12 Best Concealer Palettes

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Our hectic lifestyles and hours spent before a screen show up as certain signs on our faces. The best concealer palettes help cover up those signs like blemishes, dark circles, and uneven skin tones. Not all of us are blessed with flawless skin, and a good-quality concealer palette can prove handy while trying to nail different makeup looks. The beauty world is full of these color-correcting palettes available at different price points. To help you choose, we have listed some of our favorites in this article. Scroll through to take a quick look.

Top PicksCheck Price
Best Color-Corrector:Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Camo Color Correcting KitPrice on Amazon
Best Full Coverage:Laura Mercier Secret CamouflagePrice on Amazon
Best Non-Acnegenic:M.A.C Studio Conceal And Correct PalettePrice on Amazon
Best Pigmented:Stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting PalettePrice on Amazon
Best Vegan:Jecca Blac Correct and Conceal PalettePrice on Amazon
Best Buildable:NYX 3C Conceal, Correct, Contour PalettePrice on Amazon
Best Long-Wearing:Lancome Le Corrector Pro Concealer KitPrice on Amazon
Best Natural Finish:Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector PalettePrice on Amazon
Best Travel-Friendly:BareMinerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection PalettePrice on Amazon
Best For All Skin Types:e.l.f Studio Complete Coverage ConcealerPrice on Amazon

Top 12 Concealer Palettes For Flawless Skin

1. Best Color-Corrector:Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit

Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit Image: Maybelline

The Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit is a must-have product in your cosmetic collection. I am a great fan of the palette consisting of a concealer that evens the skin tone, a corrector that removes dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles, and a highlighter that imparts a perfect glow. I love its natural formulation, which contains shea butter that hydrates the skin and iron oxide that protects the skin from sunlight and helps in skin rejuvenation. Also not to forget, the formula is long-lasting and lightweight. The palette comes with a dual brush for blending and easy application. The light shade is perfect for fair skin; it gives a flawless canvas while emphasizing your best look.


  • Creamy formula
  • Full coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Long-wearing
  • Non-drying
  • Long-lasting
  • Smooth application
  • Non-cakey


  • Might not cover darker spots

protip_icon Pro Tip
Use your concealer as a contour cream. Just pick a shade that is darker than your actual skin tone and apply it like you would apply your contour.

Price at the time of publication: $13.99

2. Best Full Coverage:Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

LAURA MERCIER Image: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage


  • Blends well
  • Full coverage
  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Long-wearing


  • For spot treatment on the face only
  • Not to be used under eyes.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Review

This palette by Laura Mercier is one of the most iconic concealers out there and is perfect for spot concealing. It contains two shades for a natural finish, custom shade match. It’s available in 8 different shades to choose from. I love how pigmented this is and how easily it blends into my skin. I start with the lighter color first and then add the darker shade until I get the most natural-looking match. This completely camouflages minor imperfections, dark circles, and neutralizes discoloration.

This palette is great for those with oily or combination skin as it sets into a nice, matte finish. I give this a big thumbs-up! Go ahead and check out this YouTuber’s video for more details about the product.

Price at the time of publication: $29.99

3. Best Non-Acnegenic:M.A.C Studio Conceal And Correct Palette



  • Long-wearing
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Crease-proof
  • High coverage


  • This palette does not have pink, green, and lavender correctors

M.A.C Studio Conceal And Correct Palette Review

M.A.C’s Pro Conceal and Correct Palette is one of my favorites and one of the best investments you can make. I love the versatility of the shades and the correctors. It consists of four concealers and two corrector shades in a medium color wave. I love its buildable coverage so I can always achieve a sheer, no-makeup look using this palette with the littlest effort. This palette is also one of the best for contouring. Besides dark circles and blemishes, it’s great for covering up tattoos, birthmarks, and moles. Multi-purpose, much? This palette sure is one among the cream of the crop!

These are enriched with antioxidants and are suitable for all skin types, even mature skin. To get a better understanding of the product, you can check out this video on YouTube.

Price at the time of publication: $37.0

4. Best Pigmented:Stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette



  • Easy to apply
  • Blends well
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long-wearing


  • Available in one palette shade option
protip_icon Pro Tip
If you have redness on your face, conceal it with a green color corrector before applying the foundation.

Stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette Review

This one’s a hit among YouTube beauty gurus. The gorgeous palette looks like a watercolor tray and has a super-pigmented formula. Let me begin with who could make the best use of these colors – if you have fair skin and are struggling with dark circles under your eyes, its peachy shades would be perfect for you. This palette would also be a savior for those of you who are new to color correcting and are facing issues like hyperpigmentation. This high-pigment formula goes on smoothly and blends like a dream. It covers imperfections, redness, acne scars, and freckles (if that’s a concern for you). Also, I love how lightweight this is – it feels like I have nothing on!

This is suitable for special occasions and all skin types.

Price at the time of publication: $45.0

5. Best Vegan:Jecca Blac Correct and Conceal Palette

Jecca Blac Correct and Conceal Palette Image: Jecca Blac

The winner of the best Concealer of 2020′ by Beauty Bible Awards, the Jecca Blac Correct and Conceal Palette is perfect for dark skin tones. What I love about this product is its versatility. Since it is gender-free, even men can apply this color corrector. It evenly hides the redness, rashes, beard shadow, and conceals acne, while giving a smooth texture to your skin. The palette blends well and gives a long-lasting medium to full coverage. The corrector and concealer can be used in combination or separately to get a perfectly flawless finish. The palette is made of natural ingredients such as shea butter to ensure a long-lasting glow with deep hydration. It is suitable for sensitive skin and all other skin types. It is lightweight, vegan, and easy to apply. If you are looking for a concealer palette that is suitable for light mixed skin tones, this one is a must-try!


  • Lightweight
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Easy to blend
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Gender-free



Price at the time of publication: $28.99

6. Best Matte Finish:Viseart Corrector, Contour, Camouflage HD Palette

Viseart Corrector, Contour, Camouflage HD Palette Image: Viseart


  • Contains 12 different colors
  • This palette is available in two shades
  • Creamy consistency that blends like a dream
  • Does not crease
  • Easy to work with


  • Flimsy packaging
protip_icon Pro Tip
If you have pigmented lips and want to wear a nude lipstick, apply a concealer to even out the skin tone and then follow it up with your favorite nude shade.

Viseart Corrector, Contour, Camouflage HD Palette Review

This flexible palette contains a selection of twelve essential creamy concealer shades to camouflage, correct, conceal, and contour your skin. Its weightless formula goes on seamlessly and is also super easy to blend. You can either use your fingers or a damp beauty blender for optimal coverage and the most flawless results. Also, it provides a photo-ready finish. Don’t be fooled by its inferior packaging because what’s on the inside counts and the company has done a great job with its formula.

This non-creasing formula is suitable for all skin types and will suit fair and medium skin tones.

7. Best Buildable:NYX 3C Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette

nyxcosmetics Image: Nyx 3c Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette


  • Three palette shades available
  • Buildable coverage
  • Long-wearing
  • The creamy texture makes it easy to blend


  • May feel slightly heavy if you don’t use it sparingly

NYX 3C Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette Review

The NYX 3C palette’s cute packaging is what attracted me at first, and I picked up the ‘medium’ shade for my skin tone. It comes in light, medium, and deep, so there’s something for everyone. A little goes a long way so be careful not to get too much product on. This is an excellent palette for contouring and highlighting. It gives you a very natural-looking finish that blends extremely well and lasts all day long. The orange corrector is especially great for covering dark spots. Whether you are looking for a palette that is suitable for dark mixed skin tones or medium skin tones, this palette is a total value for money!

It’s suitable for oily and combination skin.

Price at the time of publication: $10.39

8. Best Long-Wearing:Lancome Le Corrector Pro Concealer Kit


  • Provides a natural finish
  • The palette comes in different shades
  • Creamy and easy to blend
  • Long-wearing
  • Comes with a great brush


  • Fairly pricey

Lancome Le Corrector Pro Concealer Kit Review

Want to know what the ultimate dark circle eraser for bright, youthful eyes is? This Lancome palette! In three simple steps, you can achieve illuminated under eyes. I also tried this on my blemishes, and I loved how it instantly minimized my flaws to a great extent. This palette corrects dullness, and it contains two colors of concealer accompanied by a matching powder to set all of it. You also get a high-quality, dual-ended brush, a mirror, and instructions on making your job easier. I love its consistency and the way it blends seamlessly onto the skin.

This palette provides a flawless complexion and suits all skin types well!

Price at the time of publication: $23.93

9. Lorac PRO Concealer/Contour Palette And Brush

Best Concealer Palettes For Flawless Skin - 9. Lorac PRO Concealer/Contour Palette And Brush


  • Good pigmentation
  • Easy to apply and blends well
  • Natural-looking
  • Smooth finish
  • Compact packaging


  • Expensive

Lorac PRO Concealer/Contour Palette And Brush Review

This palette contains an array of mix and match shades to fit most skin tones. Contouring with these shades is exceptional because the colors blend out well, giving you a natural yet strong contour. Its consistency is creamy, so if you have dry skin, you’ll still love the way this feels on your face. Let me mention the fantastic dual-ended brush that you get with this kit, making it easier to use. Also, this is one of the best concealer palettes for highlighting as the shades are so versatile and buildable when it comes to color payoff.

This is suitable for those with combination skin.

10. Best Natural Finish:Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette 13 g Image: Makeup Revolution


  • Easy to use
  • Blends well
  • Good pigmentation
  • Long-lasting
  • Suits all skin types
  • Affordable price


  • Can look cakey if you use too much product

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette Review

This is one of the best color correcting concealer palettes if you’re on a budget. It offers eight creamy, easy to blend color correction creams, each of which has its own purpose. Let me give you a quick overview: pink helps with brightening, green neutralizes redness, lavender neutralizes yellow tones, orange neutralizes blue tones, and peach helps to balance out discoloration. Besides these, the white acts as a highlighter, the cream covers dark spots and areas, while the brown balances any ashiness in medium to dark skin tones. Isn’t that thoroughly multi-purpose? The pigments are all creamy, offer long-lasting coverage, and are easy to blend. It feels lightweight, and for $10, you get incredible quality! This is undeniably a must-try!

This is great for every skin type and tone.

Price at the time of publication: $58.0

11. Best For Professional Use:Mac Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palette

Mac Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palette Image: Mac Cosmetics

The Mac Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palette comes with 4 concealers and 2 correctors that is suitable for all skin tones. The four variants of concealers include light, medium, medium-deep, and dark while the correctors are yellow and orange. These concealers help to even the skin tone, hide dark spots and wrinkles, and conceal fine lines with extraordinary efficiency.

The palette contains rich antioxidants which hydrate the skin without forming creases. I love its emollient-rich formula. It gives a buildable natural finish from medium to full coverage. It does not cause side effects like acne, irritation, or allergy, even with regular application. The concealer and corrector palette is travel friendly, compact, and can be used on the go. It wears for up to 8 hours.


  • Long-lasting wear
  • Crease-proof
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Hydrating
  • Travel-friendly
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Intensely pigmented colors
  • Dermatologist tested


  • Slightly expensive
Price at the time of publication: $39.2

12. Best Cruelty-Free:Black Radiance True complexion Creme Contour Palette – Medium to Dark

Black Radiance True Complexion Creme Contour Palette Image: Black Radiance

Do you wish to look like a diva? I have got this 3-in-1 Black Radiance True Complexion Creme Contour Palette that sculpts, pops, and shapes your facial features. The palate has three creamy shades, which contour and highlight your face to give you a chiseled look. I use them to accentuate my jawline, sculpt the nose, and emphasize the best features. Let me also mention that the shades suit the light-medium tone and leave your skin with an impressive finish. It gives a non-ashy look without clogging the pores and can also be used as a creme bronzer.


  • 3-in-1 product
  • Great coverage
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Pigmented
  • Blends easily
  • Suits all skin types
  • Cruelty-free


  • Contains chemicals

Why It’s Worth Buying: With over 8,668 reviews, this product has become a fan favorite among users.
Price at the time of publication: $7.99

  • Product prices may vary

 *Subject to Availability

Now that you have a clear understanding of the different concealers available on the market, know more about why we need different concealer shades!

Why Do Different Colors In A Concealer Palette Matter?

The best concealer palettes should contain various colors and not just stick to one shade. The following section will help you understand why it is better to choose concealer palettes with different color options.

  • Skin Tone: Colors in a concealer palette should cater to every skin tone ranging from fair and dark to medium skin tones. For instance, for darker skin tones like the ebony dark skin tone, it is better to choose orangish concealer shades, and hide dark circles with yellowish tones. However, if you are looking to smoothen your skin tone, choose a concealer shade that is the same as your skin color. It will help to skillfully conceal enlarged pores and give you a more even-toned look.
  • Skin Issues: Different parts of your skin may need different colored concealers. For dark circles, you may need concealers that are greenish. Green concealers also counteract inflammation and redness. However, purple concealers often enhance your complexion and offer a fresh look.
  • Natural Look: If your concealer palette has different shades, you can easily pick two to three shades that can match your skin tone, and balance it out. It is always better to choose three different shades, one lighter, one darker, and another one that is completely neutral. This trick will help offer a natural look to your skin. Alternatively, if you are a professional, look for a palette that has at least three ranges of shades – medium, light, and dark. This way, you will never be stuck with a client’s shade again when doing a full face of makeup.

While it is recommended to understand your concealer match based off of your foundation shades, there are several other factors that should be kept in mind while searching for the right concealer palette for your skin. Now, take a look at the several ways in which you can easily determine your concealer match. Scroll below!

How To Find Your Concealer Match

  • Skin Tone: The rule of the thumb for picking the right concealer shade that can completely match your skin tone is trial-and-error. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment to see what looks best on you. However, sun exposure, rosacea, and acne can often change the surface color of your skin. So, make sure to search for a concealer match
  • Undertones: There are three possible undertones, namely warm, cool, and neutral. You can easily understand your undertone by examining the veins on your wrist. If you have blue or purple veins, it indicates that you belong to the cool undertone category. If you have blue and green veins, that means you have warm undertones. If you have bouts of purple, blue, and green in your veins, then your undertone can be termed as neutral. Choose your concealer on the basis of these undertones. For instance, if you have medium cool skin tones, opt for a medium shade concealer with pink and bluish hues.
  • Test The Concealer: Use your cheeks to test the concealer shade that you have chosen. Makeup artists usually do swatch tests on their jawlines or cheeks, and sometimes on their wrists. To understand which shade is working wonders on your skin, put the different shades of concealer on your jawline and neck. For best results, determine the right shades under natural lighting.
  • Under-Eye Area: The area under your eyes is the hardest to put a concealer on. However, you should always purchase one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone to cater to your under-eye area. This can help create a brightening effect and hide stubborn dark circles.

Choosing a concealer palette is all about understanding your skin needs well. However, there are several aspects that you should know about before choosing the right palette. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best concealer palettes for your use. Take a look at them below.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Concealer Palettes (Buying Guide)

  • Concealer Type

There are three types of concealers that work wonders on your skin. Liquid concealers are best for oily, normal, combination, and acne-prone skin. Stick concealers are best for normal, dry, and sensitive skin. Cream concealers are best for sensitive skin, and also work wonders on normal and dry skin. Concealer palettes mostly comprise liquid and cream concealers, so it’s good to opt for water-resistant and smudge-proof formulas.

  • Pigmentation

Every concealer palette comes with shades that have different pigmentations. Since the use of concealers are to cover spots, blemishes, and even out your skin tone, you should go for concealer palettes that offer rich color payoff. Highly pigmented concealer palettes tend to offer you the desired coverage in one gentle swipe itself, and they also help to enhance makeup longevity.

  • Finish

Many concealer palettes are too dry, or offer a hugely highlighted coverage. So, it is better to choose palettes that offer smooth finish, and do not make your skin look cakey, creasy, or dull. Palettes that offer a natural finish are the ones that you should go for.

  • Budget

There are many high-end concealers that are too expensive. Moreover, once you know the right shades that suit your skin, you can purchase concealers that contain only those shades. Many drugstore concealers also work wonders on your skin without burning a hole in your pocket.

Applying the right concealer shade isn’t rocket science, but you should know about the different shades available in a palette and their rightful application. Let us understand how to effectively use each of the shades for better results.

How To Use A Concealer Palette

  • Apricot: The apricot color in the concealer palette can conceal dark circles, marks, bruises and scars. It is better to blend this color outward with a dampened sponge. After putting this color, apply a sheer foundation to a loose translucent powder to set the color well.
  • Lavender: The lavender shade in your concealer palette can work wonders on your forehead, cover dull patches, and highlight your cheekbones. This shade is mainly used to cover fatigue and make your weekend attire look absolutely perfect!
  • Mint: The greener shades in your palette, especially the mint shade can be used to hide redness, red spots, and inflammations. Use this shade generously, but do not forget to blend it with a damp sponge.
  • Yellowish Tones Or Honey: The honey shade in your concealer palette can keep sunburns and freckles at bay. It tends to make your skin appear smoother than ever. This shade can be applied on the sun burnt areas with the help of your finger tips.
  • Orange Or Bisque: The bisque color on your palette is used for quick retouches. You can also use the bisque shade as a translucent color to blend your other concealer shades well.

Infographic: 4 Concealer Hacks To Accentuate Your Makeup

Concealers are meant to mask your dark circles and blemishes. But what if we told you they can do much more? Yes! They can fix, highlight, and define your features in ways you would have never thought before. Check out the infographic below for four concealer hacks that will help you slay the makeup game!

4 Concealer Hacks To Accentuate Your Makeup (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

The Bottom Line

Discover a world of flawless skin possibilities with the expertly curated selection of the best concealer palettes showcased in the article. These versatile palettes offer an array of shades to address various imperfections, from blemishes to under-eye circles. With creamy textures and blendable formulas, achieving seamless and natural coverage becomes effortless. The Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit is ideal for concealing dark curls, fine lines, and wrinkles without adding cakiness to the makeup. You can use the Stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette to get high coverage and conceal dark spots. Or try the Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette; it has a creamy texture, making it easy to blend and conceal all imperfections. Now you can enhance your makeup game with a smooth and even complexion, thanks to these multifunctional concealer palettes that cater to all your skin’s unique needs.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Esha Saxena, is a makeup enthusiast who has an inclination towards reviewing makeup and beauty products. She believes makeup is nothing less than art and tries her best to pick the right options for her readers. Her recommendations are based on reliable reviews found on various platforms. The concealer palettes mentioned in this list help you effectively hide the blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concealer palette?

A concealer palette comprises a collection of different shades of colors that can be used to achieve a perfect, flawless look.

Do I put concealer on before or after foundation?

Apply concealer after your foundation to cover the remaining blemishes and acne marks.

Which color concealer is best for dark circles?

The apricot concealer is the best shade for dark circles.

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