8 Best Nail Polish Pens That Will Make You Feel Like A Pro

Written by Chaitra Krishnan
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Ombre nails, marble nails, 3D nail art, and French manis… the trends in the glamorous world of nail art are ever changing and can be a trial on any fashionista’s time and wallet. These days, our nail salon lady has started to seem like the fairy godmother to our nail fairytale. But if it’s only under the flick of her magic wand that our cuticles can get a glam makeover, well, why not get our own wand and create some nail magic ourselves?

And you won’t find an easier to use nail wand than these 8 best nail polish pens our fabulous beauty editors swear by! These nifty nail tools are a must-have addition to any nail art enthusiast’s makeup kit for effortless salon-worthy manis (and when we say effortless, we ain’t kidding). So, read on for dazzling DIY nails!

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8 Best Nail Polish Pens To Get Glamorous Nails At Home

1. ALEX Toys Sketch It Nail Pens Salon

If you and the girls are looking for a pamper sesh that gives dazzling nails with a generous side order of ‘high school slumber party’ nostalgia (and oodles of ridiculous fun) to boot, this Sketch It Nail Pens Salon is about to become your new guilty pleasure! Each nail art pen set includes 5 brilliant nail polish pens, 135 dazzling nail gems, 49 quirky color-in appliques, and a handy nail file to transform your home into your own nail salon.

Manicure enthusiasts will adore their ingeniously designed nail pens that possess a precision tip on both ends, allowing one to effortlessly paint, outline, and add intricate details to one’s DIY nail art. Boasting of professional-grade polish in deliciously bold colors like blue, purple, black, yellow, and of course, a Barbie dream-worthy pink, we recommend this nail treat for all ages (or well, at least those above 7).


  •  5 electric colors with dual tips
  •  Multiple glam nail accessories
  •  Easy-to-follow instructions
  •  Ideal for a fun girls’ night in!


  •  Needs a good squeeze to paint smoothly

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2. Makartt Nail Painting Brush Pen Set

If you’re an acrylic nails queen, you’ve got to try this fabulous set of nail art liner pens available in 3 different sizes, which we guarantee will cover all your design needs! Their #1— Royal Blue (7mm) is gloriously precise and adept at drawing short and wide lines or intricate details such as leaves or decorative petals. The #2, Golden (9mm), is a medium-sized pen tip which is ideal for sketching in figures or animal patterns. Finally, the #3, Cyan (11mm), produces beautiful long lines and is your best bet for recreating the #instafamous lattice and gradient effect. What’s more? Each nail polish pen is made with premium nylon brush hair that is non-corroding, durable, and glides with exquisite smoothness. Additionally, the pen body is engineered with high-quality alloy and acrylic material to give a lightweight feel, while the glittering rhinestones can charm away all your blues!


  •  Professional grade nail liner pens
  •  Convenient pen cap to keep dust away
  •  Snazzy rhinestone design
  •  Perfect for drawing lines and fine details


  •  They may shed.

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3. TRUEGOOD Nail Art Petals Pen Set

Boasting of premium bristles and crafted with robust wooden handles, this set of 8 gel nail polish pens are the go-to tools for painting detailed flowers and gradients over acrylic nails like a pro. In fact, each brush head comes with a different style that promises to indulge all your design whims. You can expect to produce iconic swallowtail butterflies or dragonflies with their Bilateral Flower Pen (#01) and dreamy waves and long petals with the Mountain Peak Flower Pen (#02). The Three-Sided Flower Pen (#04) nails lacy patterns every time, while the Swallowtail Flower Pen (#05) is a must-have for etching sunflowers. Cherry blossoms and windmills are a breeze for the Crescent Flower Pen (#05), and streamers and floral edges for the Stamen Shading Pen (#06). Finally, the Sawtooth Comb Brush (#07) is ideal for creating glorious gradients, while the Shading Pen (#08) sketches the loveliest of flower cores.


  •  Ideal for painting floral designs
  •  Each pen comes in its own cute case
  •  Can be used by beginners too
  •  High-quality brush hair


  •  May be tricky to execute without practice

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4. Sally Hansen French Manicure White Tip Pen

If you think French manicures are reserved for nail salon attendees, prepare to be proven wrong with this Sally Hansen nail art pen! Engineered with a precision felt-tip that produces quick and flawless French white tips, this innovative design is just as easy to maneuver and paint with as your beloved sharpie. Now, while some at-home French manicure kits may offer white stickers to top off your French tips, the process of gluing them on can be remarkably messy and exhausting at times. The Sally Hansen nail art pen, on the other hand, not only produces hassle-free (and pure-as-snow) white tips every time, but is also lightweight and easy to carry, so you can pop it into your purse and give touch-ups on the go!


  •  Salon style french manicure pen
  •  Astonishingly easy to use
  •  Formula dries quickly
  •  Lasts long


  •  The pen tip may be too wide for detailing.

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5. KEMEISI Nail Art Pen

Crafted with a dazzling set of rhinestones under a clear, sturdy acrylic handle, the KEMEISI Nail Art Pen not only produces gorgeous nails, but looks glamorous as well! Available in 5 different sizes and colors: #2 Pink (4mm), #4 Cyan (5mm), #6 Gold (5.5mm), #8 White (6mm), and #10 Black (6.5mm), these acrylic nail staples are sure to realize all your nail art inspirations. Made with the finest grade of Kolinsky hair (read: true Sable), they have enough strength to coat and contour acrylic nail paint with ease yet also possess enough softness and flexibility to allow for smooth finishing touches. What’s more, they’re engineered with a crimped copper ferrule that holds brush hairs in place and prevents any unwanted shedding, so you can expect your nail art pen to go a long way before it needs to be replaced.


  •  Made with premium sable hair
  •  Gorgeous rhinestone metallic designs
  •  Available in different sizes
  •  Great at detailing


  •  Could lose its shape with 3D acrylic

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6. BTYMS Store Nail Art Sculpture Pen

If you’re a 3D nail art queen, these nail art sculpture pens are about to change your life! Ridiculously simple to maneuver and operate, they’re the go-to tools for carvings, painting, modelling, and shaping exciting 3D effects on your nail art. We recommend you start with their handy set of 5 nail pens, each of which has a double end and possesses 2 silicon tips that are very easy to clean and can be used repeatedly. You’ll receive 5 essential styles of tips that every 3D nail artist needs: a wedge shaped tip (for sculpting), a deer-hoof shaped tip (to rein thick acrylic colors), a deer horn shaped tip (to adjust outlines and clear away any redundant pigment), an angel chisel shaped tip (for accurate gradient effects), and finally, a cone shaped tip (for drawing perfect lines).


  •  Make 3D nail art a breeze
  •  Silicon heads are compatible with acrylics
  •  Made with premium quality materials
  •  Pretty exteriors with rhinestone crystals


  •  Pen length is short

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7. Migi Nail Art Set Of 4 Nail Polish Pens

These nail polish pens make the ideal DYI gift! Extremely easy to use, this set comes with 4 bold and beautiful nail polish pens of assorted colors, which can be a fun surprise. Each nail polish pen has 2 ends; on one side, there’s the traditional nail polish brush while the other contains a pen for more detailed designs. The package also comes with a handy instruction booklet that advises on ways to achieve the best results and also provides fabulous tips on how to care for your cuticles. There’s even a fascinating guide for stunning design ideas and a nifty practise page that allows you to get comfortable with the nail polish pens before you attempt to paint your nails.


  •  Refillable nail polish pen
  •  Get a ton of color for an extremely affordable price
  •  Dual ends allow you to conveniently switch during designs
  •  Amazingly detailed instruction guide for newbies


  •  Colors may vary with each order

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8. Rosalind Professional Nail Art Pens

Not only are these one-step wonders the best gel nail polish pens for UV-curing nail art enthusiasts, they also come in alluringly vibrant shades and give an immaculate finish that will have your friends pleading to get your nail salon’s address! Each set of 6 soak-off UV gel polish pens has a lush 1cm thick brush tip that glides smoothly and applies a generous coat of polish on the very first application. Available in 2 different collections of colors, you have the option to purchase their set of tropical paradise colors (yellow, orange, rose red, purple, blue, and green) or their more bold collection of statement shades (black, rose gold, red, gray, purple, and white).


  •  Available in assorted stunning shades
  •  Non-toxic formula made with resin ingredients
  •  Very convenient to apply for gel pen nail art
  •  Doesn’t need a base coat or top coat


  •  Need UV or LED light soaking after application

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Excited to take your DIY nail art game to the next level? So are we! But if you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by the multiple styles and options of nail polish pens available in the market, don’t feel too discouraged. We’ve got a handy buying guide below to bring you up to speed on all the nitty-gritty of purchasing and using nail polish pens. Read on!

A Busy Gal’s Buying Guide To The Best Nail Polish Pens!

The word of acrylic nails and DIY manis can be rather intimidating. They’re like the cool fashionistas’ table we all aspire to join, but their alienating lingo and strange rites of passage can take some work to learn. Thankfully, we can help you deconstruct the complicated process of creating (and maintaining) glamorous DIY nails with some helpful advice from our talented beauty editors.

How To Choose The Best Nail Polish Pen

The first step to flawless and fabulous nails is finding the right nail polish pen. And the online market doesn’t make it easy by supplying way too many tempting colors, styles, and designs of nail pens that threaten a girl’s bank balance. Here is a simple tip to fulfilling your nail art fantasies without breaking the bank: decide on your level of laziness!

  •  Willing To Work For It: If you’re looking to create painstaking (yet breathtakingly stunning) acrylic nails at home, you should opt for a nail polish brush pen. These tools are shaped like a pen for maneuvering ease that beginners need. Look for Kolinsky hair (or sable hair) bristles if you want to invest in a nail art tool that will last you a long time. There are several types of brush pens that all serve to make their own specific designs, such as dotting pens for lettering and outlining, striper brush pens for stripes (no surprise), square brush pens for one stroke designs or color blending to create gradients, angled brush pens for perfect French lines, round brush pens for flower petals, and fan brush pens for that feathered or wispy effect.
  •  Want A Shortcut To Success: Now, if you’re looking for zero-effort manis, a true-blue, regular nail polish pen (one that comes with nail paint inside a handy bottle located in the body of the pen) is your best bet! You won’t need to go through the hassle of purchasing a separate bottle of nail paint, and application is a dream; you can say goodbye to the drippy, messy mistakes of conventional nail polishes! The in-built (usually gel) nail polish is dispensed the instant you squeeze the body of the pen and make contact with your cuticles, so you have more control over the amount of nail paint you apply and can design with the same ease a sharpie or ordinary pen would offer.
  •  Only Lazy French Manis, Please!: If a flawless (but effortless) French mani is your go-to nail look, then work smart (and not hard!) by investing in a white nail art pen. These nail polish pens are specifically designed to give that symmetrical crescent on your nail tips with a wide angled applicator and contain a pure and blindingly white matte polish that delivers immaculate tips every time.

Salon-worthy nails don’t necessarily need to come from the salon. You too can take the shortcut to effortless and glamorous nails with the superpower of good nail tools. And with our meticulous compilation of the 8 best nail polish pens – not to mention, a nifty buying guide to boot – every lazy girl on a budget amongst us can rejoice. So, prepare to become your own pro and dazzle the Insta world of #nailstories with your creations. Stay fabulous!

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

How do you use nail polish pens?

Ideally, you should avoid applying on bare nails. Always apply a base coat of polish prior to using, and allow that coat to dry thoroughly. Next, shake your nail polish pen with the cap on to ensure smooth flow, then remove the cap and push the applicator tip onto the hard surface of your nails and dispense color. Paint in whatever style you desire and seal your art with a top coat!

Are nail polish pens good?

Yes. From conventional manis and classic French manis to experimental color gradient styles such as marble nails and ombre nails, nail polish pens are adept at accomplishing them all. They are also extremely nifty at picking up and positioning those tiny diamonds and gemstones that are used to create 3D nail art.

How do I clean mistakes made by nail polish pens?

Apply acetone to a piece of cotton wool and carefully erase the unwanted paint and try to avoid making contact with the skin. If you require precision, you can always soak a cotton earbud in acetone; it will give you more control over the amount of acetone applied.

How do I write with nail polish on nails?

If you would like to create a nail art design with letters then nail polish pens are a great choice. Choose a color that suits you then hold the pen at a 45 degree angle as though you were writing with an actual pen upon your nails.

Can rubbing alcohol clean nail polish?

Alcohol happens to be a solvent, which means it can help break apart things. Soaking your cuticles in some rubbing alcohol or, alternatively, applying a ball of soaked cotton wool to your nails may help dissolve any polish.

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