10 Best Esthetician-Approved Moisturizing Bar Soaps To Stay Hydrated (2024)

These bar soaps are formulated to cleanse and moisturize your skin at the same time.

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When you think of bar soap, the first thought that comes to your mind must be that it is used for cleaning your body. While that is rightly so, many of them are formulated to be used as a facial cleanser. In that case, why not use the best moisturizing bar soap to keep your face clean and lovely? Bar soaps are the first products that paved the way for cleansing that we are familiar with. Today, with the pandemic raging, people have become more cautious and conscious about personal hygiene and what they put on their faces. This is where a good moisturizing bar soap comes in handy. Selecting a cleansing bar with a slightly lower pH level is crucial as too much pH tampers with the normal pH levels on your skin, leading to redness and irritation. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid such products. The right high quality bar soap will contain emollient ingredients that keep your face moisturized and soft. With these tips in mind, we have created a list of the most effective moisturizing bar soaps available on the market!

Top Picks

10 Moisturizing Bar Soaps To Have That Dream Skin

Best For Exfoliation:Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar


Say hello to the soothing warm smell of coconut milk that this deeply moisturizing bar soap is made of. But that is not it. This Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar is also made of jasmine that gives it a pleasant, sweet scent that lingers on your body long after bathing. This moisturizing bar soap hydrates luxuriously as one-fourth of it is made up of moisturizing cream. This means you will never have to complain about your soap making your skin feel dry again as this soap gently removes dead skin cells. It enhances your skin’s natural capacity of oil production and to retain moisture and does not contain harsh chemicals. You can use it to cleanse your face and body and get soft and smooth skin for the rest of the day. Go through this YouTube video to understand the reviewer’s experience with the product and learn about the features of this moisture-locking soap bar.

Skin Type: Sensitive | Product Dimensions: 4.13 x 2.5 x 7.25 inches | Weight: 1.41 Pounds


  • Does not leave soapy residue
  • Made from moisturizing cream
  • Acts as a mild cleanser
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft


  • Contains titanium dioxide

Review: A user writes, “The Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar is a treat for my skin. It leaves my skin smooth, soft, and refreshed. While its scent and hydrating potency are superb, I would love it more if it could lather up better.”

protip_icon Pro Tip
Make a good lather with the soap and apply it to your face with your hands. Massage it gently in a circular motion for about 30 seconds, wash your face, and dry it with a clean towel.


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has more than 18,741 reviews and is a top choice all around the world.

Best Climate Friendly:Pré De Provence Specialty Soaps - Ocean Air

Pré De Provence Specialty Soaps – Ocean Air Image: Pré De

Made in France, this is an artisanal moisturizing bar soap infused with the goodness of shea butter that slathers your skin with intense hydration to make it feel smooth and soft for the rest of the day. Handmade using traditional methods, the soap is free of impurities when compared to its factory-made counterparts and its moisturizing effects last longer on the skin. The scent itself is a mix of aquatic and mossy fragrances that will remind you of the freshness of the ocean. Plus, the brand does not test on animals, uses no parabens, ethyl alcohol, or sodium lauryl sulfate, bringing you a handmade soap that is safe for your skin.

Skin Type: All, Combination, Sensitive, Dry, Normal | Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.25 x 2 inches | Weight: 5.2 Ounces.


  • Handcrafted
  • Made in small batches
  • Contains very few impurities
  • No parabens
  • No ethyl alcohol
  • No sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Offers long-lasting hydration
  • Versatile usage from bath to kitchen
  • Climate-pledge friendly


  • Some might find the scent too mild for their liking

Review: A reviewer says, “While exploring organic options, I found the Pré De Provence Speciality Soap in the variant ‘Ocean Air’. The captivating scent of the soap leaves my skin rejuvenated. It softens and smoothes out my skin and maintains its moisture balance.”


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has received 17,481 positive Amazon reviews from its users, stating its numerous benefits.

Best Moisturizing Formula:Yardley London Moisturizing Soap Bar

Yardley London Moisturizing Bath Soap Image: O Naturals Moisturizing Coconut & Shea Butter Soap

Soothe your skin and add gentle moisturization with the restorative Yardley London Moisturizing Soap Bar. This soap is finely crafted in a natural formula with a blend of botanicals, like shea butter, pure cocoa, and vitamin E, which moisturize, nourish, and revitalize your skin. The creamy formula of this affordable soap cleanses the skin thoroughly and gently, removing all oil, dirt, and grime. It leaves the skin soft, supple, and healthier-looking. The captivating scent lingers on your skin for a while, keeping your spirits high. Check out this honest review of this gentle cleansing bar to understand it better.

Skin Type: Dry | Product Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 1 inches | Weight: 4 Ounces


  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Softens skin
  • Lathers well
  • Good scent
  • Ideal for sensitive skin


  • None

Review: According to a tester, “The Yardley London Moisturizing Soap Bar is a budget-friendly gem with a fresh, lovely scent. It develops a silky, smooth lather that deep cleans the skin and softens the texture.”

Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar
Best For Exfoliation
Pré De Provence Specialty Soaps - Ocean Air
Best Climate Friendly
Yardley London Moisturizing Soap Bar
Best Moisturizing Formula
Skin Type Sensitive All, Combination, Sensitive, Dry, Normal Dry
Dimensions 4.13 x 2.5 x 7.25 inches 3.5 x 1.25 x 2 inches 4 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight 1.41 Pounds 5.2 Ounces. 4 Ounces

Best For Acne-Prone Skin:CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar Image: Cerave

This moisturizing bar soap infused with hyaluronic acid takes its task very seriously. Developed by dermatologists, this non-irritating bar soap is made up of 5% of CeraVe moisturizing cream and is specially designed for those with dry to normal skin. It effectively hydrates your skin by locking in moisture with 3 types of ceramides and hyaluronic acid. It contains niacinamide that makes this bar soap suitable for acne and oily skin types. It has no fragrance, no parabens, no soap – which means it is made without any no sodium hydroxide – and no ingredients that can clog your pores. This moisturizing bar soap is also suitable for sensitive skin and even for those with eczema. Check out the product review by this YouTuber to understand its functionality better.

Also Recommended By: Today has also listed Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Beauty Bar in their top 10.[1]Dry, itchy skin? These are the body washes dermatologists recommend — starting at $4.Today https://www.today.com/shop/15-best-moisturizing-body-washes-according-dermatologists-t176582

Skin Type: Oily, Sensitive, Dry | Product Dimensions: 3.75 x 2.5 x 3.25 inches | Weight: 9.6 Ounces


  • Made up of 5% moisturizing cream
  • For dry to normal skin types
  • Contains 3 types of ceramides
  • No pore-clogging ingredients
  • No fragrance
  • No soap
  • Suitable for those with eczema
  • Suitable for acne-prone skin


  • Might not be suitable for those with oily skin

Review: A user says, “Discovering the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar has been a blessing for my sensitive skin. It effectively cleanses my skin without irritating it. While getting used to its scent may require some time, it still remains a reliable choice.”

protip_icon Pro Tip
Use the cleanser bar gently on your skin without scrubbing it too hard to avoid irritation and rashes.

Best Creamy Lather:Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Beauty Bar


We all know that bathing soaps help us exfoliate our bodies to wash away germs and bacteria. But this moisturizing bar soap also helps in exfoliating dry skin cells from the body to reveal healthy skin cells. Designed by the brand to make your skin feel smoother and softer in 7 days, this soap bar for dry skin is made up of a creamy Olay lather and shea butter that packs a punch of intense hydration that your skin needs. Plus, this moisture-rich soap contains vitamin B3 complex that helps nourish your skin so that it looks and feels soft.

Skin Type: Dry | Product Dimensions: 8.78 x 8.31 x 7.95 inches | Weight: 2.41 Pounds


  • Contains creamy Olay lather
  • Hydrates with shea butter
  • Nourishes skin with vitamin B3 complex
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Offers visible results in 7 days


  • Contains EDTA

Review: A user says, “Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Beauty Bar has transformed my skin care. It’s my go-to from head to toe, providing exceptional moisture to my skin. Though the scent is strong, its benefits shine through.”

protip_icon Quick Tip
Lather it well with a loofah or your hands, gently apply it to your body, and wash it with lukewarm water. Follow up with Olay body lotion for the best results.

Best For Eczema-Prone Skin:The Yellow Bird Soap Bar - Activated Charcoal Lemongrass & Lavender

Activated Charcoal Soap Bar - Natural Face Soap & Body Soap for Acne Image: The Yellow Bird

Cleanse your skin naturally with this moisturizing bar soap that does not only cleanse and hydrate but also makes the skin glow. This skin-softening soap can be used on the face, body, and hands, especially for those with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Made of organic ingredients such as lemongrass essential oil, activated charcoal, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, and lavender essential oil, this soap for sensitive skin does not make your skin feel dry or itchy and instead, nourishes your skin. Charcoal detoxifies your skin while shea packs in hydration and the botanicals enrich your body. This charcoal soap is free of GMO and does not test on animals, which makes this soap a healthy choice for both your skin and conscience.

Skin Type: All | Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 1 x 3.25 inches | Weight: 4.5 Ounces


  • Uses organic ingredients
  • Contains essential oils
  • Balancing formula
  • Clears acne
  • Activated charcoal unclogs pores
  • Sulfate-free
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • No synthetic fragrance


  • May not work for cystic acne

Review: A happy user writes, “The Yellow Bird Soap Bar was a game-changer for my sensitive skin. I especially liked the Activated Charcoal Lemongrass & Lavender variant. It alleviated itching and left my skin feeling moisturized. Its refreshing scent and exfoliating texture are a plus.”


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

This product has made it to our top favorite list with more than 1,757 rave reviews on Amazon.

Best Cruelty-Free Formula:Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap

Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soap Image: Kiss My Face

This moisturizing bar soap is ideal for effective hydration of your skin as it is made up of 86% olive oil that is harvested from olives grown in sunny orchards. Moreover, this non-drying soap is rich in antioxidants that help keep your skin young. This bar soap is made up of only 3 ingredients – olive oil, water, and sea salt. This basically means that your bar soap is free of questionable ingredients such as SLS, phthalates, artificial colors, fragrance, and gluten. You can pick this cruelty-free moisturizing bar soap to make a choice that is good for both your skin and the planet.

Skin Type: All | Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3 inches | Weight: 12 Ounces


  • Made up of 86% olive oil
  • Contains only 3 ingredients
  • No SLS
  • No phthalates
  • No artificial colors
  • Free of animal cruelty
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • No gluten


  • Some may not like the strong smell of the soap

Review: According to a reviewer’s experience, “If you have sensitive skin, you must try the Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap. It is a simple formulation that effectively moisturizes my skin without causing irritation. While the scent might not be for everyone, its performance outweighs any reservations.”

Best Gentle Formula:Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap Image: Dr. Bronner’s All-one Hemp Peppermint Pure-castile Bar Soap

Formulated to not just be good for your skin but also for the planet, this moisturizing bar soap contains the goodness of hemp and peppermint. Made of pure organic ingredients, this antibacterial soap offers a rich lather that is creamy and does not make your skin feel dry. All natural, vegan essential oils like organic peppermint oil and organic hemp oil in the soap make your skin feel smooth and soft, and it has no artificial or synthetic dyes or fragrances. And apart from the positive effects on the skin, this moisturizing bar soap is free of animal cruelty, contains no foaming agents or whiteners, is fully biodegradable and comes in recycled wrappers. Try the natural bar soap today!

Skin Type: Sensitive | Product Dimensions: 1.35 x 3.65 x 2.3 inches | Weight: 5 Ounces


  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No animal cruelty
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No foaming agents
  • No whiteners
  • Biodegradable
  • Made of organic essential oils
  • Gentle on the skin


  • The bar may not last long.

Review: A happy user glady writes, “This peppermint soap by Dr. Bronner’s is a versatile gem for my sensitive skin. The natural ingredients keep my skin clean and rejuvenated. The soothing scent revitalized my senses, making it my go-to choice.”

With ingredients such as glycerin, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil, and avocado oil, this moisturizing bar soap is loaded with hydrating agents that are sure to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft for hours. Lather it on to your skin for a creamy effect and you will see how you never have to complain about the soap stripping of moisture as it mildly cleanses and gets rid of dry, flaky skin. The antioxidants in this replenishing bar soap help you fight skin aging and make it feel good and glowing. This soap uses cold-pressed, sustainable, and vegan palm oil and does not contain parabens and sulfates. It is also pH-balanced, which means the natural moisture barrier of your skin remains intact when you use this soap. Brownie points for being free of animal cruelty as well!

Skin Type: All, Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal | Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.3 x 12 inches | Weight: 12.31 Ounces


  • No parabens
  • No sulfates
  • Contains glycerin
  • pH balanced
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free


  • Might not be suitable for those with extremely sensitive skin
  • Might clog pores

Review: According to a tester, “This coconut and shea butter soap is been a delightful treat for the skin. It’s a versatile choice that hydrates well and fits my eco-friendly preferences. It keeps my skin soft and smooth.”

Best Long-Lasting Freshness:Bag Balm Mega Moisturizing Soap

Bag Balm Mega Moisturizing Soap Image: Bag Balm Mega Moisturizing Soap

If you want a moisturizing bar soap that is power-packed with a heavy-duty moisturizing ingredient, your quest ends here. Containing lanolin and coconut oil, this bar soap has the power of hydrating your body in a way that the moisture lasts for quite long. To add to its features, the soap comes with the fresh scent of rosemary and mint that will linger on your skin for hours and make you feel and smell good. This refreshing soap can also be used as a facial cleansing bar and a body bar. It lathers thickly to cleanse your skin of dirt and impurities. You can use it to give your skin a dose of glow, hydration, and freshness as you go about your day!

Skin Type: Dry | Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 1.25 inches | Weight: 4.03 Ounces


  • Contains lanolin for effective hydration
  • Fresh scent of rosemary and mint
  • Can be used on face as well
  • Makes skin glow
  • Cruelty-free


  • It might leave behind soapy residue for some.

Review: A user writes, “The Bag Balm soap has been a revelation for my skin. It’s the perfect for combating dryness and even helped with eczema. It does not leave my skin feeling greasy. The soap’s shape is convenient, and it’s a great solution for dry winter skin.”

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

And now that we have looked at our favorite 10 moisturizing bar soap reviews, here is telling you how to decide which one to buy.

How To Choose The Best Moisturizing Bar Soap

  • Skin type

While moisturizing bar soaps, in general, hydrate your skin, there are special ones created keeping different skin types in mind. For example, for dry skin, go for ones containing lanolin and shea butter as they moisturise the skin better and for oily skin, go for ones containing coconut oil that gives you balanced moisturization. For combination skin type, you can opt for a soap with ingredients such as organic essential oils and hemp. Always opt for products that are thoroughly tested so as to avoid the risk of skin adversities. Also, make sure you test the soap on a small patch of your skin first to ensure it suits your skin type well.

  • Ingredients

With the popularity of moisturizing bar soaps shooting through the roof in the last few years, there are many options for buyers. However, it is always important to pay attention to the ingredients list. From vegan to organic, GMO-free to no animal cruelty, there are a number of options for everyone, apart from the general ones. In today’s day and age, it always pays to pick something that is natural, devoid of chemicals, sulfates, and parabens and is animal and planet-friendly so that the choice is both great for your skin and conscience. It is best recommended to opt for a professional-grade product with skin-soothing ingredients for safe and effective use.

  • Usage

While most moisturizing bar soaps can be used on the face, body, and hands, there are a few that are specifically designed for only a certain kind of usage. Some might not be mild enough for facial cleansing while some might end up drying your hands too much. While it is best to pick a bar soap that is versatile and can be used everywhere, you can also pick up ones that are specifically designed for a certain part of the body, depending on your need.

Infographic: Tips To Make A Moisturizing Soap Bar Last Longer

Soap bars are easy to use because they are simple, fuss-free, and straightforward. However, using the wrong one can cause your skin to become dry and dull. Moisturizing soap bars come in handy here. They effectively cleanse the skin and nourish it. Check out the below infographic to learn how to make your moisturizing soap bar last longer.

Tips To Make The Moisturizing Soap Bar Last Longer (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The Bottom Line

Unlike regular bar soaps, the moisturizing bar soaps are a way ahead in keeping the skin hydrated without shedding off the oil. The moisturizing bar soaps are packed with the wellness of shea butter, coconut milk, olive oil, and much more and are sure to leave you with a clean feeling. These ingredients keep the skin moisturized and prevent moisture loss. Some also come in a variety of scents to enhance your aromatherapeutic experience as well. And especially for dry skin, the moisturizing bars come as a great savior. For example, the Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar is a good choice for its moisturizing and gentle properties, The Yellow Bird Soap Bar works well due to its detoxifying and refreshing qualities, and Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap has versatility and an invigorating effect. These soaps can also prevent wrinkles and fine lines, which are commonly seen in dry skin. Consider moisturizing bars that have professional-grade, skin-loving compositions to nourish your skin and give it a healthy glow, besides keeping it hydrated. But stay away from the bars that leave residue on the skin. If you experience negative effects like irritated skin or redness, consult a doctor before carrying on with consistent usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a moisturizing soap bar to wash my face?

While most moisturizing bar soaps can be used on your face, it is advisable to read the label and see if any particular soap can be applied on all areas of your body.

Will a bar of soap dry out your skin?

While soaps in general can dry out your skin, a moisturizing bar soap is especially made to keep your skin hydrated with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, hemp oil, and coconut milk, and so, it will not make your skin feel dry.

What bar soap is best for dry skin?

The Pré De Provence Specialty Soaps – Ocean Air is one of the best formulas for dry skin as it is enriched with a moisturizing ingredient like shea butter. The Tone Cocoa Butter Bath Bar is also a good choice for dry skin as it has vitamin E and cocoa butter for moisturization.

Is bar soap better than body wash?

While bar soaps help get rid of dirt from the body skin, a body wash does more than that and addresses other common skin conditions too. However, a soap bar contains fewer ingredients and often are formulated without any preservatives. It is also a more eco-friendly option as compared to body washes.

Which bar soaps last the longest?

More the oil content in your soap formula, the longer it will last.
The Bag Balm Mega Moisturizing Soap and the O Naturals Moisturizing Coconut & Shea Butter Soap contain a higher percentage of oils in their formulas and last for a good while.

Does bar soap dry out the skin more than body wash?

No, a good-quality soap bar will be enriched with moisturizing ingredients that do not dry out the skin any more than a body wash.

Which is the best bar soap for daily use?

While most moisturizing bar soaps are suitable for regular use, the Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap has a gentle formula and is one of the best for everyday use.

What is the best soap for women?

The best soap for women will vary depending on your skin type and need. For example, the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar is the best for acne-prone skin while the Yellow Bird Soap Bar – Activated Charcoal Lemongrass & Lavender is most suited to eczema-prone skin.

Does a bar soap expire?

Yes, bar soaps expire. Their standard shelf life is roughly between two to three years.

How do you store bar soap?

The appropriate way to store your soap bar to make it last longer is to keep it in a dry place and let it air dry. Make sure to store it in a container that has proper drainage and avoid using it in hot water or showers.

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