10 Best Kojic Acid Soaps To Minimize Aging Signs – 2022

Written by Sneha Manandhar
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Kojic acid is a chemical derived from different fungi and is commonly used to make kojic acid soaps. It is a by-product of fermented rice wine and soy sauce and has several benefits for your skin. This soap helps brighten the skin, exfoliate, and minimize aging signs. In addition, kojic acid soaps also help to control blemishes.

If you are wondering whether kojic acid safe to use on the skin or not, then do not worry. Kojic acid is an extremely mild facial acid common in many soaps, serums, creams, and cleansers. It is a natural antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from oxidative damages. Its antibacterial properties also make it an excellent solution against pimples and acne. Also, kojic acid helps unclog the pores and remove dead skin cells to give smooth and soft skin. If you wish to have clean and clear skin, you may use kojic acid soaps. Here, we have listed a few best kojic acid soaps available on the market. Scroll down and take a look at some of the best brands to add to your skin care routine.

Best Youthful Glow: Koji White Skin Brightening Soap
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Best Vegan Formula: Marie France Original Kojic Soap
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Best Skin Lightening Formula: Laisae Papaya Brightening Soap
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Best For Regular Use: Shouvy Kojic Acid & Gluta White Soap
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Best For All Skin Types: Revitale Advanced Kojic Acid Brightening Scrub Treatment
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Best For Skin Softening: Beyond Perfection Glutathione Original Soap
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Best For Reducing Face Spots: Luxxe White Frontrow 03 Orange Papaya Bar
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Best For Healthy Skin: A’butee Pure Kojic Miracle White Soap
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Best All-Natural Soap: Queen Natural New York Kojic Max Glutathione Skin Whitening Soap
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Best Dermatologically-Tested Formula: Professional Skin Care Formula Kojic Acid Soap
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Top 10 Best Kojic Acid Soaps Of 2022

1. Best Youthful Glow: Koji White Skin Brightening Soap

Koji White Skin Brightening Soap has kojic acid as its major ingredient. The amazing texture and deep nourishment qualities are due to the presence of coconut oil and hyaluronic acid. This soap works by penetrating into the deepest layers of your skin and hydrating the cells. The result of using the soap is a fresh, youthful glow. You can even use the soap on your body along with your face. The Koji White Soap is good for daily use. Being natural, it serves as an excellent addition to your everyday skin care routine. If you wish to get a clear, even skin tone, with no dark spots and natural glow, then this is the best kojic acid soap for you.


  • No SLS
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Has citrus scent


  • Dissolves easily

2. Best Vegan Formula: Marie France Original Kojic Soap

This authentic kojic acid soap offered by Marie France is something that we all want. It is composed of kojic acid specifically to lighten and even skin tone. In fact, it works really well for medium to dark skin tones. It is very effective and the reason lies in its professional composition which uses kojic acid in a highly concentrated manner. This pure kojic acid soap is manufactured in less quantity to maximize potency. Since freshly-made kojic acid soap does not get oxidized easily, it gives maximum satisfactory results to the user. The soap helps in tackling skin issues like acne spots, dark spots, old scars, blackheads, whiteheads, and even age spots.


  • Vegan formulation
  • Not tested on animals
  • Phthalate-free
  • Fragrance-free


  • Might be a little strong for some

3. Best Skin Lightening Formula: Laisae Papaya Brightening Soap

Laisae Papaya Brightening Soap is a powerful combination of kojic acid and papaya extracts. If you are someone who doesn’t like chemical facial and multiple skin care products, and wish to get amazing skin care results, then this papaya-kojic acid soap is what you need. Laisae Papaya Brightening Soap includes herbal ingredients like vitamins B3, aloe vera, and snail extract to make your skin lighter and beautiful. For people who are dealing with age spots and dry skin, this soap with papaya extracts is a perfect solution. Just use this papaya soap as a regular face & body exfoliator and you can get rid of dark spots, blemishes, acne scars, and dull skin. The interesting part about this kojic acid soap is that it effectively removes all the dead cells from the outer layer of your skin and keeps your skin moisturized.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Lightens skin
  • Cleanses skin
  • Brightens skin


  • Slightly strong for sensitive skin

4. Best For Regular Use: Shouvy Kojic Acid & Gluta White Soap

If you are really choosy about skin care products, then this is the best kojic acid soap for you. It is composed of natural ingredients like almond oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, kojic acid, glutathione, and vitamin B3. These are highly nourishing ingredients that rejuvenate the skin and deal with skin problems efficiently. Without any sort of harsh chemical exfoliation, this kojic acid soap brightens skin, removes dead skin cells and leaves skin smooth and soft. The unique combination of effective brightening ingredients and nourishing oils makes skincare easy. The key benefits of this kojic acid soap are deep cleansing, reduction of age spots and imperfections along with a continuous, youthful glow.


  • Good for regular use
  • Gentle on skin
  • Quick results
  • Versatile product


  • Might be a little drying

5. Best For All Skin Types: Revitale Advanced Kojic Acid Brightening Scrub Treatment

This unique skin brightening treatment includes the use of kojic acid to make your skin sparkling clean. Kojic acid works as an exfoliator and gently removes dead skin. The exfoliation results in even skin tone, reduced hyper-pigmentation and clear complexion. Enriched with shine boosting vitamin C, this soap rejuvenates dull skin and adds glow to your face.


  • Evens skin tone
  • Refreshes skin
  • For all skin types
  • Makes skin healthy


  • Less quantity

6. Best For Skin Softening: Beyond Perfection Glutathione Original Soap

This Glutathione Original kojic acid soap from Beyond Perfection is like a ray of hope for skin issues that can become serious with the passage of time. It cleanses deeply embedded dirt, helps remove impurities, and keeps pores clean. The soap preps up the skin with its mild exfoliating effect and removes dead skin. It helps in reducing skin pigmentation caused due to acne, signs of aging, and build up. Another benefit of using kojic acid soap is that it brightens skin and lends a long-lasting, youthful glow.


  • Lightens skin
  • Softens skin
  • Can be used daily
  • Removes blackheads and whiteheads


  • Takes time to brighten skin

7. Best For Reducing Face Spots: Luxxe White Frontrow 03 Orange Papaya Bar

With the powerful combination of kojic acid, papaya, glutathione, and a blend of vitamins, this FrontRow orange papaya bar is super effective for skin issues. It serves as a powerful whitening soap that makes skin brighter with constant use. In fact, you can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and blemishes with the daily use of this kojic acid soap.
Since the formula is all-natural, you can expect a safe and natural whitening effect.


  • Reduces face spots
  • Makes skin fairer
  • Natural ingredients
  • Lightens skin


  • Might be a little strong for sensitive skin

8. Best For Healthy Skin: A’butee Pure Kojic Miracle White Soap

Skin issues like sun spots, discoloration, and freckles are hard to deal with. But with A’butee natural soap, it is time to say goodbye to all your skin troubles and glow vibrantly. The soap has kojic acid in it which works well for exfoliation by penetrating deep into your skin. It reduces dark spots, discoloration caused by sun and other skin imperfections. Plus, the mild exfoliation leaves your skin smooth. The luscious, rich texture of this soap is due to the presence of coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, kojic acid, and hyaluronic acid. The goodness of coconut keeps the skin nourished while hyaluronic acid works towards hydration. Cleansing your skin and removing black heads are the key benefits of this soap. Other than this, it is even helpful in reducing the visibility of age spots, acne scars, and imperfections.


  • Suits all skin types
  • Makes skin healthy
  • Improves skin texture
  • Makes skin soft


  • Strong fragrance

9. Best All-Natural Soap: Queen Natural New York Kojic Max Glutathione Skin Whitening Soap

This kojic acid soap does the job of a perfect skin treatment. It renews skin and protects it from skin issues like sunburns, dark spots, stretch marks, pollution, and black spots. It is completely natural and reduces acne. The kojic acid soap is highly nourishing in nature and moisturizes skin deeply. From improving your skin elasticity to keeping your skin healthy and fresh, this kojic acid soap works perfectly fine. Since it is exfoliating in nature, it removes impurities from the skin which makes the skin silky soft. The natural effect of this soap removes dead skin cells gently from the deepest layer of your skin. It has a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance which makes using this soap a mesmerizing experience. With completely safe ingredients, it is perfect to be used by people of all ages and all skin types.


  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Cleanses deeply
  • All-natural soap


  • Might be drying for some

10. Best Dermatologically-Tested Formula: Professional Skin Care Formula Kojic Acid Soap

This kojic acid soap from Professional Skincare by Dr. Alvin is made of pure and safe ingredients. The soap contains kojic acid which helps in penetrating the top layer of the skin and gentle cleansing. It works well for acne, acne spots, and pimples. People suffering from whiteheads can also use this product. This soap serves as a great daily soap and is available in a combo pack.


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Reduces blackheads
  • Cleanses skin
  • Exfoliates skin


  • Slightly drying

This was all about the best brands offering kojic acid soap. In case, you wish to know how to choose kojic acid and use it properly, continue reading further.

How To Choose Kojic Acid Soap?

Kojic acid soaps are great for skin but only if you choose the soap correctly. Look at these points to make a better purchase of kojic acid soap.

  • Choose a soap that has concentrated kojic acid in it.
  • Look for herbal ingredients in the soap like coconut oil, almond oil, papaya, orange, vitamins, etc. for natural nourishment.
  • Opt for legit kojic acid soap brands that provide the complete composition on the packaging along with its percentage.

How To Use Kojic Acid Soap?

  • Using kojic acid soap is quite simple. Just wet your face and apply it gently on your face.
  • Once, the soap is wet, it starts foaming.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Make sure you do a patch test before using the soap on your face.
  • It should not be used everyday on the face as it can be harsh for sensitive skin.

Benefits Of Kojic Acid Soaps

Given below are some benefits of kojic acid soaps-

  1. Exfoliates skin
  2. Lightens skin
  3. Reveals smoother skin
  4. Helps remove scars
  5. Helps reduce pigmentation
  6. Unclogs skin pores
  7. Reduces darkness in armpits, thighs, etc.

Kojic acid soap is a great option for people who cannot indulge into deep skincare. It is simple to use and very easy to carry anywhere you want. The formula is also great for all types of skin. In fact, kojic acid soaps result in a lighter complexion, reduced skin issues, and healthy skin. The best part is that it not just works for your face but is also good for body parts that we usually ignore, like the inner thighs, armpits, and private parts. It is a total body care option that can be used by both men and women. Hope you get to buy kojic acid soap for your skin with the help of this article.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Sneha Manandhar, is a skin care enthusiast who loves experimenting with various skin and body care products. She has carefully browsed through multiple online reviews and researched the benefits of the ingredients while curating this list of the best kojic acid soaps for her readers. Not only do these soaps brighten and exfoliate the skin, but they also help control blemishes and minimize aging signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kojic Acid Soap Good For Acne?

Yes, kojic acid soap is good for acne.

Is Kojic Acid Soap Good For Oily Skin?

Yes, kojic acid soap is good for oily skin.

Is Kojic Acid Soap Safe For Pregnant ladies?

Yes, kojic acid soap is safe for pregnant ladies.

Can Kojic Acid Soap Permanently Lighten Skin?

Kojic acid soap lightens skin as and when used. It does not cause harm to living cells and reduces the production of melanin (skin darkening element). It cannot permanently lighten skin as melanin is a pigment that is constantly produced in the body.

Does Kojic Acid Soap Remove Dark Spots?

Yes, kojic acid soap removes dark spots.

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