friendly products, this is the best shampoo bar for fine straight hair for you as it is free of plastic and microplastic.


  •  Free of sulfates and silicones
  •  Free of parabens and phthalates
  •  Vegan ingredients
  •  100% soap-free
  •  Palm-free


  •  May not be suitable for use in dry climates

7. Aerwyna Friend Of The Sea Shampoo Bar

One remedy for both dry scalp as well as dull and fine hair, this shampoo bar by Aerwyna Friend Of The Sea is biodegradable and so environmentally safe. It features soothing ingredients like jojoba, vitamin B5, allantoin, among others that strengthen your hair. The nutrient-rich spirulina delivers a good dose of protein to your hair that prevents the strands from further thinning. This shampoo bar is easy to use as it lathers adequately and leaves your hair smelling all nice. So, give this shampoo bar for fine hair a try and say yes to frizz-free, pleasant-smelling, and shiny hair.


  •  Plastic-free
  •  Vegan
  •  Free of sulfates
  •  Free of parabens and phthalates
  •  Comes in biodegradable packaging


  •  Contains fragrance

8. Whiff Botanicals Shampoo Bar – Evergreen

Crafted for those who like their shampoo bars with limited ingredients, this shampoo bar is the perfect bottle to bar transition if you care for the planet. Wrapped up in recyclable packaging, this shampoo bar is handmade and comes in a concentrated formula sans chemical. It is made to suit all types of hair and can be used by your entire family worry-free. It is formulated with amazing ingredients such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, d-panthenol, and a few essential oils that give it a beautiful scent while also making it an enriching shampoo bar for your hair. One of the best shampoo soap bars for fine hair, this one is definitely worth adding to the cart.


  •  Free of artificial colors and fragrances
  •  Free of palm oil
  •  SLS, SLES, silicone-free
  •  Paraben and cocamide-free
  •  Cruelty-free


  •  Some may find it slightly expensive.

9. Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Bar

Different from the usual, traditional shampoos, the Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Bar is the holy grail you need for your hair if you’re dealing with rough, brittle, and dull hair. Comprising ingredients that soften your hair while adding a natural shine to it, this shampoo bar leaves your hair hydrated and so is suitable for dry hair. It is made of 94% plant-origin rice cream and oat milk and has a delicate scent to it. It is an ideal choice if you have fine to normal hair, and you can expect it to work gently without stripping your hair of its natural moisture. What’s more? It lathers luxuriously and is easy to clean after you’re done washing your hair.


  •  Hydrating formula
  •  Made with oat milk
  •  94% plant-based
  •  Free of soap and dyes
  •  Free of silicone
  •  Free of preservatives
  •  Pleasant scent
  •  Moisturizing formula
  •  Cruelty-free


  •  Contains parfum

10. Indian Natural Hair Care Henna & Cinnamon Solid Shampoo Bar

Bringing you the Ayurvedic goodness of miraculous ingredients such as henna and cinnamon is this natural shampoo bar from Indian Natural Hair Care. While henna works to strengthen every strand of your hair, cinnamon and hibiscus help stimulate the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. While this volumizing shampoo bar does contain henna, it does not dye your hair. It is both 100% natural and vegan, and the good news is that it is free of chemical ingredients such as parabens and silicones. It is also formulated without soap, which comes as a relief for those who are allergic to it. While the bar is 2.12 oz, it lasts a whopping 50 washes!


  •  100% natural
  •  Nourishing shampoo
  •  Suitable for fine to normal hair
  •  Free of parabens
  •  Free of soap
  •  Vegan


  •  May have a strong scent

With a whole range of shampoo bars that are meant for different types of hair out there, it gets really tricky to know on what basis one must pick the best shampoo bar for fine hair. There are several factors that should be taken into account when investing in a shampoo bar, and we’re here to help you with that.

How To Choose A Shampoo Bar For Fine Hair

  •  Avoid harsh chemicals

When you’re concerned about your hair getting finer by the day, one thing that you should know is that chemical ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and in some cases, even artificial colors, fragrance, and dyes can cause your hair to be fine. It is extremely crucial that you make sure that the shampoo bar for fine hair that you opt for is free of these agents so that it prevents your hair from thinning any further.

  •  Nourishing ingredients

Once you know the potential shampoo bar that you would want to use for your thin hair is free of chemicals, the next thing that you would want to make sure of is that it comes loaded with hair-loving ingredients. It would be a good idea to go for a shampoo bar that is infused with natural, plant-based elements such as avocado, argan oil, charcoal, rosemary oil, etc. These ingredients can nourish your hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

  •  Plastic-free packaging

One of the reasons why shampoo bars are viewed as a better option and so many would want to switch to these products is that they don’t come in a plastic bottle, and that makes shampoo bars an environmentally-friendly option. Therefore, when buying a shampoo bar, you’d be doing good to the planet if you opt for one that does not come wrapped in plastic packaging.

  •  Hydrating

Fine hair should not be left to feel dry as this may lead to your strands getting brittle, and this can cause hair loss and loss of shine. This is why, look for hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, murumuru butter, jojoba oil, green tea extract, etc. so that your hair feels healthy and hydrated.

  •  Non-GMO

Genetically modified ingredients can also challenge the normal, healthy course of growth of your hair. And to avoid this, it makes sense for you to check the product label and make sure that it clearly mentions that the shampoo bar is free of GMO ingredients.

That was our list of the 10 best shampoo bars for fine hair that are sure to be a gamechanger when it comes to nourishing your hair such that it goes back to being healthy, thick, and beautiful. Shampoo bars are recently growing in popularity for countless reasons, and valid ones for that matter. From being a more environmentally-friendly option, having lesser percentage of chemicals, and being extremely convenient to use, there’s no dearth of brands that manufacture shampoo bars for different hair concerns in the modern times. With that, we hope that our list of the diverse range of the best volumizing shampoo bars for fine hair and our buying guide will help you with your hunt for the best shampoo bar so that your hair transforms to look healthy, shiny, and thick!

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Is a shampoo bar good for fine hair?

Shampoo bars are definitely a great option worth considering when you wash fine hair. However, what makes any hair care product suitable for fine hair is whether or not it is infused with nourishing ingredients that strengthen your hair, such as shea butter, coconut oil, proteins, vitamins E and B, among others.

Are shampoo bars better than liquid shampoos?

One of the reasons why shampoo bars are thought to be a better alternative to regular shampoos is that they help cut down on the amount of plastic used in packaging the product. You will notice that most shampoo bars come packed in recyclable paper packing. Among other reasons are that shampoo bars are extremely easy to use, last longer than liquid shampoos, and they are also easy to carry around when you travel.

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