The 10 Best Silicone-Free Moisturizers Suitable For All Skin Types

Use gentle, lightweight, and safe silicone-free moisturizers to let your skin shine!

By Vaishnavi KothuriVaishnavi Kothuri, Certified Skin Care Coach  • 
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Often, our skin flares up with breakouts and seems greasy after applying a moisturizer. This is because of the silicone present in these formulae. To avoid this, you can switch to silicone-free moisturizers.

Moisturizers are an essential part of our everyday skin care regimen. They keep your skin smooth, healthy, and young. But the relationship between silicone and our skin is complicated. Although it locks in moisture, it also clogs pores, leading to breakouts and acne. If you can relate to this, then you must go through the list of silicone-free moisturizers listed below. We have options available for all skin types – whether you are eyeing a fragrance-free formula, an anti-aging solution, or simply have a very oily or dehydrated skin type, we have got your back. Keep reading to find the 10 best silicone-free moisturizers for all skin types. With this, you can be carefree about having smooth, nourished skin minus the greasiness. Don’t wait; get your fave now.

Top Picks
Best Moisturizing:ACTIVSCIENCE Triple Neck Firming Cream
Price on Amazon
Best Hypoallergenic Formula:Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion
Price on Amazon
Best Vegan:Maui Moisture Extra Hydrating + Shea Butter Body Lotion
Price on Amazon
Best Clinically-Effective Formula:Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight:Olay Hungarian Water Essence Calming Face Moisturizer
Price on Amazon
Best UV Protectant:Vichy Aqualia Thermal Richie-Rich Cream Face Moisturizer
Price on Amazon
Best Non-Comedogenic:Tree To Tub Ginseng Green Tea Deep Hydration Face Cream
Price on Amazon
Best Plant-Based Formula:QRxLabs Squalane HA+ Moisturizing Cream
Price on Amazon
Best Non-Irritating Formula:MyChelle Dermaceuticals Renew Remarkable Retinal Night Cream
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Best For Dewy Finish:ELEMIS Superfood Glow Priming Moist
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10 Best Silicone-Free Moisturizers For Healthy And Non-Greasy Skin

1. Best Moisturizing:ACTIVSCIENCE Triple Neck Firming Cream

ACTIVSCIENCE Triple Neck Firming Cream Image: Activscience

This anti-aging and fragrance-free silicone-free moisturizer is a godsent formula that deals with crepey skin, loose skin, wrinkles, turkey neck, and fine lines. With the power of 4 benefits, it moisturizes, triple firms, repairs, and lifts, all in one application. The formula is highly potent, advanced, formulated with clinically-researched ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and retinol along with natural ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera gel, jojoba seed oil, and avocado oil that help with dramatic reduction of saggy skin and tightening of aging skin. It also absorbs quickly and is suitable to use during the day before makeup or as a night cream on the neck and decollete areas.


  • Improves elasticity
  • Reduces double chin
  • Gentle yet deep moisturizing
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Leaves a youthful and radiant glow
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free from paraben, SLS, dyes, and propylene glycol


  • Slightly expensive
Price at the time of publication: $22.48

2. Best Hypoallergenic Formula:Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion

With this all-natural lotion, consider your full-body moisturizing needs covered. A silicone-free body moisturizer with coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and other organic ingredients, it goes on smoothly, provides long-lasting hydration, and ensures all-day moisture, and doesn’t leave behind a trace of greasiness! The formula is incredibly light and leaves the skin soft and supple with every use. The lotion is so gentle that you can use it on sensitive and eczema-affected skin.


  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free


  • Some may find the consistency slightly runny
Price at the time of publication: $12.99

3. Best Vegan:Maui Moisture Extra Hydrating + Shea Butter Body Lotion

White lines (when you scratch) or cracks on the skin are signs of extreme dryness and call for urgent attention and hydration. The Maui Moisture Extra Hydrating + Shea Butter Body Lotion will satiate your skin’s thirst with its ultra-moisturizing and creamy blend. Infused with shea butter, aloe vera, and pure coconut water and macadamia oil, this silicone-free moisturizer for dry skin goes on smoothly and pampers dehydrated skin to leave it soft on the outside and supple inside.


  • Ultra-hydrating formula
  • Ensures healthy-looking skin
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Vegan
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • May not be the best fit for those with enlarged pores

4. Best Clinically-Effective Formula:Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream

Damaged and aging skin may cast a dull look and make your skin appear older than your age. However, you can completely change that once you introduce this protein boost by Drunk Elephant formulated with 9 peptides, pygmy water lily, and amino acids. The cream replenishes moisture lost over the course of time and protein to improve firmness, texture, and tone with its ultra-moisturizing formula. Moreover, this silicone-free facial moisturizer tackles sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines and restores the suppleness efficiently. Click this video of Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream to know more about the product.


  • Gel-cream consistency
  • Clinically-effective formula
  • Restores youthful appearance
  • Ideal to apply during the day and at night
  • Cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Free from SLS, alcohol, synthetic ingredients, fragrances, essential oils, and more


  • Slightly expensive
Price at the time of publication: $22

5. Best Lightweight:Olay Hungarian Water Essence Calming Face Moisturizer

Open pores and sensitive skin are a nightmare combo, don’t we know it! But before you give up, try this non-comedogenic silicone-free moisturizer by Olay. Apply it during the day under your makeup and at night for 24-hour hydration. The cream soothes and pampers irritated and inflamed skin and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier too. The ultra-hydrating Hungarian water essence includes white tea, cucumber, vitamin B3, and aloe vera to comfort and care for damaged skin.


  • Mild and gentle formula
  • Relieves stress and dryness
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Lightweight
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Free from fragrances, parabens, oils, and dyes


  • Some may find the consistency too thick
Price at the time of publication: $17

6. Best UV Protectant:Vichy Aqualia Thermal Richie-Rich Cream Face Moisturizer


Do you have extremely dry and sensitive skin? If yes, you must get your hands on this silicone-free face moisturizer that ensures 48 hours of intense hydration. With a refreshing and rich blend, the cream penetrates the skin to eliminate dryness and leave a supple and soft glow. Its formula contains pure hyaluronic acid, plant sugars, and Vichy’s 15-mineral rich volcanic water to intensely hydrate your skin, strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, and prevent moisture loss. And the best part is, it plumps the skin and leaves it radiating like it was never dry ever. Also infused with shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and jojoba seed oil, this rich face cream is dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, and sensitive skin-tested. Here is the personal review of Vichy Aqualia Thermal Richie-Rich Cream Face Moisturizer


  • Replenishes loss moisture
  • Improves complexion and skin tone
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Targets and repairs dryness and dullness
  • Protects from pollution and harmful UV rays
  • Absorbs quickly, paraben-free, and mineral oil-free


  • Formulated especially for dry skin only
Price at the time of publication: $32.0

7. Best Non-Comedogenic:Tree To Tub Ginseng Green Tea Deep Hydration Face Cream

TREE TO TUB Ginseng Green Tea Deep Hydration Face Cream Image: Tree To Tub

Be it sun, wind, or air conditioning — nothing can dry your skin out if you incorporate this deeply hydrating miracle product in your skincare routine. With ingredients that dive right in to repair and moisturize your skin and skin cells, the silicone-free moisturizer for acne-prone skin ensures an 8-hour moisture lock with its organic blend. The formula contains aloe vera, vitamin C, and shea butter that improves skin and reduces acne scars, UV damage, and blemishes. Vitamin B5, rose water, vitamin E, and tea tree minimize irritation and inflammation effectively. It also contains ginseng and green tea that prevents greasiness and pore-clogging. Go green for healthy skin with this one!


  • Leaves a dewy and healthy glow
  • Stimulates collagen and improves texture
  • Vegan, fair-trade, and cruelty-free
  • Non-comedogenic, gentle, and safe formula
  • Suitable for acne-prone, oily, sensitive, and dry skin
  • Free from silicones, parabens, gluten, SLS, sulfates, and more


  • May not be best suited for acne-prone skin
Price at the time of publication: $44.98

8. Best Plant-Based Formula:QRxLabs Squalane HA+ Moisturizing Cream

With hyaluronic acid, squalene, and hydrolyzed rice protein, this could be the most powerful blend to tackle dryness! The formula combines hyaluronic acid with vitamin B5 to moisturize and hydrate intensely. Squalene, derived from sugarcane, fights aging lines and improves the skin’s firmness, whereas hydrolyzed rice protein and vitamin E restore the suppleness and repair UV damage. With this double bonanza you can fight aging signs and dryness with this pure plant-based cream.


  • Improves elasticity
  • Leaves a healthy-looking glow
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Lightweight and non-greasy
  • USDA-certified, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and paraben-free


  • Not suitable if you are sensitive to smell
Price at the time of publication: $18.95

9. Best Non-Irritating Formula:MyChelle Dermaceuticals Renew Remarkable Retinal Night Cream

MyChelle Image: Mychelle Dermaceuticals Renew Remarkable Retinal Night Cream

Turn your slumbers into a blissful time for your skin. This silicone-free night moisturizer will not only hydrate your skin overnight but fight aging signs and improve firmness too. Infused with retinol (vitamin A), monk’s pepper, and chroNOline™ peptide, this anti-aging and hydrating cream will soothe tired and irritated skin and restore your healthy glow every morning. Enriched with other natural ingredients like aloe leaf juice powder, jojoba seed oil, witch hazel water, and sweet almond oil, the nutrient-rich moisturizer also actively works towards improving skin tone and reducing skin discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • EWG-verified and non-irritating formula
  • Suitable for mature and all skin types
  • Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and more


  • Contains phenethyl alcohol, which may not suit all skin types
Price at the time of publication: $34.66

10. Best For Dewy Finish:ELEMIS Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser

This silicone-free moisturizer should be in every makeup lover’s skincare kit. The blend is highly multipurpose! You can use it as a daily moisturizer, as a hydrating primer before makeup, or apply it to improve skin’s natural glow. It contains skin-energizing ingredients such as fermented ginger, kombucha, fermented green tea seed oil, and prebiotic. The cream will leave an illuminating and dewy finish on the skin, nourish intensely, and be a great choice to fight dull and dry skin. Check this video to learn more about ELEMIS Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser.


  • Brightens skin
  • Adds a dewy glow to the skin
  • Hydrating
  • Can be used as a makeup primer


  • Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $50

Shine without silicone this season! There you go, those were the 10 best silicone-free moisturizers of 2021 for a non-greasy experience. However, if you are still wondering how to pick the right moisturizer for your skin, you must check our tips in the buying guide below.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Silicone-Free Moisturizer

Look out for the following features before buying the product:

  • Skin suitability

Pick a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Although silicone promotes hydration, hyaluronic acid will do a better job without forming a greasy layer on the skin. Also, hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers are suitable for all skin types, whereas creams with retinol are ideal for mature skin, and water-based creams are great for both dry and oily skin.

  • Chemical-free formula

It’s a given that silicone-free moisturizers would not have silicone, but to be safe, scrutinize the label and look out for silicone or dimethicone (belongs to the silicone family). Besides this, the cream should not have parabens, phthalates, alcohol, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals too.

  • Non-comedogenic or oil-free

Most of the silicone-free moisturizers may be non-comedogenic or oil-free, but some may have ingredients such as coconut oil, which is comedogenic and may clog pores. So, if you have open pores, look out for the non-comedogenic feature before buying.

  • Quick absorbing power

Silicone-free moisturizers penetrate the skin, unlike silicone-based creams that stay on top and form a shiny layer. So, for the best experience, you must pick a lightweight, quick-absorbing, and long-lasting formula.

Moisturization is the part of skin care to keep your skin well hydrated and soft. Regular moisturizers contain formaldehyde that clogs the pores to harm your skin and make your skin dry and scaly. These silicone-free moisturizers unclog the open pores and eliminate the dirt present on the skin that leads to breakouts. They are suitable for all skin types, keep the skin moisturized, and provide a youthful glow. Silicone-free moisturizers are gentle, cruelty-free, and non-comedogenic. However, some products are not suitable for extremely acne-prone skin. Our buying guide will aid you in picking the suitable silicone-free moisturizer for healthy skin.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Vaishnavi Kothuri, is a skin care enthusiast. Her interest in various skin care products and in-depth research of their ingredients make the best compilation from which readers can easily choose. After extensive exploration and going through many genuine customer reviews, this list of the best silicone-free moisturizers was put together. These are not only silicone-free but are also non-comedogenic

Frequently Asked Questions

What is silicone and how is it used in skincare?

Silicone is a chemical ingredient used in creams and lotions to form a layer on the skin to trap moisture and increase hydration. It also helps the product go smoothly over the skin and offers a healthy texture.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone in skin care?

Silicone has its pros and cons. On the bright side, it traps moisture to increase hydration and is used in sunscreens to make your skin waterproof and swea-tproof. However, it can also trap dirt, sweat, and sebum and trigger irritation, acne, or breakouts.

Why is it important to consider using a silicone-free product?

Silicone has no long-term benefits for your skin. All it does is form a layer on the skin that may make your skin appear greasy or overly shiny at times. Hence, it’s essential to switch to a silicone-free product as it is non-comedogenic, oil-free, and will prevent breakouts, irritation, and greasiness.

Is silicone bad for oily skin?

Absolutely! Silicone traps dirt, sebum, and impurities in the pores, which will only worsen your skin’s condition in the long run. So, if you have combination, oily, or acne-prone skin, it is best to avoid silicone-based skincare products.

Do I keep silicone on my skin or wash it off?

The form of silicone’s present in beauty and skin care products doesn’t evaporate quickly from the surface of the skin. They can cause irritation and clog the pores. It is better to wash it out of your skin at the end of the day; otherwise, the particles get stuck in the pores.

Does silicone cause break out?

Yes. Silicones create an artificial barrier on the skin’s surface that traps comedogenic substances that can flare up the chances of causing breakouts.

Is silicone good for dry skin?

No, silicones are bad for dry skin. They prevent moisture from entering the skin and alter the pH balance of the skin resulting in fine lines and wrinkles.

How do you know if a product has silicone in it?

If the product ingredient list contains cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, dimethiconol, amodimethicone, phenyl trimethicone, and cyclomethicone then the product is silicone-based.

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