10 Best Hair Steamers To Buy In 2020 – Benefits, Reviews, And Buying Guide

by Pooja Karkala
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You may use a ton of hair care products – like shampoos, conditioners, serums, and oils – to get soft, silky, and thick hair. But, are you sure that these are the only products required to get healthy hair?

Not necessarily! Due to a harsh climate and busy lifestyle, the effects of these hair care products may not last long. Your pollution-damaged and unhealthy hair may not be able to absorb the products and reap their benefits. This is where a hair steamer can help you!

A hair steamer helps each strand absorb the nutrients present in the products. If you are considering buying a hair steamer, you are in the right place. We have rounded up a list of the 10 best hair steamers available on the market right now. We have also put together a buying guide and a how-to-use guide to help you out while making your purchase. Scroll down to read all that and more!

But first, let’s talk about what a hair steamer actually is.

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What Is A Hair Steamer? How Does It Work?

A hair steamer is an electrical device that uses water to lift the hair cuticle and allow oils, conditioners, or other hair treatments to penetrate each strand.

After applying a hair product, you need to steam your hair for 20-30 minutes. The steam lifts the hair cuticle and allows moisture to penetrate. The warmth of the steam increases the elasticity of your hair. The process ends with letting your hair cool down.

What Is The Difference Between Hair Steamer And Hair Dryer?

A hairdryer is meant to dry your hair thoroughly. On the other hand, a hair steamer warms your hair by infusing each strand with steam, making it slightly wet and moisturized.

Benefits Of Hair Steamers

  • These are some common benefits of hair steaming:
  • Hydrates your hair and prevents breakage and split ends.
  • Improves hair texture by making it soft and supple.
  • Promotes blood circulation to the scalp, thus encouraging hair growth.
  • Reshapes and defines your curls.
  • Improves the moisture balance of your hair.
  • Increases the elasticity of your hair.
  • It treats dryness and itchiness on the scalp.
  • Keeps your hair clean and healthy.
  • Reduces dandruff.
  • It makes your hair smooth, lustrous, and shiny.

How To Use A Hair Steamer At Home

  1. Prep your hair with a leave-in conditioner or oil.
  2. Place a cotton strip or a thin piece of cloth around your hairline to avoid burning.
  3. Wrap a towel around your neck and shoulders so that the water does not drip on your clothes and the floor.
  4. Place the hood of the steamer at least 6 inches away from your scalp.
  5. Set the time limit on the device according to your preference and steam your hair.

Now that you know everything about hair steamers, let’s check out the 10 best products you can get your hands on.

Top 10 Hair Steamers To Buy In 2020

1. Secura S-192 Hair And Facial Steamer

Moisturize and hydrate your hair with Secura Hair Steamer. These Portable hair steamers generate a fine mist that gets easily absorbed by your hair. It improves the absorption of conditioners and other hair care treatments by your hair. The built-in ozone generator releases negatively-charged oxygen that helps reduce dandruff. With just 10-15 minutes of steaming, your hair feels softer and silkier. The advantage of this product is that you can convert it into a tabletop facial steamer instantly.

    • Comes with a user manual
  • Helps reduce itchiness on the scalp
  • Prevents breakage and split-ends
  • Portable design
  • Suitable for hair and skin
  • No dual voltage facility

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2. Luckyfine Thermal Hair Steamer

This unique hair steamer is designed ergonomically to wrap snugly around your hair without slipping. It comes with a detachable insulated liner for easy cleaning. Apply any hair cream, wear a shower cap, and put on this steaming cap for 15-20 minutes to promote healthy absorption of nutrients. This product is suitable for extremely dry, frizzy, and rough hair.

  • Two adjustable temperature settings
  • Provides uniform heat
  • Prevents hair damage and split ends
  • Shortens the dyeing time
  • Takes time to heat up

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3. Skinact Hair Steamer Pro

This salon-grade hair steamer comes with multiple features. It is equipped with a premium quality hooded steamer, which is made from durable tinted acrylic. The stainless steel coil produces therapeutic steam vapor. The device also has a heavy-duty water reservoir with a 32-ounce capacity. Its other features include a 60-minute adjustable timer, two power levels, and a generously sized 12″ diameter bonnet opening with 10″ depth. Additionally, it has five steady legs with easy-roll casters that provide mobility and stability to the device.

  • Smooth mobility
  • Heats up quickly
  • Durable
  • Not overpowering
  • Sets curls quickly
  • Chances of water leakage

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4. PrettySee Multi-functional Hair Steamer Cap

This steamer cap is one of the easiest hair steaming tools available on the market. It deeply conditions each hair follicle. The cap is made of imported heat-resistant and flame-retardant non-woven fabric, which is incredibly durable. It comes with a detachable and waterproof liner that is safe to use and wash multiple times. The thick cotton protective insulation layer provides additional bedding.

  • Fine stitching
  • Easy to detach
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a bathing cap
  • Takes time to heat up

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5. Super Deal Pro 3 In 1 Multifunction Ozone Hair And Facial Steamer

This 3-in-1 mini hair and facial steamer is an ideal product for home use. It is specially designed to treat dry, brittle, and damaged hair. The device has a powerful interior humidifier that helps moisturize each hair follicle. Its UV ozone function increases the vapor quantity for maximum effect. The 1.5 um ultra-fine mist produced by the ultrasonic atomizer gets easily absorbed by your hair. It improves the absorption of shampoos and conditioners.

  • Table-top design
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Has a built-in ozone generator
  • Ultra-fine mist
  • Easy to maintain
  • Poor quality

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6. Kingsteam 2 In 1 Ozone Facial Steamer And Hair Steamer

This hair steamer is suitable for textured hair. It uses PTC ceramic heating technology to vaporize water and produce fine yet strong mist. It prevents hair breakage and damaged ends. Its therapeutic mist penetrates deep into each hair follicle and leaves your hair feeling fresh and moisturized. It is the best hair steamer for natural hair as it Adds, the ozone-generated ion water particles make it makes it 10 times more powerful and effective in penetrating the hair.

  • Auto-off function
  • Ideal for dry and damaged hair
  • Portable
  • Perfect for salon and home use
  • Approved by TUV and CE
  • Expensive

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7. Mefeir Professional Hair Steamer

This leakproof hair steamer runs on 600 W power. Made from durable ABS housing caster and iron, this hair steamer is perfect for salon and home use. One of the many benefits of this steamer is that it reshapes and defines your curls and makes them bouncier. Its other features include auto-shutoff timer, two-speed settings, and adjustable height. The bottle at the end of the water tube helps avoid leakage. You can use this device for conditioning, priming, and dyeing your hair. The sturdy base with four wheels ensures smooth mobility.

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable design
  • Huge hood opening
  • Suitable for thick and coarse hair
  • Restores moisture
  • Defines curls
  • Expensive

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8. DevLon NorthWest Rolling Salon Hair Steamer

DevLon NorthWest’s Rolling Salon Hair Steamer has two power levels that allow you to adjust the steam intensity during your session. The device also has a reservoir that prevents excess moisture from dripping through the opening. The unit is equipped with four wheels and is perfect for home and salon use.

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Leak-proof
  • Conditions your hair
  • Expensive

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9. Aosteamer 650W Professional Salon Hair Steamer

This device is designed to accelerate your hair cuticle’s absorption level. Its warm mist increases your hair’s porosity and allows it to absorb the nutrients present in hair treatments. Made from ABS plastic and iron, this device is one of the most durable hair steamers out there. It is equipped with a built-in double heating wire for quick heating. The sturdy base has four easy-to-roll casters for stability. It works best for post-hair dye care, conditioning, and perming.

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reshapes your curls
  • 30 minutes auto-shutoff function
  • 2 adjustable speed settings
  • Availability issues

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10. Dir Hair Steamer ION – Wall Mounted

This unique hair steamer is made for a clutter-free hair streaming experience. It uses computerized micro-mist technology to diffuse anions during the procedure for effective results. This helps condition your tresses without drying them out as the anions neutralize the positive charge in your hair. It also comes with an extra-large hood with variable temperature settings. You can adjust the angle to your comfort.

  • Wall-mounted
  • Saves space
  • Dual voltage
  • Easy to use
  • Very expensive

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These are the 10 best heat steamers you can use to get soft and luscious hair. But, before making your purchase, take a look at the buying guide below to make sure it fits all your needs.

Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying A Hair Steamer

1. Adjustable Heat Settings

Adjustable heat settings allow you to control the temperature setting to prevent overheating and damaging your hair.

2. Type Of Hair Steamer

There are 4 common types of hair steamers:

a. Table-Top Hair Steamer

This hair steamer has a study base that can be placed on a table. It is lightweight, compact, and inexpensive. You can also store it easily. The advantage of these hair steamers is that they come with 2-in-1 function, i.e., they can be used as both a hair and face steamer. However, the downside is that you cannot adjust the hood height.

b. Handheld Hair Steamer

This device is perfect for natural hair. It is incredibly compact and light. However, the disadvantage of this type of hair steamer is that it can cover only a small portion of hair at one time. This is the hair steamer for home use.

c. Professional Salon Hair Steamer

Professional salon hair steamers come with a stand on 3-5 wheels. You can move it around freely. It usually has an adjustable hood that covers your entire head and steams in one go. Although it is expensive, it comes with guaranteed quality.

d. Hair Steamer Cap

Hair steamer caps are highly portable. The best thing about a hair steamer cap is that you can wear it on your head and carry on with your regular activities. But, it does not produce as much mist as other types of steamers.

3. Timer

Having a timer and an auto-shut off function is great as it will let you relax during the process without having to worry about overheating. It will let you know when the steaming is done so that you don’t have to keep checking every few minutes.

4. Hood

Some hair steamers come with an adjustable hood. This will allow you to tilt or turn the hood depending on your height.

A hair steamer can work wonders on your dull and damaged hair and infuse new life into it. Which of these hair steamers do you want to try out? Comment below to let us know!

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

How long should I sit under a hair steamer?

You can sit under a hair steamer for 20-30 minutes.

Can I steam my hair every day?

No, steaming your hair once or twice a month is enough. Excessive steaming can damage your hair.

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