The Ultimate guide to Make up Brushes – Different Types And Their Uses

different types of brushes for makeup

Makeup is an art. No kidding! Every stroke and every colour choice you make is a definite act towards getting the final image. In this case, the canvas is you and that is why you need to be even more careful! And like any other other art form, knowing the tools of your trade is foremost thing you need to know. In this case, the tools of your trade would happen to the different types of makeup brushes.

If you are new to makeup, you should definitely know about the different types of brushes for makeup and their uses before your start application.

types of brushes for makeup Types Of Brushes: Makeup

Lash Groomer Brush: It is used to brush the lashes to get a precise and flawless look.

lash groomer brush for makeup

Fan Brush: Used to apply blush to the cheekbones.

fan brush for makeup

Eyeshadow Brush: This sponge tip brush is used to apply an eye shadow.

eye shadow brush for makeup Mascara Brush: Apply mascara to get the perfect curled up eyelashes.

mascara brush for makeup Angled Brush: This brush fills gaps in the eyebrows.

angled brush for makeup angled brush for makeup1 Contour Brush:This brush helps to contour your face, hence the little angled shape.

contour brush for makeup Blush Brush: Use this brush to apply blush on the apples of you cheeks for an even finish.

blush brush for makeup Large Powder Brush:This brush is used to set powder on your face.

large powder brush for makeup Foundation Brush (Liquid): For a flawless finish, this brush helps in applying liquid foundation evenly.

foundation brush for makeup Concealer Brush: The rounded corners and a flat body is best for applying concealer.

concelor brush for makeup Blending Brush: For blending eye shadows on the crease of your eyelids.

blending brush for makeup Lip Filler Brush: Having problems with your lipstick? Fill the gaps with this brush.

lip filler brush for makeup Concealer Brush: This one helps to conceal the blemishes on the skin.

concelor brush for makeup Eyeliner Brush: You can apply eyeliner the way you want, this brush gives you the thinnest as well as the thickest line possible.

eyeliner brush for makeup Hope this articles was helpful. Do drop us a comment if you have more queries.

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