10 Best Paraffin Wax Baths For Hands & Feet (2023) + Buying Guide

Provide relief to your stiff joints with enriching baths and walk like the good old days!

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Are you someone who suffers from joint pain, stiffness, and arthritis? And have you tried various therapies and treatments to manage the pain? If yes, the best paraffin wax baths can be your savior by providing relief in these conditions. This wax treatment is proven to relieve pain from conditions like arthritis and osteoarthritis (1). It can also help restore moisture to dry hands and relieve the pain in knuckles and elbow joints. The heat produced from the wax helps relieve the stiffness and pain.

Paraffin wax baths come in different shapes and sizes to help you attain well-groomed hands and feet. Check out our list of the 10 best paraffin wax baths now. Keep scrolling!

Top PicksCheck Price
Best Portable Design: Revlon MoistureStay Heat Paraffin Bath
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Best For Dry Skin: SGGI Paraffin Wax Bath
Price on Amazon
Best Sleek Design: Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax Bath
Price on Amazon
Best Overall: Therabath Professional Paraffin Wax Bath
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Best Affordable: Conair True Glow Thermal Paraffin Spa Moisturizing
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What Is Paraffin Wax?

Paraffin is a colorless, solid wax consisting of hydrocarbon molecules. It is derived from petroleum, shale oil, and coal. It is often used for beauty and therapeutic purposes, the most common being cuticle care. Its therapeutic effects help relieve joint pain.

Different Methods Of Application Of Paraffin Wax

A paraffin wax bath is done using three standard methods:

1. The Dripping And Wrapping Method

The Dripping And Wrapping Method - Methods Of Application

It involves placing the affected body part in the paraffin bath for 2 to 3 seconds. This process is carried out 5 to 10 times until a thick layer of wax has formed on the surface of the skin. Then, the body part is wrapped in plastic and covered by a towel.

2. Brushing Method

Brushing Method - Methods Of Application

Image: Shutterstock

In this method, 7 to 9 coats of wax are applied to the area using a paintbrush. The area is then wrapped with a towel for 15 to 20 minutes before removing the hardened wax.

3. Prolonged Immersion Method

In this method, the affected body part is dipped in the wax once to form a single layer. Then, it is immersed for 15 minutes at a stretch.

Benefits Of Paraffin Wax Bath

  • It helps relieve pain in the joints.
  • It soothes irritated skin.
  • It moisturizes and adds a radiant glow to your hands and feet.
  • It helps soften dry and scaly skin.
  • It relaxes stiff muscles and promotes blood circulation.
  • It helps clear dead skin cells, making your skin look young and refreshed. To find out more about the benefits of paraffin wax baths, check out this article.

So, let’s check out the best paraffin wax baths available on the market right now!

Top 10 Paraffin Wax Baths To Buy In 2023

1. Best Portable Design: Revlon MoistureStay Quick Heat Paraffin Bath

Revlon MoistureStay Quick Heat Paraffin Bath melts wax in 60 minutes. The kit includes 3 lbs of scented wax, 2 thermal mitts, and 30 glove liners. It also has a dial to adjust the temperature of the wax. This quick heating and the easy-to-use device includes everything you need in a starter pack. Check out this video to better understand the functions of this product.


  • Variable temperature controls
  • Heats up quickly
  • Portable
  • Affordable


Pro Tip
For soft, sensitive skin set the bath to the lowest temperature so that the wax is never too hot to cause burns.
Price at the time of publication: $21.34

2. Best For Dry Skin: SGGI Paraffin Wax Bath

Moisturize your skin and keep it soft with the SGGI Paraffin Wax Bath. It also helps to heal dry and chapped skin, increase blood circulation, and heal injuries faster. The device is designed to melt 2lbs of paraffin wax blocks in 30 to 40 minutes. It is equipped with temperature control buttons and an on/off button, alongside a display of current temperature.. The melter is designed with a 300 ml capacity with a large opening to fit your hands and feet comfortably. In addition, the kit includes six packs of scented wax, 200 pieces of liners, four pieces of mitts, one brush, and one silicone scraper.


  • Quick melting
  • Large capacity
  • LCD display


  • May be too big for elbow
Price at the time of publication: $65.99

3. Best Sleek Design: Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax Warmer Spa Bath

Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax Warmer Spa Bath Image: Salonsundry

This professional-grade paraffin wax bath features a large opening with ample room to dip your hands, feet, and elbows. The variable temperature control settings with a digital display allow precise control for a wax meltdown. This device consists of a protective grill and a handle at the bottom of the tank for safe use. This video will give you a better insight into the qualities of the product.


  • See-through lid
  • Sleek design
  • Short heat uptime
  • Easy to store


  • Fragile
If your bath is being used by more than one person, always sanitize your hands or feet before dipping for better hygiene.
Price at the time of publication: $64.99

4. Best Overall: Therabath Professional Paraffin Wax Bath

Therabath Professional Paraffin Wax Bath Image: Therabath

This deep immersion paraffin wax spa can accommodate 6-9 lbs of wax. It is 25% deeper than other models. This anodized aluminum tank is lightweight and durable. It runs at a safe temperature range between 126°F-130°F. Also, the Therabath Professional Paraffin Wax is a residue-free wax. It is soft and pliable and offers total skin and body care.


  • FDA-approved
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Premium quality
  • Energy efficient
  • Great price for the quality


  • Expensive
Quick tip
Avoid immersing your entire hand in one go. First, dip a finger to check the temperature of the wax and then gradually immerse the rest of the hand.
Price at the time of publication: $209.99

5. Best Affordable: Conair True Glow Thermal Paraffin Spa Moisturizing System


This portable paraffin wax bath is perfect for creating a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. It is also sleek and easy to store. The kit includes 1 lb of unscented paraffin wax that melts in 90 minutes. Watch this video for a thorough understanding of the product.


  • Residue-free wax
  • Attractive design
  • Travel-friendly
  • Affordable


  • Small container
Price at the time of publication: $32.99

6. Best In Durability: HoMedics ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Bath

HoMedics ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Bath Image: Homedics

HoMedics ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Bath comes with 3 lbs of hypoallergenic, unscented wax, and 20 liners. It has a ready light that alerts you when the wax is ready to use. It also features a safety system with a locking lid that prevents accidental spills. This device is sleek and easy to store.


  • Softens skin
  • Melts wax quickly
  • Durable


  • No adjustable temperature settings
Price at the time of publication: $65.97

7. Best Professional-Grade: Satin Smooth Paraffin Bath Wax

This professional-grade paraffin wax bath can accommodate 6 lbs of paraffin wax. Its base is large enough to fit your hands, feet, or elbows comfortably. It offers complete temperature control with a ready light and an on/off button. Its rectangular base provides ample stability, and it also includes a secure-fit lid for safe use.


  • Large room for wax
  • Thermostatically-controlled heat
  • Prevents burns


  • No wax included
Price at the time of publication: $68.91

8. Best Easy To Use: Easyinbeauty Paraffin Wax Machine

Easyinbeauty Paraffin Wax Machine Image: Easyin Beauty

EasyinBeauty Paraffin Wax Machine helps pamper your hand and feet without fuss. It gets quickly heated in 30 minutes and lasts up to 60 minutes. It comes with 2-speed modes for melting wax that you can easily switch between. It has a 3000 ml pot capacity, and the heat temperature settings range between 113 ° F to 131° F. It melts the wax evenly and gives you smooth skin. The machine comes with 6 packs of rose and lavender wax, cotton and plastic gloves, feet covers, and other accessories that allow you to experience a hassle-free paraffin wax bath.


  • 30 minutes quick heat up
  • Heat lasts for 60 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for gifting


  • Does not heat evenly
Price at the time of publication: $69.99

9. Best For Smooth Skin: KARITE Paraffin Machine

The KARAITE Paraffin Machine is a specially designed wax warmer that melts the wax blocks within half an hour. It is equipped with a large LCD display, temperature adjusting controllers, and an on/off button. The display of temperature provides you the comfort of dipping your hand or feet in the paraffin. In addition, it keeps your skin smooth, soothes aching joints, increases circulation, and makes your skin appear youthful. It comes with a user manual, 8 packs of lavender paraffin wax, 30 plastic liners each for hands and feet, 2 thermal mitts, 1 insulating grid, i silicone scraper, and 1 brush.


  • Easy operation
  • Quick meltdown of wax
  • Hassle-free cleaning


  • Ineffective temperature control
Price at the time of publication: $76.49

10. Best Lightweight: Waxwel Paraffin Wax Bath Unit

Waxwel Paraffin Wax Bath Unit Image: Waxwell

WaxWel Paraffin Wax Bath Unit can hold up to 6 lbs of paraffin wax. The device comes with a lid and a heat-resistant grill. The operating temperature range of this paraffin bath is 125° F-134° F. It has a large opening that can accommodate a maximum foot size of 12.5. This kit includes 100 plastic hand and foot liners, a terry cloth mitt, a terry cloth bootie, and six blocks of 1 lb wax.


  • Maintains ideal temperature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes additional accessories


  • Availability issues
Price at the time of publication: $132.99

When you are shopping for a paraffin wax bath, there are a few points that you need to consider. Check them out below!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Paraffin bath

  • Temperature

Since wax has a low melting point, it does not require very high temperatures to melt. Therefore, pick a wax bath with a low-temperature range of 125° F-135° F. This will prevent your hands and feet from burning.

  • Melting Time

If you plan on using the bath frequently, choose a device with a short melting time. While some devices take 1.5 to 2 hours to melt the wax completely, others can take 4 to 5 hours to do so. Also, note that the smaller the device, the shorter will be the melting time.

  • Scent Of The Wax

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend you to use unscented paraffin wax. It does not cause any irritation to your skin. However, if your skin is not sensitive to fragrances, you can select the ones that interest you.

Now that you know everything you need to know about paraffin wax baths, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite from the ones listed above. Try it out, and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

Infographic: How To Use Paraffin Wax Baths For Hands

If you want to relieve your aching joints and muscles, a paraffin wax bath is the best choice. It is usually available at salons and spas but can also be used at home. When using wax at home, be cautious and follow all usage tips. Check out the infographic below to understand how to use paraffin wax baths for your hands the right way.

How To Use Paraffin Wax Baths For Hands (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Why Trust StyleCraze?

We conducted thorough research into the options of paraffin wax baths available on the market to narrow down to the top products. We examined the product build, material, quality, and customizable features. Also, we considered user reviews about each product to come up with the potential pros and cons of the shortlisted products in this article. The products on this list are designed with safety and quality standards in mind and can help you gain relief from joint pain associated with conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you not use paraffin wax?

Avoid using paraffin wax if you have diabetes, rashes, open sores, or if your hands and feet remain numb due to serious medical conditions.

How long should you leave the treated area in the paraffin bath?

Leave the treated area inside the paraffin bath for ten to fifteen minutes.

How many times can you reuse paraffin wax?

For some brands, you can reuse the wax 25 times. However, it is recommended to clean the wax well removing all dirt and debris before reusing.

How often should you clean a paraffin bath?

Clean the paraffin bath whenever the paraffin becomes cloudy. Check for accumulation of sediments at the bottom of the bath. Clean the setup well to remove bacteria and yeast.

How do you clean a paraffin wax bath?

Clean a paraffin wax bath by scraping off the solid wax on the top. Then melt away the remaining wax using a hair dryer and remove the melted paraffin with paper towels.

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