8 Best MAC Concealers of 2021 To Eliminate Dark Spots!

Written by Chaitra Krishnan
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Ask a woman about her best-kept secret, and she’ll never spill the one about her dark circles. Why? Because she knows her concealer will never let it show! Rightfully, a woman’s most trusted product on good and bad days, a concealer is a go-to to hide all the blemishes, dark circles, and unwanted spots instantly. And if there’s one brand that totally takes the lead in being one of the bests, it is MAC. A name no secret to women, MAC cosmetics concealers are hailed as game-changers, has fandoms, and are the true MVPs when it comes to delivering a flawless glow. Don’t believe us? Ask a MAC-obsessed junky or try the best MAC concealer from our list below to find out.

Now, who’s ready to conceal with the best? Check out our list of 8 best MAC concealers of 2021 below!

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MAC Pro Longwear Concealer — NC20Check Price
MAC Studio Finish Concealer — NW25Check Price
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer — NC45Check Price
MAC Mineralize Concealer — NW20Check Price
MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette - LIGHTCheck Price
Mac Studio Fix 24 Hour Liquid Concealer — NC50Check Price
MAC Matchmaster Concealer - Shade 7.5Check Price
MAC Select Moisturecover — NW25Check Price

Top 8 Best MAC Concealers Of 2021 For A Flawless Glow! (With Buying Guide)

1. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer — NC20

Staying true to its name, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer will last up to 15 hours! Yep, sufficient for you to make it through your work hours and even a surprise date later, without having to touchup. A lightweight fluid concealer, it goes smoothly on the skin while concealing the dark undereye circles, blemishes, discoloration, spots, and more with natural coverage. With little going a long way, consider yourself sorted for a few months with MAC Pro Concealer in your kitty.


  • Delivers a natural matte finish
  • Enhances complexion effortlessly
  • Provides full to medium coverage
  • Ideal for normal to combination skin.


  • It may have a drying effect in winter.
  • The pump packaging may be a hassle after a few uses.

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2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer — NW25

This one will conceal, nourish, and protect your skin, all at the same time! Infused with SPF 35 to shield you from the harmful UV rays, it also contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and E for ultra-nourishment. And as for the coverage— a few sweeps of this concealer will even-out the skin tone, discoloration, and hide the blemishes instantly! So, if you are looking for a versatile product that provides more than just concealing benefits, then you know which one to pick now. Try it!


  • Enhances complexion with a matte finish
  • Delivers a full and natural coverage
  • Travel-friendly and mess-free application
  • Paraben-free, sulfate-free, and perfume-free
  • Ideal for combination to oily skin makeup users


  • Small size
  • It may not blend easily.

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3. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer — NC45

No touchup, only glow ups! That’s what MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is all about. Long-lasting for up to 15 hours, you can go about confidently without worrying about your dark circles or blemishes showing up. Also, with an easy-to-dispense packaging making it a travel-friendly product, you can conceal all your problematic areas anywhere, anytime. And the best part is, with only a pearl-size amount enough to deliver stunning coverage, this mac pro longwear concealer swatches is a great option for travelers, workaholics, beginners, and professionals.


  • Leaves a mattifying effect on the skin
  • Hides dark spots, blemishes, and dark circles
  • Blends easily and quickly
  • Suitable for normal to oily skin


  • Not ideal for dry skin makeup users

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4. MAC Mineralize Concealer — NW20

Do you have sensitive or acne-prone skin? Then look no further for this MAC concealer will cover up without causing any irritation or reaction. Infused with botanicals and minerals— it nourishes and lasts easily up to 8 hours! And besides delivering a luxuriously creamy texture on the skin that goes on smoothly, it also hydrates and conceals wrinkles and fine lines. A great option for dull and tired skin as well, give this moisturizing concealer a try to witness a stunning difference.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Delivers satin and natural finish
  • Provides medium to sheer coverage
  • Blends easily and non-settling
  • Lightweight and comfortable wear
  • Non-cakey and non-streaky concealer
  • Dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist-tested


  • The built-in sponge applicator may disappoint.

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5. MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette – LIGHT

One MAC concealer palette for all your concealing and correcting needs! A must-try for busy bees, travelers, and beginners, this compact palette will counter all skin issues without being a mess. Ideal for on-the-go makeup sessions, the concealer will hide dark spots and blemishes, whereas the correctors will reduce redness or uneven skin tone instantly. And adding to this, these formulas are infused with antioxidants to nourish the skin while correcting and concealing! Do you know a better combo than this? Don’t skip it!


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Delivers an even matte finish
  • Travel-friendly and easy-to-use
  • Ideal to use for all skin tones


  • May take longer to blend

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6. Mac Studio Fix 24 Hour Liquid Concealer — NC50

There’s a reason why MAC concealers are most loved. Like this one, for instance, will not only last for 24 hours but also give you a finish so flawless and natural that finding blemishes will become a challenge. Yep, this MAC liquid concealer, besides being lightweight, is easy-to-apply with a sponge-tip applicator that ensures a seamless coverage. Also, the fluid-like formula goes on smoothly and blends like butter on the skin, making the whole experience fun and quick for you. With your skin looking smoother, clear, and photo-ready all day— who needs airbrushing when you have Studio Fix mac concealer making all your flawless dreams come true!


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Conceals imperfections and dark spots
  • Enhances the skin with a matte finish
  • Provides buildable medium to full coverage
  • Non-drying, oil-free, and non-cakey concealer


  • May not be ideal for fair to pale skin tones

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7. MAC Matchmaster Concealer – Shade 7.5

If you are looking for a travel-friendly and easy-to-use concealer, then this stick by MAC will thrill up the makeup junkie in you. Other than gliding on smoothly, it is easy-to-blend and delivers full and natural coverage. Whether you spread it with a sponge, brush, or go classic with the fingertip, it guarantees a stunning cover up and glow. And given how a concealer stick can last longer than liquid, this one is no different and will be absolutely mess-free and quick, anywhere, anytime! Grab this concealer stick by MAC today.


  • Silky-smooth formula
  • Improves complexion with a matte finish
  • Covers up imperfections, spots, and blemishes
  • Travel-friendly and easy-to-apply
  • Ideal for dry or sensitive skin
  • Suitable for medium to deep skin tones


  • It may get greasy after a few hours.

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8. MAC Select Moisturecover — NW25

Creamy concealers, FTW! Luxurious, rich, and easy-to-blend, no concealer can make the skin feel pretty and pampered at the same time as the creamy ones. And if you are a creamy-concealer enthusiast, then you might as well try this tube by MAC. With a doe-foot applicator that guarantees to reach and conceal all problematic areas, it delivers a coverage so smooth and seamless that you’ll fall in love with your LOTD instantly. Don’t believe us? Try mac concealer for dark circles to witness the glow up!


  • Improves complexion
  • Blends and builds easily
  • Doubles up as a highlighter
  • Delivers a satin-smooth and moisturized finish
  • Camouflages skin imperfections, dark circles, spots, and blemishes
  • Ideal for fair to pale skin tones


  • Not ideal if you have deep and very dark spots

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Just what your confidence needs— a MAC boost! There you go, those were the 8 best MAC concealers of 2021 for you. Are you still confused about how to pick the perfect shade or what are its uses? Check out our buying guide below for some tips.

Buying Guide – Best MAC Concealer

How To Choose The Right MAC Concealer Shade?

Choosing a concealer shade in person is easy, but online can be a tad bit difficult if you haven’t shopped with the brand before. Pay close attention to shades like beige, warm, natural, etc. For example— if you have deep dark circles, then you should opt for a warm tone concealer as it will coverup without leaving a whitish layer on the skin. However, if you have bluish-purple dark spots or brownish dark circles, then orange-tint or yellow-based concealers are ideal.

Uses for MAC Concealers

Nobody’s skin is perfect, hence why there are concealers. One of the most indispensable items in a woman’s makeup kit, they conceal all problematic areas on the skin to give you a flawless and natural glow. Here’s how you can use them:

Under Eye Circles: Dark circles are a nightmare to deal with and can ruin any makeup look just by showing up! However, not if you have the right MAC concealer shade. Covering up the dark spots and under-eye circles instantly (more like magic!), MAC concealers are a godsend to eliminate dark circles and to conceal blemishes.

Acne Scars: Other than dark circles, acne scars can be a nuisance. They may not be as striking as dark circles but are a hindrance when you are looking for a clean and clear look. MAC concealers ensure to cover up these scars too with its smooth and natural coverage.  

Discoloration: Skin discoloration is a common issue, and many tend to overlook this factor while buying a concealer. However, a MAC concealer will make sure to even out your skin tone and eliminate any discoloration effortlessly, making them a perfect formula to give your skin a natural and flawless glow.

Are you ready to fall head over heels for MAC? Because we have totally! Boosting confidence with a stunning matte finish on your skin, don’t blame us if you can’t stop staring in the mirror or clicking endless selfies. Whether you are a beginner, professional, or here to get rid of the stubborn dark circles, we have options for all in our list of 8 best MAC concealers of 2021. So, wait no more, go on, and MAC those flaws today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MAC Concealer Oil-free?

If you are looking for an oil-free MAC concealer for your skin, then Mac Studio Fix 24 Hour Liquid Concealer- NC50 is ideal for you as it has an oil-free formula.

Is MAC Concealer Good?

Yes, absolutely! MAC concealers are widely known for banishing dark spots, dark circles, blemishes, skin coloration, and more. So, if you are looking for a high-performance and branded concealer, then MAC is a great choice.

Will A MAC Concealer Break You Out?

No, it will not if you use MAC Mineralize Concealer- NW20! Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, this concealer is a must-try option for sensitive and acne-prone skin and will not cause breakouts.

Can You Use a MAC Concealer As Foundation?

Concealers have a thicker formula and may block pores if used as a foundation. Hence, it’s ideal to use them to conceal and hide problematic areas only.

Should MAC Concealers Be Lighter Than Foundation?

Ideally, for under-eye circles, choose a concealer that is two shades lighter than your natural skin color for perfect coverage, and for the rest of the face, opt for a shade the same as your foundation for a seamless thin layer.

What Undertone Should My Concealer Have?

MAC concealers are available in warm and cool undertones. Select the one that best suits your skin’s undertone. For example— MAC Pro Longwear Concealer-NC20 (Neutral Cool) is a great option for those with warm skin tones, whereas MAC Studio Finish Concealer-NW25 (Neutral Warm) is ideal for cool skin tones.

Which Concealer Is Best For Blemishes?

Mac Studio Fix 24 Hour Liquid Concealer-NC50 is one of the best MAC concealers to hide blemishes and also, it will last for up to 24 hours!

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