7 Best High-Frequency Facial Machines Of 2024, Dermatologist-Approved

Get flawless and younger-looking skin with these high-frequency skincare tools at hand.

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To reduce wrinkles and fine lines, remove dark circles under your eyes, lessen enlarged pores and avoid acne, you should get yourself the best high-frequency facial machine. “High-frequency facial machines can increase circulation, decrease inflammation, heat the sebaceous unit, and help to kill bacteria that contribute to acne,” says an NYC-based dermatologist, Dr. Hadley King. He explains how they work and their anti-aging benefits as well. “The thermal energy increases circulation, stimulating collagen production. An electrode with argon gas (violet) is used for treating acne, while an electrode with neon gas is used for anti-aging. However, there aren’t enough studies to assess this,” Dr. King states. Check out our list of the top 7 high-frequency machines for a flawless look.

Top Picks
Best Portable:Tumakou High-Frequency Facial Machine
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Best Attachment Options:Nuderma Natural Dermal Cell Energy Amplification System
Price on Amazon
Best Multifunctional Tubes:NewWay High-Frequency Wand
Price on Amazon
Best FDA-approved:TriPollar Stop X
Price on Amazon
Best Versatile:Karloz 5 in 1 Multifunctional Facial Massager
Price on Amazon
Best High-Frequency Facial Wand:Ultra Nova High-Frequency Facial Machine
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Best Value For Money:Meifuly High-Frequency Facial Device
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7 Best High-Frequency Facial Machines For Flawless Skin + A Buying Guide – 2024

1. Best Portable:Tumakou High-Frequency Facial Machine


This portable high frequency facial machine by Tumakou has four tubes. The mushroom tube targets wrinkles and helps with fine line reduction on the broader areas of your face like the cheeks, forehead, and jawline. The tongue tube is for spot treatment and pimples, the comb tube promotes blood circulation and reduces dryness, and the bent tube minimizes dark circles and calms the sensitive areas of your face. In addition,the best high frequency machine nourishes the hair follicles and improves the overall texture and appearance of the skin. To understand the nuances of this high-frequency facial toning machine from Tumakou, you can check this reviewer’s experience out on YouTube.

Material: Plastic | Skin Type: Dry | Product Dimensions: 9.06 x 2.17 x 1.98 inches | Weight: 1.48 Pounds.


  •  Portable
  •  Easy to use
  •  Multiple tubes
  •  Value for money


  • None

Our Tester's Experience

"This facial machine kit comes with four tubes. I use the mushroom tube to firm the skin around my chin. The tongue tube is very effective in smoothing the skin around my eyes and lending it a youthful look. My skin looks radiant and even after daily use of this machine."

protip_icon Did You Know?
The electrodes generally appear violet if the glass is filled with argon gas, or orange if it is filled with neon gas. The orange electrodes are best for treating aging skin, while violet is great for acne.

2. Best Attachment Options:Nuderma Natural Dermal Cell Energy Amplification System

NuDerma Cell Energy Amplification System Image: Pure Daily Care

This complete skin care system minimizes sagging skin, hair loss, dark spots, and wrinkles. It uses four neon-powered applicators to amplify cell activity and slow down the aging process. The best high frequency facial wand for acne improves the appearance of acne scars by killing bacteria. It also boosts skin cell stimulation and regeneration to improve the overall skin appearance. Before purchasing, you can also take a look at this review to know more about this popular facial massager from NuDerma.

Material: Stainless Steel | Color: White


  •  Includes instruction manual
  •  Easy to use
  •  Comes with four attachments/probes


  • None

3. Best Multifunctional Tubes:NewWay High-Frequency Wand


The NewWay High-Frequency Wand is the best high frequency facial wand and portable device that reduces wrinkles, tightens your skin, and minimizes the appearance of dark circles. It includes multifunctional tubes – a mushroom tube to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, a bent tube for spot treatment, a tongue tube for sensitive areas and to reduce dark circles, and a comb tube to stimulate blood circulation. The device also gives visible results with acne scar reduction and reduces age spots, neck wrinkles, sagging skin, and signs of aging.

Material: Glass | Color: Neon | Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2 inches | Weight: 1.5 Pounds


  •  Easy to use
  •  Includes multifunctional tubes


  • None
protip_icon Pro Tip
Choose a machine that operates on a low wattage level at less than 10watts and a high oscillation rate of over 100,000 Hz for better durability.

4. Best FDA-approved:TriPollar Stop X

TriPollar Stop X Image: Tripollar

The TriPollar STOP X skin-lifting device feels gentle and comfortable on your skin and gives visible results from the first use. This RF device comes with a smoothing gel and helps reduce dullness, puffiness, improve fine lines, and wrinkles. It also features a temperature sensor that turns orange when the device reaches the optimal temperature. The electrodes in the device have a temperature range over 100°F to ensure even coverage. For best results, use this skin-firming device twice or thrice a week for 6-8 weeks and then follow up with maintenance treatment once every 2-4 weeks. Check out this reviewer’s video on YouTube if you require more details about this facial massager!

Item Weight: 1.58 Pounds | Skin Type: Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal | Color: Rose


  •  FDA-approved
  •  Clinically tested
  •  Includes temperature sensor


  • None

Our Tester's Experience

"I can see fewer wrinkles after the consistent use of this product. It tightens and firms the skin around my neck and evens out my skin tone. The built-in temperature mechanism is super cool as it prevents burning my skin. It has a sleek design, which looks elegant."

5. Best Versatile:Karloz 5 in 1 Multifunctional Facial Massager


The Karloz 5 in 1 Multifunctional Facial Massager addresses multiple skin concerns like blemishes, aging signs, and dark spots. This device has five versatile modes – the clean mode (green light) reduces hyperpigmentation, improves skin tone, and stimulates blood circulation; the lift mode (yellow light)s stimulates lymphatic drainage and restores skin flexibility; the lead in mode (pink light) improves skin clarity; the anti-aging mode (red light) promotes collagen production and tightens sagging skin, and the remove acne mode (blue light) stimulates blood circulation and refines the skin pores. Each mode has a specific usage time (not more than 10 minutes).

Item Weight: 135 Grams | Skin Type: Acne Prone | Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Product Dimensions: 2.76 x 2.36 x 7.09 inches | Weight: 4.76 Ounces.


  •  Five functional modes
  •  LED display/indicators
  •  Easy to use
  •  Rechargeable


  • None

6. Best High-Frequency Facial Wand:Ultra Nova High-Frequency Facial Machine

This device has seven argon electrodes that oxygenate tissue-producing ozone to kill bacteria. It stimulates cell production and enhances cellular metabolism to address all kinds of skin issues. This high-frequency facial wand can tighten saggy skin and eliminate fine lines, revealing younger and healthy-looking skin.

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  •  Includes seven electrodes
  •  Easy to use


  • None

7. Best Value For Money:Meifuly High-Frequency Facial Device


This high-frequency facial device by Meifuly comes with seven different wands. The straight tube stimulates acupuncture points on the forehead, and the roller tube is for the whole body. The spoon tube is for the cheeks, and the spot tube is for the hard-to-reach areas like ears and nose. The set also includes a Y-shaped tube for the arms, neck, and knees, a mushroom tube for the cheeks and jaw, and a comb tube for the scalp and hair. Try this kit for 10 minutes thrice a week and get visible results.

Color: Multi-colored


  •  Easy to use
  •  Includes seven wands
  •  Value for money


  • None

Our Tester's Experience

"This high-frequency facial machine kit comes with seven tubes directed to treat different skin concerns. The machine fades my dark spots and firms my skin. It also stimulates the blood circulation in my skin and refreshes its look. The machine is portable, and operating it is very easy."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Keep reading to understand the concept of high frequency facial machines, how they might help you, and check out the 7 best high frequency facial machines.

What Is A High-Frequency Facial Machine?

A high-frequency facial machine is an electrical tool used for treating common skin problems like acne, fine line and wrinkles, sagging skin, dark circles, and eye puffiness in a non-invasive way,” explains Dr. Anna Chacon, a board-certified dermatologist.The high-frequency machine converts mild electrical current into energy that heats the electrodes. Each electrode has argon gas, and when this tube is rubbed on the skin, the cells get activated, resulting in the elimination of dead skin cells.

If you are wondering how a high frequency facial machine works, have a look at the next section.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Hadley King opines, “The idea is that these devices use an electrode to deliver targeted thermal energy to the skin.” These machines come with high-frequency neon or argon-filled glass electrodes. While using the machine on the skin surface, a mild electrical current passes through the electrodes and emits a subtle glow and buzzing noise. The electrodes produce either a neon red/orange or violet/blue light, and these lights are meant to treat different skin conditions.

The high-frequency current on the skin also possesses healing properties to treat acne, skin lesions, sagging skin, and puffy eyes and may be effectively used over the entire body. High-frequency facials are considered a safe, gentle, and therapeutic approach to rejuvenate, restore, and heal your skin.

If you are looking forward to buying one for yourself, read the next section to learn about the factors to consider before buying a high-frequency facial machine.

Guide To Buy The Best High Frequency Facial Machine

  •  Multiple Treatment

A good high-frequency facial device should offer multiple benefits. For example, it should perform disinfection, promote skin recovery, reduce wrinkles, and promote blood circulation. Hence, look for a device that comes with different variations of electrodes and offers multiple benefits.

  •  Portability

Portability is another factor that you should keep in mind. A portable version of a high-frequency machine is cost-effective and saves your time. You don’t have to rush to the beauty salon repeatedly to get the treatment.

  •  Safety, Quality, And Ease Of Use

Check the safety of the device before buying one. Go for one that runs on low wattage to ensure safety and efficiency. Devices that run on high wattage are prone to internal damage and may not last long due to overheating. Also, ensure the device is easy to operate and comes with an instruction manual.

High-frequency machines are extremely gentle, safe, and are non-intrusive tools to address common skin concerns and ensure it is endorsed by medical professionals In the next section, we have listed some benefits of these machines.

Benefits Of A High Frequency Facial Machine

  •  May Improve Acne

Though there are no studies to prove the efficacy of a high-frequency facial machine against acne, people found it beneficial for their condition. The device offers deep cleansing of the skin of acne-causing bacteria while making it more receptive to acne lotions, creams, and other skin treatment products.

  •  May Improve Enlarged Pores And Blackheads

The regular use of high-frequency facial machines offer pore refinement and can effectively improve the appearance of enlarged pores, soften the skin, control excess sebum production, and eliminate blackheads. The gentle spray of oxygen molecules produced by the high-frequency current clears dirt and grime from the pores.

  •  May Minimize Aging Signs

A high-frequency facial machine can stimulate blood circulation that nourishes the skin’s surface and renews the underlying cells. As a result, it provides your skin with a firm, youthful, and vibrant glow. It can also diminish the appearance of fine lines and support wrinkle reduction, tighten double chin and jowls, and improve the overall skin texture and tone.

  •  May Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

The pulsating “oxygenation” action produced by high-frequency current promotes lymphatic drainage to help reduce swelling and facial puffiness. The mild currents also help the skin absorb skin care products more efficiently, thereby extending their effectiveness.

  •  May Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite

With regular use, a high-frequency facial machine may offer visible results in the appearance of cellulite. However, you have to use it in conjunction with quality cellulite-reducing products and follow an active lifestyle. For years, the skin care industry has relied on this high-frequency oxygen molecule to aid in lymphatic drainage, gently exfoliate the skin, increase blood circulation, assist in the production of collagen and elastin, and promote healthy cell metabolism. The result is smooth, firm, and more refined skin.

  •  May Promote Healthy Hair Growth

The high-frequency current gently exfoliates the scalp, promotes local blood circulation, stimulates local glandular activity, and supplies heat to the area. This may improve the scalp’s receptiveness to products and topical medication, keep it healthy, and promote stronger and healthy hair growth.

  •  Fades Dark Circles

The high frequency creates a circulation enhancement rush in the target area and helps the under-eye cream penetrate deeper into the skin tissues. This action may help fade dark, under-eye circles to make your eyes look fresher and brighter.

Infographic: Dos And Don’ts Of Using High-Frequency Facial Machines

High-frequency facial machines are gaining popularity as they offer exfoliating benefits, promote blood circulation, and stimulate collagen and elastin growth. Now, you can achieve all this from the comfort of your home. Check out the infographic below to learn about the machine’s common dos and don’ts.

DOs and DON’Ts Of Using High-Frequency Facial Machines (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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High-frequency facial machines use lights at different wavelengths and microcurrents to address different skin issues. The devices also provide a natural lift to your skin and make it appear youthful. If you are looking for a portable device with multifunctional probes and better temperature control for cosmetic purposes, try the NewWay High Frequency Wand and the TriPollar Stop X. Both the devices are user-friendly. However, if you struggle with stubborn skin conditions like dark spots and blemishes, the Karloz 5 in 1 Multifunctional Facial Massager will be the best pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a high-frequency facial machine kill bacteria?

There is no scientific proof for the claim. However, it helps clear dirt and debris from the skin and may help maintain the skin’s natural microbiome.

Does a high-frequency facial machine work for acne?

There are no studies to prove its efficacy against acne. However, anecdotal evidence suggests it may help calm inflammation and redness caused by acne.

Are high-frequency facial machines safe?

Yes. High-frequency facial machines are tested, safe, and effective in improving the skin’s health. They are gentle, non-invasive treatments and tools that treat skin concerns and enhance its texture.

How often should you use high-frequency machines on your face?

Treat your skin with high-frequency machines daily to better maintain the skin’s health. However, do not use the facial wand for more than 15-20 minutes on your face.

Is argon or neon gas better for high frequency?

Both gasses serve different purposes. If you are looking for a remedy for your aging signs, neon gas is recommended. Whereas, if you are looking to reduce your acne concerns, argon gas is better for high frequency.

How long does it take to see results from a high-frequency facial?

Usually, high-frequency facial starts to show its results between 12 to 24 hours of getting the therapeutic treatment. But, they have short-lasting results. But daily usage will reap more long-term benefits.

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