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50 Bridal Styles For Long Hair!

50 Bridal Styles For Long Hair! October 10, 2017

Long hair styled for any occasion always makes an unforgettable impression. People tend to remember the maiden with beautiful long locks since longer hair is less common but is still sported by women. Weddings are occasions when every young woman would want to look her best. Brides wonder what to do exactly with their beautiful long locks. Go braid the hair or leave it open, make a bun and embellish it with flowers, there is so much you can do.

We list out top 50 wedding hairstyles for long hair which you can try out for the D-day.

1. Simple Embellished Braid:

Image: Getty

Braid your hair in a simple way but decorate it with flowers complementing the attire you would wear. This kind of embellishment will leave everyone spellbound!

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2. Waterfall Braid

Style the mane like a waterfall. Tie a braid from both the sides and pin it in the middle. Let the rest of the hair open, we get the waterfall hairdo.

3. The South Indian Style Braid

Braid your long hair in the south Indian style, complete with jewellery decorations. A single long braid decorated with jewels and flowers.

4. Five Strand Braid

Image: Getty

Five strand braid is one of the best long hair wedding styles to try. Weave the five strand braid and decorate it with pearls. Even with a sari or a half sari this style is going to look chic and traditional at the same time. For the desi fervour, you can embellish it with flowers!

5. Braid Around

Image: Getty

Make a Braid around the head, near the temple just above the forehead. Put flowers around, the ‘do is perfect for the ‘Sangeeth’ or the pre-wedding celebrations.

6. Braid to The Fore

Image: Getty

Make the braid like a hair band around the head. The difference between the conventional braid headband hairstyle is that the braid is pushed back. The rest of the hair is tied up into a bun or a braid. The choice is yours.

7. Side Fish Braid

Image: Getty

Try this braid for the reception or the mehendi. The braid and the mang tikka would steal the show. The style can also make a surprise statement for the wedding. Try out the style with complementing attire.

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8. Braided Bun

Image: Getty

One can never go wrong with this braided bun and hence it is one of the best bridal hairstyles for long hair. Take the side strands weave them into a braid, braid from the top and again from the side, merge all three into one braid. Roll up the braid into a bun. The intricate detailing can either be spiced up with flowers or jewels, depending upon how you want the style to be.

9. Side French Braid

French braid from one side, whichever side you want and then leave the rest of the unbraided hair open. Don’t forget to do the middle part. A deep middle part would enhance the whole cliff.

10. Inward Bangs & Braid

Image: Getty

Wavy hair, very fair!! You can wave them into a braid and then put it as a side braid. The bangs curved inward adds to the carefree look. This hairstyle can be paired with a free-flowing gown with a slit on one side!

11. Side Weave

Image: Getty

Do a side part and back comb the hair. Make it smooth, and then put a side braid from near the temple, the smaller the size, the more exquisite the look would be. A big neck piece would complement the style. To evolve it further, you can either keep the makeup colours dark or soft.

12. Braid it Down

Image: Getty

Braid from the top, take it down, do a side part on both sides. Curl the rest of the hair for a softer touch. The traditional neck piece and visible earrings can complement the style. Go for pastel shades when you dress up.

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13. Intricate Hawser Braid

Image: Getty

The bun gives the impression that every hair is intertwined into a plaited web. Make a hawser bun, one top of the other! The hair weave is fine and intense. You end up looking like a princess straight out from the fairytales.

14. Wavy Braid

Image: Getty

Weave a loose braid, do it with a side part. A strand falling over the eyes just gives the dash of playfulness.  The wavy/curly hair would fall in this style instantly. Team up with big earnings and a bold lip colour!

15. Pulled Back Waves

Image: Getty

The wavy hair can be pulled back to give a sexy coif. The nude shades can colour the whole style hot! Choose the wedding accessories so that it falls subtle.

16. Sleek Fish Side Braid

Image: Getty

Side Part and then braid the fish style way, tacky yet sexy! Also add a side French braid at the side opposite to the braid tail. The sleek and sexy effect is also very casual but efficient for a bridal get-up.

17. Black Braided Bun

Image: Getty

Put the braid around the huge bun. The style is neat and different. A mang tikka, a simple one can accentuate the style.

18. One Upon The Other

Image: Getty

Tie a lean braid down, and then a bigger looser one over it. Dress the style with pearls.

19. Formal Bling

Image: Getty

A very formal updo can go all bling with the wedding trousseau. Deck it up with jewels or flowers.

20. Hippy Bun

Image: Getty

This updo is perfect for the mehndi or the haldi ceremony. Decorate the bun with flowers around it or pearl string.

21. Tight Messy Braid

Image: Getty

Tie up the braid to get the puff in the front and then weave it five or four strands. It’s not exactly neither the fish braid nor the French braid but a fusion of the two.

22. Looped Knot

Image: Getty

Not exactly the usual top knot, it’s neither a bun nor an exact braid, a mix of the two. The knot tied in a loop.

23. Braided Strands

Image: Getty

Braid every hair strand and leave it open instead of tying it up. Also do a middle part, would give a more conventional vogue.

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24. Braids of Grade

Image: Getty

Take help from your stylist and get your long hair weaved into these braided webs.

25. Bun & Bangs

Image: Getty

The straight fringes on the forehead and the high bun with braid wrap around looks just right for long tresses. An evening gown or a sari, just anything will be right for this style.

26. Knotted Detail

Image: Getty

Get more details in your bun, by adding smaller knots to the bigger roll!

27. Two in The Side

Image: Getty

Braid on two sides of the head, merge these with the rest of the hair and braid down. Check out the mini bun to which the braid fuses. It gives a slightly tousled effect. Leave a few bangs in front to give the tender touch. Big earnings would just glam up the look.

28. Twist The Tale

Image: Getty

Twist the hair in front and braid halfway through the crown. The small puffs in the form glam up the crown.

29. Exquisite Sophistication

Image: Getty

The intricate braid gives a detailed effect to the head. There is no need of embellishing it with any jewellery. The exquisitely sophisticated weave exudes elegance.

30. Headband Braid

Image: Getty

The headband braid is combined with elongated side bangs on both the sides while smaller fringes above the forehead.

31. Braid Strands

Image: Getty

Simply take few strands near the temple and make a lean braid, do this on the either side. Do a middle part and leave the hair open.

32. Braid The Pony

Image: Getty

Braid the pony loosely and then spray with a styling spray to hold the cliff. You get the Jasmine effect with long hair! Accessorize with mini flowers and attend your relative wedding with this elegant style.

33. Braid The Tail

Image: Getty

Tie up the braided bun and then let the rest of the hair flow like usual braided plait!

34. Sun Braid

Image: Getty

Make small minute braids and then weave it into a big braid. Then pull the braid into a bun. The hairdo is chic and so pretty. Wear it with a golden gown to have that grand touch. You can miss flashy bug accessories. Just add very elegant small earrings which would subtly blend with the wedding trousseau.

35. Red Bun

Image: Getty

Tie up the braid around between the forehead and the crown into a bun. It looks like a tilted flat bun. Use a styling product good enough so that the style stays in its place. The shine and red lustre is just too good. Decorate it with flowers for the wedding day!

36. Side Braid Chignon

Image: Getty

The Side chignon and the braid, wave across the crown. The braid runs like a headband and fuses with the messy chignon.

37. Puff and Braid

A voluminous puff ups the game for this do! The lean side braids add as decor. Leave the hair open for a breezy feel. Embellish it with very small white flowers and get an instant fresh feel. The open hair has the windy touch; the flowers add the beautiful aura.

38. Braided Twirl

Image: Getty

Tiny braids twirled into a chignon! These mini braids add to a lot of detail and texture of the whole style. The chignon becomes all the more eloquent because of the intricate character of the braids. Use a good styling product to keep the hairdo fresh and tight.

39. Tender Curls

Image: Getty

Curl the hair, do the side braids, secure the style with pins at the back.

40. Bang Braids

Image: Getty

Braid from the side part, merge with the bangs. Fun style that is equally elegant for a wedding ‘do. The ‘do’ is the perfect wear for an afternoon get together you have at your friend’s place.

41. Braid Highlights

Image: Getty

Shade your hair in a different hue, the highlights enhance and complement the style. The long hair, highlighted and braided looks beautiful!

42. Loose Bun

You are a bridesmaid at your friend’s wedding and getting late. You can hurry up with this updo and be so effortlessly stylish. A loose bun with subtle accessories and soft makeup, there you are ready to go!

43. Blonde Bun

Brush your hair smooth, silky smooth and the roll into the traditional bun. Wear a sari and whatever jewellery, experiment with the whole get up!

44. Chignon Glam

Image: Getty

This chignon has flying flair, with a lot of volumes. The free bangs in the front add so much glamour. Chignons are just so chic in any variety. Wear this gorgeous bridal hairstyle at your friend’s bridal party!

45. Bun Volume

Image: Getty

The bun wrapped with a thick layer of hair and appears to be of high volume. Wear the style for the evening dinner or the first dinner after marriage.

46. Chignon Twist

Image: Getty

A chignon swept back, not tight to destroy the waves but to enhance the texture. A twist on the side from the temple defines the style.

47. French Bun

The French bun, the conventional chic French ‘do that can help refine the style. This hairdo can go with any attire and can make you drop dead gorgeous.

48. Braided Pony

Image: Getty

Braided Pony is one of the best Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair that can enhance your beauty. Wear this with lehenga and accentuate it with the mang tikka. An A-line gown would suit it.

49. Chignon With Curls

Image: Getty

A wavy chignon tied up to the side with loose curls to bring that softness. A simple lace gown would look so beautiful with this wavy chignon. For desi celebrations, the style is perfect for Sangeet/mehndi function or even a reception.

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50. Loosely Tied Up Waves

Image: Getty

The loosely tied up hairdo can complement a gown or a sari! Embellish the style with flowers and jewels. The hairdo exudes elegant confidence.

A wedding style can either be simple or with flower/jewels. Accessories are always your choice. Make sure the hairstyle you choose complements the trousseau and the makeup. Whether the function is Indian or Western, these styles can be tried anywhere. Play bold with your imagination. Be wild, experiment and see what you get. If you think, we have missed anything or you want us to add anything to this article, please feel free to write to us. Please comment below!

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