4 Effective Exercises To Increase Height After 30 Years

4 Effective Exercises To Increase Height After 30 Years Hyderabd040-395603080 November 3, 2017

“I wish I was a few inches taller.”

This is what many people wish assuming it is impossible to grow taller after a certain age. Contrary to popular belief, there are studies that suggest that it is totally possible to increase height even after 30. Read on to know ‘How?’.

There are many people out there who desire for a better height. It is quite obvious that they live with the misconception that it is impossible to increase height after puberty. But surprisingly, there are some studies that do suggest that it is really possible to increase height after 30. There are a set of exercises which have proved to be effective in increasing height, provided, they are accompanied with proper nutrition.

These exercises when performed with the right approach result noticeable growth in height. So, here is a brief list of height enhancing exercises:

How to Increase Height After 30 Years? Effective Exercises

1. Effective Vertical Hanging:

Effective Vertical Hanging Pinit

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This spine elongating exercise is simple yet very effective. The prime requirement of this exercise is a simple solid metal bar. The bar should have the potential to hold an individual’s complete body weight. Thus, it can be performed at home itself. One needs to fix the metal bar diagonally. The bar needs to be fixed approximately 7 feet above the ground. It should be fixed in such a manner so that there remains a gap of 5-6 inches between the ground and feet.

After this is set up, one can begin the exercise by holding the bar with both hands. Let the entire body hang loosely. The gap between the hands should be neither close nor wide. The person should keep on hanging as long as he/she can. In order to avoid tiredness, one can swing back and forth with an effort to touch the floor with his/her feet. This helps in elongating the spinal cord. It also helps in making the spinal cord pretty flexible. This exercise if practiced 3-4 times a week can help in adding few inches to your height.

2. The Cobra Stretch:

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As the name suggests, this exercise is basically forming a curve like structure with your body, like the curve formed by snakes. Besides being helpful in increasing height, this yoga exercise helps in making the spine more flexible. It also helps in growing the cartilages present in between the vertebrae. This in turn ascends the overall height. To perform this exercise, one needs to lie straight upside down with the head facing towards the ground. Put both the palms on the ground and then try to uplift your body from the knee so that an arch is formed. It can be practiced 3-4 times a day. Each time, it must be performed for 5-30 seconds. This is also one of the effective exercises on how to increase height after 30 naturally.

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3. Ankle Weight Exercise:

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This is one of the best exercises for increasing the height of the lower body. It helps in elongating the cartilages present in knees. It helps the lower body to grow. At first, one needs to sit straight on a chair. Then, place suitable weights on the ankles with both the feet stretching totally straight over the floor. As a beginner, begin with small weights. You can further increase the weights according to your holding capacity. Remove the ankle weights only after you are unable to bear the weight anymore. Then, let your legs relax for a few minutes. The best process of relaxing your legs is by kicking it to and fro for 6-10 times. This exercise if practiced 3-4 times a week will provide best results.

4. Stretching:

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This common yet very popular exercise will help in stretching the muscles of your entire body. Stretching needs to be performed just after taking bath. It’s so because the body muscles remain warm at that time. Walk with your head upright and your shoulders straight for 5 minutes. Then, loosely shake both the arms and legs in order to relax and release the body’s tension. Best results can be observed if it is repeated 3-4 times a week.

Along with performing daily exercises properly to increase height after 30 years, balanced nutrition is also required to gain growth in height. Not only this, but it’s also essential to have an 8 hours of stress-free sleep on a daily basis. Combining all these things appropriately can produce effective results.

Follow these simple exercises and instructions, and spot the difference in your height. Do share your experiences and feedback in the comments section below.

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