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10 Best Lemon Perfumes To Try Today

10 Best Lemon Perfumes To Try Today March 1, 2018

Summer is coming up soon and you know it’s going to get super hot and humid. But should that stop you from looking and feeling good? Of course not! You can now make your summer a relaxed and refreshed season by simply using some of the best products made of lemon.

On that note, without delaying further, let’s get on with the top ten lemon perfumes you should definitely keep at homes for the hot summer months! Read on!

Top 10 Citrus Perfumes For Summer

1. Chanel No. 5 Eau Toilette:

Looking for some good perfume this summer season? Try the ever amazing and trendy Chanel No.9 Eau Toilette. This one has a delicious smell that will drive your spouse crazy. The product is very good in quality and contains lemon that adds zest to the perfume. If you haven’t tried this, you really haven’t experimented with perfumes.

2. Lime Basil And Mandarin Cologne:

Produced by Jo Malone, this perfume weaves a magical web of its own. Not only does it smell sensuous, but is also is very classy! If you want to smell like a goddess, this is the product you must buy. It contains the goodness of lime and mandarin with a bit of basil that gives it a nice twist!

3. Lemon Eau De Parfum Spray:

The Lemon Eau De Parfum Spray was launched in the year 2013 and is by far the best floral fragrance to be seen. It is ideal for all occasions and contains the goodness of jasmine, hyacinth, clary sage and lily of the valley. The fragrance is juicy, fresh and very uplifting. There’s no better way to smell sophisticated than this!

4. Fresh Vanilla Lemon:

Produced by Lemon Laboratories, this product smells sweet and crisp. It is best for holidays and vacations and is something you must try at least once. The product is ideal for hot summer months. So, if the season is the reason you are looking for a perfume, let it be Fresh Vanilla Lemon

5. Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Eau De Parfum:

Spice up your dates and leave him in awe with the all new and super sexy Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape. It contains the goodness of lemon and coconut and is a citrus based product. The product is excellent in quality and alluring indeed.

6. Pacifica Malibu Lemon Blossom Perfume:

This product came into existence recently and has a lovely scent indeed. Made in the USA, it lasts for a long period of time and is perfect for summer parties. If you love spending time at the beach, use this one to smell like a princess at the shore. The aroma will add to your beauty indeed!

7. Loves Fresh Lemon Perfume By Dana:

Loves Fresh Lemon is perfect for casual use. If you are going out with friends or simply heading out to get some groceries, use this perfume. It will make you smell pleasant and cool even during the hot summer months. The uplifting scent of lemon will enthrall others around you for sure.

8. Lemon Body Spray:

Lemon Body Spray brought to you by Electric Lady contains two ounces in total. It moisturizes your skin and gives you that wonderful and light fragrance you have always wanted. It is paraben free and comes with zero side effects. Give this one a chance.

9. Acqua Colonia Ginger And Lemon Eau De Cologne Spray:

This lemon fragrance can be used by both men and women. It is long lasting and comes with an amazing fruity scent. The product reflects love for summer days and brings back old memories. This is one product that will make you feel nostalgic.

10. Bath And Body Works Lemon Summers Vanilla Fragrance:

This product contains the goodness of vanilla and the sweetness of lemon. It brings out the spirit of summer, especially because it contains flowers like orchid, jasmine, and freesia. If you want to feel refreshed, do try this once!

Discover The Magic Of Lemon:

Wondering why we emphasized on lemon so much? This is because lemon is great for your body, health and mind. It offers you a large number of benefits. To learn more, read this section!

  1. Lemon contains Vitamin C in abundance that prevents your body from cold, flu and other infections (1). In short, it protects you from diseases.
  2. Lemon can also treat dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. According to some reports, it contains a chemical called Eri dicty Ol glycoside that improves hearing too (2).
  3. Lemon can also cleanse your bowels and aid digestion. Simply drink warm water with lemon and honey every day in the morning to maximize the results (3).
  4. Lemon is full of anabolic agents that make it ideal for manufacturing beauty products (4). Lemon oils and creams are perfect for firming up the skin and regenerating it.

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Did you enjoy reading the article? Have you tried any of these products? Do let us know what you think of in the comment box given below.

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